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Linux and business

Last week we ran a press release about EBIZ Enterprises' Linux-based Personal Internet Appliance (Pia). This press release is about their plans to market the $199 device through Internet service providers. Prodigy has already signed up to promote the Pia. (Thanks to Cesar A. K. Grossmann)

EBIZ Enterprises, Inc. and Onsale, Inc. announced the launch of The Linux Brand Store, demonstrating the growing acceptance of and demand for the Linux operating system. TheLinuxStore is located on Onsale's atAuction web site.

Actiontec Electronics now supports Linux across an entire line of modems and PC card readers. Actiontec will provide comprehensive, broad-based support of Linux throughout its entire range of modems and desktop computer PC Card readers. See the press release for more information.

Olicom Inc. announced broad support for the free Linux operating system across its entire line of Token Ring, Ethernet and ATM network interface cards.

Penguin Computing announced Quad Xeon systems utilizing Intel 550 Mhz Processors. The Quad Xeons, like all Penguin Computers, run only Linux and are now the fastest Quad Xeon systems available.

Penguin Computing also announced 2U Rackmount Systems with four hot-swappable hard drives. These systems run only with the ultra-reliable Linux operating system.

Here is a press release about the Microcontroller Linux Project. The uClinux (pronounced you see Linux) provides Embedded Linux for almost any device. Just as Linus Torvalds predicted, Linux targeted for embedded systems is now a reality.

CAD-UL now offers an embedded-centric C/C++ toolkit for Linux development on PC hosts. See the press release for more information.

Linux and GNU Certification is now available. See this press release for more details on Certification by Sair through Sylvan Prometric facilities worldwide.

Toshiba now offers Linux support service in Japan. The support is similar to that offered by NEC and Hitachi, but with some additions aimed at developers. Here is the service's web site (in English). (Thanks to Maya Tamiya)

Press Releases:

  • Apple announced the latest update to its QuickTime Streaming Server, version 1.0.1, which doubles performance to 2,000 concurrent streams and adds localized versions in French, German and Japanese. The Apple Open Source Streaming Server code has been updated to support Linux on Intel-based systems.
  • Honeywell, a leader in access control security systems, and Unify Corporation, a provider of Internet application server solutions, announced that Unify VISION and Unify DataServer for Linux have been selected to develop the next generation WSE NexSentry Command Center product.
  • Photodex Corporation released the first public beta of its CompuPic Digital Content Manager for Linux. It also announced availability of the first of a range of open source shell utilities for the Linux community.
  • Here is a press release on the sale of Slashdot.
  • Spatial Inc. announced version 5.2 of ACIS 3D Toolkit with support for Red Hat Linux.
  • TurboLinux is offering a workstation version of Linux designed for ease of installation and office productivity.
  • Vitech America, Inc. and ITC.net announced completion of a co-marketed installation of wireless Internet device. The website cache administration is on Linux.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

July 8, 1999


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