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Development tools


Sun has put out the reference release for JDK 1.1.8, prompting at least one person to ask if anyone is working on a Linux version. No one has stepped up to claim that they are. The JDK 1.2 is apparently expensive enough to run that a stable, slimmer JDK 1.1.8 would have a place in many people's hearts for a while to come.

The JDK 1.2 status page has been updated to indicate that the 68000 port has passed the Runtime VM report, the first status report from a port other than i386 or PowerPC.


A person with Perl knowledge and graphics sense is being sought to work on illustrations for an upcoming Perl book. If you are interested, check out this note from Ted Kennedy.


mxTools Version 1.0.0, an extension package for python, has been released.

The first public release of PyDAS, the Python Data Analysis Servant, is now out. PyDas was written to allow "interactive statistical analysis of data", similar to S-Plus.


This week's edition of Tcl-URL! is available. It mentions the release of the 1.1.2 version of Jacl and Tcl blend.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

April 1, 1999



Development projects


Prodded sufficiently by posts to the coas list, Olaf Kirch posted a status update on the project back in February, promising a new snapshot and warning that there were problems with coas, python 1.5 and glibc. In addition, Ricardo Strusberg mentionedthat he was working on CLAMs for Apache and IP-Masquerading. Unfortunately, no additional postings have cropped up since the beginning of March.


The first public release of XSiteCopy, a Gnome-based application for "for copying locally stored websites to remote web servers" has been announced.

Gnome-libs is now up to release 1.0.5, Midnight Command version is up to 4.5.29 and Gnumerics 0.21 is out. Users of Gnumerics version 0.18 or 0.19 are strongly recommended to upgrade due to a bad bug that was found and fixed.


Harmony lives! With this note on March 26, Adam Richter announced the revival of the Harmony project with its original goal: to produced a clone of the Qt libraries under the LGPL license. A new web page has been set up on a Yggdrasil server. With this status report Adam was able to report that things were looking better than he expected. A number of things already work quite well; Harmony's goal is closer than some had thought. It's an encouraging re-start; good luck to them.

High Availability

The High Availability web-site has been updated to contain links to Tom Vogt's udp heartbeat code. New versions of the code are expected to be pumped out almost daily, in the tradition of "release early and often". You can also get it directly on Tom's site.

The Eddieware website has been relaunched and Eddie Version 1.0 is scheduled to release on May 3rd. Eddie is an open source effort to make commercial grade web servers a reality by supporting such features as global load balancing and more.


The official Dutch KDE website has been announced by the Dutch Documentation Team. The address for the site is http://www.kde.nl.

Eight package updates were posted to the kde-announce list, including kpackviewer-0.60, arts-0.3.0, kchess-0.1 and more.


The MozillaZine newsbot is a nice way to follow interesting topics from the Mozilla newsgroups. Supported by volunteers, it contains summaries and descriptions of threads or postings, plus links back to the original articles. You'll find it at http://www.mozilla.org/newsbot/.


For any of you working with sound synthesizers, if you haven't run across Quasimodo, you may want to take a look. The project has been underway since November and the screenshots look interesting, but no new snapshots have been released for a while, due to reasons explained in detail on the web site.


Wine release 990328 is the latest version off the presses. It contains the usual mix of new OLE code, various improements and, as always, bugfixes. Wine Headquarters went through an upgrade on Tuesday, so if you noticed any glitches on the site, that is probably the reason.


The Weekly Zope News from Amos Latteier is now available.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh


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