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As mentioned on the front page, OpenLinux 2.2 has started to ship. Michael Lineback, a beta tester, commented, "This release is the most professional install system I have EVER repeat EVER seen. Regardless of those who would bemoan the demise of the command line in the install, it is sweet."

News.com reported on Caldera's OpenLinux 2.2 as well, commenting, "The early response has been strong. High download traffic today took Caldera Systems' Web site down, and the company was working to get it back up and running..." Note that the website appears to have been back up and running within a few hours of when this article was published.

If you are planning to download OpenLinux 2.2, remember that it is available from ftp.calderasystems.com, not ftp.caldera.com, which has confused some people. The exact location of the files to download is ftp://ftp.calderasystems.com/pub/OpenLinux/2.2/OpenLinux/.


The Debian Weekly News for this week reported a growing number of references to postings on the Debian mailing lists by mainstream press. Needless to say, the postings weren't chosen to reflect positively on Debian. This editor strongly hopes, however, that Debian will not move from its current public development process as a result. The ability for anyone interested in Debian to get access to almost any information about it is one of Debian's major strengths. Press articles that want to portray negative information will always find some source. It is an interesting world, though, to find out how much we are all living in a fishbowl ...

Also reported this week was a Chinese translation project for Debian. The debian-chinese mailing list has been created and more web pages have been translated to that language.


Here's another new distribution for you: LinuxGT. It's claim to fame seems to be its graphical interface, which makes its appearance from the beginning of the installation process.

Red Hat

The Red Hat 6.0 release is the focus of this news.com articlewhich contains some information on new features and a warning of a price increase. "Another change in the new version will be a remote installation utility that lets people install or upgrade Linux on remote servers via the network..."

Security updates from Red Hat were actually posted to the Red Hat updates site on April 13th, two days before we published a mention that they were lagging behind. However, their errata pages had not been updated, nor had notices been sent to their mailing lists. They resolved that quickly, on Friday, April 16th. Four security-related updates are now available, including updates for rsync, procmail, lpr and NFS.


Gdb-4.18, glib-1.2.2, gtk+-1.2.2 and Qt 1.44 have been added to the current version. In addition, the kernel has been upgraded to 2.2.6.


The German version of SuSE 6.1 is indeed shipping, according to this note from Andre Fachat. Meanwhile, this press release pegs the ship date for the International version to May 3rd and contains information about the features of this latest update. The SuSE announcement contains more information, including news of their participation at Comdex and more.

RPM packages of the latest Gnome software are now officially supported by SuSE and can be found on their Web site. Alexander Stohr wrote in with some details, including a mention that the packages require SuSE 6.X and that use of one of the ftp mirror sites for the download is highly encouraged.


Another set up updates for UltraPenguin 1.1.9 (Linux for UltraSparc processors) has been announced. They're getting ever closer to that 1.2 release.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

April 22, 1999

Please note that not every distribution will show up every week. Only distributions with recent news to report will be listed in the center column.

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