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Development projects

Embedded Linux

New Embedded Linux Portal. LinuxDevices.com, a new portal for the embedded Linux community, has been announced. It was also the focus of this EETimes article. "The startup was founded by Rick Lehrbaum, known in embedded computing circles as a founder of Ampro Computers Inc., an embedded computing specialist that originated both the EBX motherboard form factor and the PC/104 and PC/104+ buses. Developers who've attended a PC/104 tutorial at a conference have likely seen Lehrbaum as the presenter. "

Michael Tiemann from Cygnus submitted the inaugural article to LinuxDevices.com, talking about EL/IX and its role in the emerging embedded Linux field. "By meeting the technical requirements of the embedded developer, using internationally accepted standards, with an open-source implementation, Cygnus intends to make the adoption of EL/IX a "no-brainer". ... But the impact of adopting EL/IX in the embedded community will be profound: flexibility and freedom will prevail over fragmentation. "


Feature articles have been added to the Gnome developer web site. This week's article is by Federico Mena Quintero and takes a look at "GdkPixbuf as a Replacement for Imlib".

No Gnome Development Summary this week. Havoc Pennington spent the week in Tokyo instead, but promises to make it up with an extra exciting issue next week.


KDbg 1.0 released. Version 1.0 of KDbg, the KDE graphical front end to the gdb debugger, has been released.


Midgard help now available. A group of volunteers is being organized to help people get through the process of correctly installing the Midgard web development suite. "This message is both a call for volunteers who have succesfully installed Midgard before and want to help others to get there, and an announcement that the installation help is now available."


Mozilla Status Update. The Mozilla Development Status report was updated this weekend and contains nitty gritty details about the current development progress. Meanwhile, on a less technical note, the Mozilla web site contains information on posting Mozilla-related job announcements, a contest to find design patterns in Mozilla and a mention that Mozilla's Bugzilla will now allow you to vote on the bug you find most annoying.

ComputerWorld revisits Mozilla. ComputerWorld has published a partial retraction of its recent critical article about Mozilla. "The jury is still out, but the future looks brighter for Mozilla and open source than I had thought, although I remain skeptical regarding how much and when Netscape Navigator will benefit." (Thanks to David Brownell).

Repeating a common theme, Joe Barr at LinuxWorld eats some of his former words about Mozilla in this week's Version Control. Page past the rants against AOL to find his current evaluation of Mozilla's M10 release. "I happily find myself in the position of bringing you good news followed by more good news. The first is that Mozilla is maturing nicely and looks like it will be a dandy when it's finally here. The second is that there is growing competition to be your Linux browser. Ain't it grand to be a Linux user these days?"


Wine Weekly News. The Wine Weekly News for November 1st reports "Wine 19991031 is out. Shall this version be dubbed Hallowine ? ", along with other Wine-related news.


WorldForge celebrates first birthday. The WorldForge project, which is developing "massively multiplayer online role playing games," is celebrating its first birthday today. Here's a wish for many more and a wave of the +3 two-handed sword from LWN.


The Zope Weekly News. This week's edition comments, among other reports, that "Many folks who have submitted Zope bug reports will be happy to see lots of fixes appearing in CVS. These fixes mark early preparations for a Zope 2.1 release".

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

November 4, 1999

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Development tools

Progress for Ada on Linux. Ada 3.12p was released this week, promising better Linux support, Gtk bindings and more.


Linux JDK releases in mid-November. From the Blackdown site, we've found the first date for a possible JDK1.2.2 and JDK 1.1.8 release. "We've made significant progress with the problems plaguing the native threads implementation. Some core parts of the native threads library have been reimplemented to better utilize Linux threads. There is still one known problem with SMP systems but I hope we can do a 1.2.2 (and a 1.1.8) release in the second half of November. "

This is extremely good news, that people have been waiting to hear for a long time. Of course, such initial date estimates should be taken with a grain of salt, but they are a clear indication that the releases should be happening in the relatively near future.

Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell is a new O'Reilly book by David Flanagan that was announced this week as a followup to his previous work, "Java In a Nutshell".


Perl goodies at Perl.com. From the Perl News, we garnered that Perl.com released several new goodies this week, including:


Dr. Dobbs' Python-URL!. We received two Python-URL! issues in one week this time around. October 29th's edition announced two new Python books, the release of JPython 1.1b4 and more.

It was quickly followed by the November 2nd issue, with announcements of the upcoming Zope book and the Python Consortium, plus the usual links to interesting posts from the past week.

For more information on the JPython release, check the JPython News.

The Quick Python Book, by Daryl D. Harms, Kenneth McDonald, has been published. It is aimed at people already familiar with programming in other languages and delves immediately into Python's core features.


Tcl Blend and Jacl 1.2.5. New versions of Tcl Blend and Jacl have been announced.

Tcl + Java = A match made for scripting is the title of an article in Sunworld by Moses DeJong and Cameron Laird. It takes a look at how the latest releases of Tcl Blend and Jacl can be used to support Java development.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh


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