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See also: last week's Announcements page.



Eric Raymond sent us his take on the Mindcraft report.


The folks at Linux Expo asked us to spread the word that this is the last week for preregistration for the event. Festivities start on May 18, should be a good time.

The Challenges of the Network Society is a conference being sponsored by UC Berkeley that will focus on "the questions and anxieties raised by rapid developments in such digital technology as the Internet". Linus Torvalds is one of the featured guest speakers and will be talking on "the danger of big companies controlling the Internet, stifling new technological innovations." The conference is being held Friday, April 30th at UC Berkeley.

Web sites

The Metachart, a hypertext chart that compares Linux and NT, was updated yesterday. (From Linux-Center).

The Open Source Who's Who is now more modem-friendly. Michael Ball sent us this note with updated information on the site, including a mention that their contest has been updated to make it easier to win ...

Another Linux portal site has hit the web, this one can be found at vaxxine.com and claims to be "the start page for Linux professionals."

User Group News

An attempt is being made to start a LUG at Penn State University. See the announcement if you're in that area and would like to join up with fellow Linux folks.

April 29, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
ACPLT/KS 1.0.5pre8 Open and free communication system for Process Control (Engineering)
ACS 0.1.0 GPL licensed multi-line voice response telephony platform
ALE One hand keyboard 0.3 One hand typing with standard keyboard
Alien 6.33 Converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, andslackware tgz file formats
Altara netlib 0.3 Asynchronous networking library for Java
Apache::MimeXML 0.02 An Apache MIME Type handler for detecting XML files.
Artistic Style 1.9.1 Indentation and reformatting filters for C, C++, Java
asmail 0.52-1 X-Biff clone for Afterstep
asmon 0.49 Afterstep or Window Maker CPU/Load/Mem/etc Meter
Backburner .90 CD-Rewritable stream fixation and restoration (backup) software.
BANAL 0.09 Book-keeping (and other stuff) for small businesses
Basilisk II 0.5 An attempt at creating a free, portable 68k Mac emulator.
binutils Provides programs to assemble and manipulate binary andobject files.
bk2site 0.6.7 Transforms Netscape bookmark file into yahoo-like website.
Bnetd 0.4.6 Emulates a StarCraft Battle.net server
bookmarker 1.3 WWW based bookmark manager
BootLogo 0.4 A bootmessage generator for Lilo-colors
C-Forge IDE 1.2-2 Multi-user C/C++ integrated development environment
Caitoo 0.6.2 KDE app to get files from the internet
CfgTie 0.3 Perl modules to access system configuration information
CGI::Persistent 0.19 State persistent for CGI scripts in Perl.
ClanLib 1.1.14 The platform independent game SDK.
CMatrix 0.97 Ncurses eye-candy demo like
CMeister 1.0 A new Java based C Development Tool
COAS 1.0 Linux administration system
codd 0.22 Code contribution analysis tool.
colorgcc 1.3.0 Cutomizable Perl wrapper to colorize gcc/g++ messages.
confcollect 0.1 A small utility that posts the systems configuration to an adminostrator through
ConsoleCam 260499 CGI that creates a HTML screenshot from any Linux VC
CSSC 0.11alpha.pl2 SCCS clone
curl 5.7.1 Command line tool for getting data from a URL
demcd 1.1.3 CDPlayer for Linux
Demi-FTPd 1.1 FTP server with Web conf/admin/monitor and plugins
Dharma ODBC SDK 6.2 Linux based ODBC software development kit (SDK)
DHCP with Dynamic DNS 0.16 Dynamically update DNS from dhcpd.leases file
Disc-Cover 0.4 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
DocWiz 0.61 A GUI tool for developing Javadoc documentation
dopewars 1.4.1 Drug dealing game set in New York
DosLinux 80 Small linux distribution that can be installed on a existing Dos/Win95/98 system
Downloader for X 0.93-BETA Downloads files from the Internet via both FTP and HTTP
Drall 0.10.5 Allows users to access their directories and files remotely via a web browser
E*Reminders 0.86 Web-based reminder software
eMusic DR0.9 CD, mp3, mod and wav player for Linux
Eraserhead RPG 0.0.6 RPG/II, RPG/III Compiler
Eterm 0.8.9 An X11 VT102 emulator with Enlightenment features
Etherboot 4.1pre10 Source code for making TCP/IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes
fastjar 0.75 Fast jar file creator written in C
ffingerd 1.20 Secure finger daemon for Unix
Fiasco 0.6 L4-compatible real-time microkernel capable of running Linux in usermode
fileutils 4.0g The GNU file management utilities
FLTK 1.0.2 C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL
flwm 0.23 The Fast Light Window Manager
FocalMail 1.2.5 Web based email interface which allows you to manage your mail
FreeMarker 1.4.3 HTML templating system for Java servlets
FvwmKb 0.2 Fvwm module for comfortable work with several keyboard layouts
fwconfig 1.2 Firewall configuration Utility
GCD 1.9 A cd-player with a gtk+ interface
Gdchart module 0.2a A perl port of an excellent graphing package.
GeneWeb 2.01 A combo web interface and genealogy program combined on steroids
Genius 0.3.2 An arbitrary precision integer and multiple precision floatingpoint calculator
Genpage GenPage 1.0b3 Provides framework for separating content management from layout design
gensig 2.0 Random signature/tagline generator
gentoo 0.11.5 Two-pane filemanager using GTK+, 100% GUI configurable
gEyes 0.05 Gnome clone of xeyes
gfcc 0.5.1 GTK+ firewall (ipchains)
GHX 2.89 GTK clone of the Hotline software
gifc 3.0 The GIF compiler
GIMP Imagemap plug-in 0.7 GIMP plug-in for creation of clickable imagemaps.
Giram 0.0.15 Giram is a modeller, written in GTK+
gnlogin 1.1 A GTK interface to ncpmount.
gnome-python 1.0.2 Python interfaces to gnome-libs
gnujake alpha Facilitates management of and linking between eresources for librarians.
Gnumeric 0.25 Spreadsheet, a new foundation for spreadsheet development, part of GNOME
GQ 0.2.0 GTK LDAP client
gred 0.5.1 A small, easy to use terminal-based text editor for Unix.
GREED 0.7 A utility that can get and resume files from a web site.
Grip 1.9 A gtk-based frontend for CD-rippers
Gtk See 0.3.0 An image viewer based on the X-Window system and GTK+
GtkAlarm 0.1.0 Gtk app that executes a command at a specified time.
gtkmail 0.1.0 gtk-- mail client
GtkSheet 7.3 A matrix/grid widget for Gtk+
GTKWave 1.1.7 Wave viewer for Verilog simulation
GTKYahoo 0.12 GTK based Yahoo! Pager client
Gtuner 0.3 A highly configurable gtk based radio tuner
hotmole 0.92 Bash script to download and forward a user's Hotmail email as a batch job
HSX 99/04/26 Hotline Server clone for Unix
ht://Dig 3.1.2 Complete world wide web indexing and searching system
htnews 0.6.2 Email robot for adding news items to a webpage.
IceDJ 0.9.6 MP3 streaming and radio station managment suite written in Perl
IcePref 0.6 A graphical configuration tool for Ice WM written with PyGTK
ImageMagick 4.2.3 Package for display and interactivemanipulation of images for X11
instmon 1.5 Monitors installations and detects the files that were added or modified
interstar 0.82 Browser based/javascript game
iODBC Driver Manager and SDK iODBC Driver Manager v2.50.2 Cross Platform ODBC Driver Manager
ipchains 1.3.9-pre4 Linux packet filter control utility (replaces ipfwadm for kernels 2.1.102+).
iplog 1.8 tcp, udp, and icmp logging utilities for Linux.
IPSC 0.1 IP subnet calculator (GNOME/CLI)
irssi 0.7.9 GTK+ based IRC client with GNOME panel support
ITISSL 0.0.2 A Java 2 implementation of Sun' SSL Reference API based on SSLeay/OpenSSL
jEdit 1.6pre3 Powerful text editor
Jetty 2.1.7 HTTP/1.1 Servlet server written in Java
JMap 1.0 Creates HTML image map source
jPOS 0.8 100% java ISO-8583 / ANSI X9.2 implementation
kAPM 0.11 An APM-BIOS monitor for the KDE desktop.
KBiff 2.3.5 New mail notification utility for KDE
KBlade 0.0.6 KBlade is a frontend to BladeEnc (mp3 encoder) for KDE
KDE Powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.
kgui 0.1 Yet another KDE GUI Builder
killpppd 0.0.1 Brings down pppd from non-root login
Kinstall 0.2 Program installator from source
KJukeBox 0.1.12 KJukeBox is an MP3 Player which can handle big MP3 archives
kmikmod 2.04 Multithreaded module player for KDE
knetmon 0.99pre3 KDE-aware X frontend for many network tools, especially samba
KNewMail 3.1a1 KDE application designed to check multiple pop3 servers for email.
kng 0.1 A News Grabber for KDE and Linux
kpl 0.1 Program for two-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and functions.
Kppp 1.6.10 KDE dialer and front end for pppd
Krio 0.19990424 A graphical interface to your Diamond Rio
krossword 0.6 Program for crosswords
kstock 1.0 BETA 2 Grabs market information from webservers and displays a scroll text
KVoiceControl 0.17 Speech recognition system for the KDE Desktop
kwintv 0.71 Watch TV in a window on your PC screen
LAGII 0.0.8 Linux AGI Interpreter
less 340
libtcp++ 0.0.2 C++ class library to create TCP/IP clients/servers
Licq 0.70b Advanced graphical ICQ clone and more for Unix
Light Speed! 1.2 An interactive relativistic simulator
linbar 0.4 Driver for serial barcode readers
Linux Snipes 0.9.1 Text-based maze game based on an old DOS game.
Linux Wireless LAN Project 0.2.6 A driver and utility set for 802.11 standard wireless networking.
Linux-Kontor Build 12 A free Commodities, Bookkeeping, Accountancy and Inventory Management software
Linuxconf 1.15 Sophisticated administrative tool
lm_sensors 2.3.0 LM78 and LM75 drivers
lpe 1.2.0 Small, fast console mode programming editor
LPRng 3.5.4 The Next Generation of LPR
Lua-Linux 1.0 Lua Language Interpreter 3.1, Linux-optimized, Distribution Version 0.9
Lynx 2.8.2dev25 fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser
Mahogany 0.21a Powerful, user-friendly, scriptable mail/news client
MARS 1.3 Java-based network services status monitor
mcrypt 2.1.16 A replacement for the old unix crypt(1). Uses several block algorithms.
Melange Chat Server 1.10 Chat server written in C including a Java-client
memwatch 2.57 Memory leak/corruption detection, ANSI-C source code with test program.
Messenger 0.0.2 A tool to read the memory of an USR Message Modem
MGA 0.1 Masquerading Gateway Administation script
mktclapp 2.0 Mix C/C++ with Tcl/Tk to build a standalone program
MM 1.0.2 Shared Memory Library
mmusic 0.8.7 Database Frontend to handle large music collections
moodss 6.7 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
Mordor MUD 4.61 Multi-user text based Internet Game Server
mrtg 2.7.4b Multi Router Traffic Grapher
msr 2.2.6 Access the machine specific registers of a x86 cpu
MSWordView 0.5.8 Microsoft Word 8 document viewer
mtools 3.9.5
muLinux 5.7 A tiny implementation of Linux, which can reside on a single floppy
Mutt 0.95.5 Small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operatingsystems
Mystic Arena III 3.0 Play-By-e-Mail (PBeM) game
n2m 0.0.4 News to unix mailbox fetcher
Nano-X 0.1 Tiny X replacement for Linux based palmtops and POS units
Nessus alpha 2-fix4 A free, open-sourced and easy-to-use security auditing tool
NEStra 0.61 Dynamic-Recompiling NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator
net-tools 1.52 Programs that form the base set of the NET-3 networking distribution
Net::RawIP 0.06d Perl module for easy manipulation of raw IP packets directly from Perl
nettest 1.1 Notifies you if your network connection goes down audibly or through email
Nightfall 0.12 Eclipsing binary star program
NumPres 0.0.2 Caller ID program
Panorama 0.11.1 Framework for creating, rendering, and processingthree-dimensional images
pavuk 0.9pl10 Webgrabber with an optional Xt or GTK GUI
perlitil 0.0.1 incident control based on itil.
pi-address 0.3.0 X11 based Address Manager for Palm Pilot Address DB
PIKT 1.3.1 An innovative new systems administration paradigm
Pingo 0.1.4 C++ class library and framework for X-Windows with MOTIF look-and-feel.
Pliant 18 Efficient and extendable programming language
pop3check 0.11 simple program checks a pop3 server to see if you have new mail
proxy 1.1 Simple Proxy Server
PSXDEV 1.0 A free GPL'd development environment for thePlayStation
PyGTK 0.6.0 A set of bindings for the GTK widget set
Q2sdb 0.4 Quake 2 Server Database with client/server query mechanism.
Qpopper 3.0b15 POP3 server
QuIRC 0.9.73 X IRC client written in C++ with full Tcl/Tk scripting.
Raychase 2.05 Random Recursive Raytracer, automagically creates cool images on desktop
Red Hat Linux 6.0 The Red Hat Official Linux distribution
RPM 3.0 Red Hat's package management system
rtfeeder 0.3 Converts rtf files to html files.
RTFilter 0.01 Realtime audio filtering using a full duplex soundcard
Sandmail 0.0011 GTK+ based mime-compliant user mail agent
Sarien Play Sierra AGI version 2 and version 3 games like Kings Quest and Space Quest.
SClient 0.5.2 Mud Client for X windows
ScryMUD 1.8.13 Original MUD Server and Java Client
Setedit 0.4.25 An editor for C/C++ programmers with a nice text interface.
sh-utils 1.16g GNU shell programming utilities
Shadow 19990307 Shadow password file utilities
shtool 1.1.0 Shell Script Collection
Siag Office 3.1.12 Free office package for Unix
sig_rotate.pl 1.1 A perl script that rotates signature files for you.
Sketch 0.5.5 Vector drawing program, implemented in python
SLRN An NNTP based newsreader for Unix, VMS, and OS/2 systems
SpaceThing 0.0.1 Internet space life simulator
SPLAT 0.1a Stampede Package Listing and Administration Tool
Squeak 2.4 New OpenSource, open research, super-portable, Smalltalk-80-based language.
Staticky.com DynDNS 1.1 Client for staticky.com's free Dynamic DNS service
strace 3.99 System call tracing utility (like trace, truss, etc)
Swift Generator 0.6.3 Dynamic Flash content generator.
syslog-ng 1.1.9 A portable syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme.
TCL Developer Studio 0.25 (1.0 pre 3) small
tcpgate 0.0.2 TCP Proxy/Gateway Daemon
Terraform 0.2.11 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
texprL3 0.0a use TeX to print texts in ISO-Latin-3 character set
textutils 1.22j GNU text file processing utilities
The Linux Image Montage Project pre-808 Linux Image Montage Project Preview Release
TiMidity++ 2.0.2 Experimental MIDI to WAVE converter
TkSETI 1.23 A GUI for automated control of the SETI@Home client for UNIX.
Tmp-audit 0.4 Logs directory changes.
Trf 1.6 Filtering channels for Tcl, MAC, Encryption, Error correction, various encodings
UdmSearch 2.0 Fast WWW search engine for your site
Universe 0.11.1 Space Strategy game
Unix Desktop Environment 0.2.1-BETA A new GUI for Unix with a completely new look'n'feel
V-Server 1.1c-p2 V-Server calculates/manages the internetcosts/-link
VDK 0.6 Easy to use C++ wrapper for Gtk++
vile 8.3 Extensible vi-like editor w/ optional X window and win32 support
ViMmail 0.0.1 A simple and fast mail viewer for Motif
VMWare Build 135 Allows you to run multiple OSs at the same time
vtun 1.4 Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks.
watchdog 4.5 A software watchdog
WebCal 1.1 A simple browser based calendar program.
WebDiary/ViewMaker 1.3 http://dante.urbanet.ch/~patrick/programm/viewMaker/
WebEvent 3.1b8 WebEvent is web calendar software for your web site.
WebMacro Servlet Framework 0.85.2 Java server-side web template engine and servletdevelopment framework
Window Maker 0.53.0 X11 window manager with NEXTSTEP look and feel
Wine 990426 Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
wmsensors 1.0.2 wmsensors draws graphs of data from your sensor chips
wmtv 0.6.5 WindowMaker TV dock.app
xap 0.7.2 X application panel and simple file manager
xCode 0.1 Virtual Machine and Application Extension System w/ Optimized Network Streaming
Xfiles 1.3.1 Xfiles file tree synchronization and cross-validation
Xfstt 0.9.99 X11 Font Server for TT fonts
XKeyCaps 2.44 A graphical front-end to xmodmap.
xmp 2.0.0dev43a A multi-format module player for UNIX
XQF QuakeWorld/Quake2 server browser and launcher for Linux/X11
XScreenSaver 3.10 Modular screen saver and locker for the X WindowSystem
xterm Patch #98 A terminal emulator for the X Window System
Xvidmode 0.0.19990419 Get/set X video modes
Yiff! for X11 0.2 A foxy puzzle game
ZNibbles 0.0.5 Networked multiplayer nibbles/snake game for X11/Motif
Zut 1.3 Easy and fast graphical back-end

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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