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The Resource center for Free Operating Systems. The website name pretty much says it all.

HelpDex is a new, Linux-oriented cartoon strip, published on the web.

Here's a new gaming ISP Netgames UK. They have 10 servers running on Debian GNU Linux. They are all Duel PIII 500's, on kernel 2.2.14. They offer all the usual games people might wish to play online, such as Quake 3 Arena, Half Life, KingPin, Unreal Tournament etc.


Patrice Ossona de Mendez sent us an email announcing the first Annual Symposium on Pliant Implementation and Concepts (ASPIC '2000) dedicated to the language Pliant (under GPL, see pliant.cams.ehess.fr) that will be held in Paris the 3rd of April, 2000 (see www.ehess.fr/centres/cams/person/pom/aspic.html for details)

LinuxExpo.net is looking for writers and photographers to assist in covering the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in New York next month. They are offering a full conference pass in return.

LinuxFest2000, happening in Kansas City June 20-24, has announced that Eric Raymond will be the opening keynote speaker. They have also announced a "Geeks With Guns" session.

Web sites

Tux Games has opened its first community action site.
Click here to sign petitions stating your desire to see games be ported to Linux. It is hoped that with enough signatures, games companies will begin to ship for Linux as standard, instead of just as an alternative.

User Group News

UCLALUG is hosting a guest speaker: Manish Singh, lead developer of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The talk is on Monday, January 17 at 6:00 p.m. in Boelter Hall room 3811 at UCLA. Manish will be discussing GTK application development. See the UCLALUG web site for more info.

The Linux Users Group of Davis (California) will meet Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 6:30pm. Details can be found here. Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler will speak on the Enlightenment Window Manager.

GLLUG (Greater London Linux User group) will have it's next meeting on Saturday 22.01.2000 in London E14.

Help Wanted

Joseph F. Maceira has started a group that is producing role-playing games (RPGs). They are all volunteering their time to this free project and need some Linux programmers of all flavors. Until they get a proper web site, all interested should send email to Mr. Maceira at insania@mindspring.com.

Denver job opportunity. BizBlast is looking for a network/server admin. The position requires you to have experience with all the standard hosting services as well as knowledge for the setup and maintenance of an internal network with firewalled access to the Internet. Strong security knowledge and a background in development are big plusses. Some scripting and CGI knowledge is required. Knowledge of network topologies and the lower levels of TCP/IP and routing protocols is also a big plus. Most of the work will be with Linux and other UNIX variants, but interoperability with Windows is required (we have marketing folks.) There may be an opportunity to do some open source work as well. A member of our board of advisors is about as high up in the Linux world as you get, and I'm personally a member of the ECSL (a note to all Bruces.) Send email to Eric Princen if you have questions or would like to apply.

Englewood, Colorado Job Opening. Echostar Technologies is looking to hire a full-time engineer to assist in the deployment of Mozilla on a Linux-based set-top box. Qualified applicants must be able to work within the Mozilla source tree in order to modify it to run in an embedded set-top environment. Applicants must have mastery of Linux, C, C++, GTK, Web based standards, and the Mozilla source tree. The position includes full benefits and is located in Englewood CO ( near the Denver Tech Center )
Send resumes to James.Buzbee@echostar.com

January 13, 2000



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
3DSE patch for XMMS 3 3DSE support for XMMS
4DOM 0.9.1 A CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C's Document Object Model in Python
4XSLT 0.8.1 Python XSLT processor.
abcde 1.0 A better CD encoder.
acl 0.7.0 Colorizes log files using advanced parsing capabilities.
acmemail 2.1.8 A multiuser POP3/IMAP to Web gateway with MIME and mod_perl support
ACS 0.5.2 GPL licensed multi-line voice response telephony platform
adaMikMod 0.9alpha1 Ada95 bindings against libmikmod.
adduser-qmail 1.3 Adds mailusers for use with the qmail daemon and virtualdomains.
adjtimex 1.9 Command line manipulation of the kernel time-keeping variables.
AfterStep 1.7.164 Window manager for the X/Windows environment with NeXT look and feel
Anteater 0.3 A Sendmail log analyzer.
AntiSpam 0.9 Mail Relay authentication via POP-3
Apprentice 0.3 An HTTP daemon written in Perl.
apsfilter 5.1.4 Intelligent line printer input filter
ArsDigita Community System 3.0 DBMS backed Web collaboration tool
Asterisk 0.1.2 An Open Source PBX for Linux.
August 0.52 A free html editor for Linux/Unix.
Autoclose 0.6 This utility automatically closes one app when another is finished
autotelnet 1.0 A simple program to handle automatic useradd from telnet.
BabyTrans 0.3.4 GTK front-end for Windows Babylon Translator
Bahamut 1.2.2 An advanced IRC daemon.
BetaFTPD 0.0.8pre10 Single-threaded, small FTP daemon
bk2site 1.0.0 Transforms Netscape bookmark file into yahoo-like website.
BLADE 0.14.0 Broad Language Aided Document Environment
Blur Scope MAX 1.1.1 A visualization plug-in for XMMS.
Boa Lightweight and High Performance WebServer
bridged 0.0.1 User-level bridge daemon for Linux.
Broadcast2000 Final Non linear audio and video editor
BTW Calculator 0.0.2 beta 1 A program that adds taxes to a price.
BusyBox 0.40 A suite of tiny Unix utilities, for building rescue disks and embedded systems.
BW whois 2.0 A whois in perl that works with the newly mangled whois system as of 1 Dec 1999.
Bynari TradeMail 0.1.4 Enteprise email, information management for Linux
C-Forge IDE 1.5-1 Multi-user C/C++ integrated development environment.
C-Kermit 7.0 Multi-platform network/serial communications package
cadaver 0.10.0 command-line WebDAV tool
CAFire 0.0.8 A burning mouse pointer toy.
CBB 0.8.1 Personal check book balancing utility for Unix/X
CD-Tux 0.3-2B An ncurses-based CD-writing frontend.
CDfs 0.3 A filesystem that exports all tracks on a CD as normal files.
CDR-Toaster 1.04pre3 Tk frontend for cd-burning. Uses mkisofs and cdrecord
cdrecord 1.8a39 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
CGISOCK.pm 0.4 Perl interface for mod_cgisock
Checksums 1.0 An MD5 checksum checker to detect changes in system files.
clig 1.9.3 Command line interpreter generator.
code2html 0.8.8 Converts a program's source code to syntax highlighted HTML
Collaborative Virtual Workspace 3.2.0 CVW takes virtual meetings one step further
CompuPic 5.0.1033 CompuPic Graphical Digital Content and File Manager for Linux
Conglomerate 0.1.1 XML document system.
Connect 1.2.2 Client-server to easily share (open/close) one ppp link among a small network
Contact Book 0.3.1 Alternative Contact Book.
Cooledit 3.12.1 Full featured text editor for the X Window System
CoreLinux++ 0.4.1 A set of C++ class libraries to support common patterns in software development.
Courier-IMAP 0.24 IMAP server for maildirs
Coyote Linux 1.04 A single-floppy distribution for sharing an Internet connection.
Cross-CGI 0.92 A portable and complete CGI libtool library in C.
Cyrus IMAP server 1.6.22 Full featured IMAP server
Date::Calc 4.3 Package for all kinds of date calculations based on the Gregorian calendar
DateTime 2000/01/08 A GNOME-panel applet featuring date/time display and email notification.
dcc 0.3.4 A DialControl Client.
dep.pl 1.25.1 Check dependencies of multiple files.
DialControl 2.5.1 Remote control for Internet/WAN connections of a masquerading server.
Dieresis Newsboy 1.1.5 Web-Based News and Announcements Publishing Perl Script
DigiTemp 2.0 Digital thermometer for Linux, DOS, win95 using DS1820 sensors
Disc-Cover 0.9.6 Generate covers for audio cds non-interactively using cddb
DiSi-Poll 0.8.0 An easy-to-configure php3 voting script.
Display Ghostscript 0.5.9 The Display Ghostscript System for GNUstep.
dot.conf 0.3 A simple, powerful configuration-file parser.
Downtime 3.1.2 Network monitor, watches your connection, and logs downtime.
dproxy 0.3 Caching DNS proxy
DPS-FTP 0.6.1 Bulletproof-like ftp client
dsniff 1.2 Sniffing utilities for network security testing.
Dump/Restore 0.4b12 Utilities to dump and restore an ext2 partition
dusk 8.0 irc script that ports BitchX commands and documentation to portuguese
DwbJ 1.1 A Sybase data editor.
E-buttons 0.2 A button launcher epplet for Enlightenment.
E-cpu 1.0 Enlightenment CPU monitor epplet.
E-Dial 0.8 Front-end for dialup programs, with an Epplet interface
E-FancyLauncher 0.1 Enlightenment button launcher epplet.
E-kbd 1.0 Enlightenment keyboard switcher epplet.
E-xmms 1.0 An XMMS Enlightenment epplet.
ECLiPt Mirroring Tool 2.1 pre 11 Full-featured mirroring script
ECLiPt SSH Shell 0.1 Simple graphical SSH frontend.
ECLiPt Virtual Gallery Creator 1.2 Create nice WWW Image Galleries and index pages
EdcomLib 1.0 Alpha 4 A dynamic multiuser Web application development.
elbow 0.1 A simple multiplayer boardgame.
ELKS 0.0.82 A subset of the Linux kernel that runs in 8086 real mode and 286 protected mode
Email Security through Procmail 1.97 Email filter to remove remote security exploits of email clients
epkg 1.0.1 Installed Source Package Manager
erikyyyphone 1.0.0 Internet audio conferencing application
Etherboot 4.4.0 Source code for making TCP/IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes
Ethereal 0.8.1 GUI network protocol analyzer
Ethernet TAP driver 0.2a-stable Ethernet TAP driver for FreeBSD
Executor 2.1pr6 Allows you to run your Macintosh applications on PCs
Exim-qpopper-mysql 0.8.3 Patches to qpopper and exim to run a full mail system of MySQL.
Fast Webpage Exchanger 2.3.0 A non-interactive FTP client for updating Web pages
Fastresolve 2.3 Fast log file IP address resolver and utilities
Fax2Send 1.1 Fax Client Server for Linux.
fdupes 1.11 Tool to list duplicate files.
fetchmail 5.2.3 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval utility
fidelio 0.8.9 A GTK+ Hotline client for GNOME.
Figlet-CGI 0.1 A CGI gateway to the figlet ASCII-art program.
fileblasphemy 0.1 An advanced filename modifer.
FileIT 0.0.1 A filemanager with FTP capabilities.
FindHosts 2.1 A CGI-based dhcpd log parser.
floppyfw 1.0.1 A Linux firewall on a single floppy.
Fork Bomb Defuser 0.6 Detect, disable, and log fork() bombs to prevent crashes.
fortune-mod-opensources 1.0 An Open Sources fortune file.
fortune-mod-peq 1.0 Data for fortune-mod from the peq program.
fortune-mod-petey 1.0 Some very offensive fortunes.
FreeVSD 1.3.1 A virtual server daemon for Linux.
freq 0.4.7-final A lastlog analyzer.
FTP Logger 1.5 Perl(CGI) WU-FTPD log analyzer for WEB
FTP4ALL 3.009 FTP server program for UNIX systems
G-Kermit 1.0 A file transfer program.
GAG 3.1 A graphical boot manager, with a lot of interesting features.
GameTrakker 2.1 An integrated tool to monitor game servers using QStat and MRTG.
Garp 0.7.2 Check for unused IP addresses and automatically assign them.
gASQL 0.4 A frontend to administer a Postgres database.
gcombust 0.1.27 A GTK+ frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord.
gdcd 0.2.1 GTK CD player with Cover Art Index and CDDB support
gecco 0.4.1 GNOME-based application using plugins for system/network/app configuration.
Getleft 0.7.8 Tcl/Tk site grabber powered by Curl
getmail 0.99 A fetchmail replacement with reliable Maildir delivery, written in Python.
getpg 0.52 PostgreSQL-aware replacements for the getpwnam() and getpwuid() functions.
getpg / UW-IMAP 0.53 A patch for UW-IMAP to authenticate users against a PostgreSQL database.
ghtsclient 0.1 GTK-based Holsham Trasders client application.
gif2png 2.3.0 converts GIF image files to PNG format.
gjiten 0.3 GTK-based Japanese dictionary
glFtpD 1.18 FTP Daemon for Linux. Great program for an ISP or anyone!
Glotski 0.2 Sliding block puzzle game.
glTron 0.53 tron-like game with a 3D view
GNet 0.1.3 A simple network library.
GNOME Transcript 0.1.2 SQL Database Client with plugin system to support multiple database servers.
GnomeICU 0.90 Formerly GtkICQ, now Gnome Internet Communication Utility
GNU m4 1.4o Standard Unix macro processor with extensions
GNU parted 1.0.4 A partition editor, for creating, destroying, resizing and copying partitions.
GNU Pth 1.2.2 GNU Portable Threads
GOB 0.92.1 Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object
Gold IRCd 6.0.9+Beta An IRCd Based on DF467.
GPM 1.18.1 A mouse server for the console and xterm.
GPPP-Dialer 0.1.1 Very simple Gnome PPP Dialer.
gps3d 1.7 A GPS 3D visualization utility.
gpsd 1.0 Listens to a GPS and provides clients with the data.
Groundhog 1.2 Logic game written with GTK
grunch 1.3 Merge partial scans into a larger image
GS(SBNI) tty driver 1.0.1a-current Serial tty driver for SBNI-12x
gShield 1.3 Godot's Modular Firewall
Gtk-- 1.1.7 C++ interface for the popular GUI library gtk.
Gwatch 0.0.3 A graphical mail spool monitor.
hardmon 0.6b X11 hardware monitor
hc-cron 0.83 A modified version of Paul Vixie's widely used cron daemon
Hissim 1.0 A history generator for WorldForge.
Hoard 1.4 A fast, scalable, and memory-efficient SMP memory allocator
HTML::Embperl 1.2.1 Embed Perl into HTML Pages with a lot of features especialy for dynamic webpage
HTML::Template 1.4 A simple and fast HTML Template module for Perl
htsserver 0.5.5 Server application of the multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders
httptunnel 3.0 Creates a two-way data tunnel through an HTTP proxy
httptype 1.2.0 Identifies which HTTP server is running on a given host.
hup 1.02 A client for the Uptimes Project.
Hurricane 0.3.3 A highly extensible IRC daemon.
IA 2.02 A little AI program.
IcePref 1.1 A graphical configuration tool for Ice WM written with PyGTK
id3tool 1.1d Command Line tool for editing ID3 tags on MP3s.
Inflex 0.1.3 In/Outbound email virus/file/text scanner.
ipacct 1.07 Collects IP accounting information for metered usage
ipaudit 0.91 Summarizes ip traffic bytes/packets broken down by host/port pairs and protocol.
IpLogLed 0.0.1 An IP logger via keyboard LEDs.
ip_relay 0.7 A bandwidth shaper.
Java CML Filter Library 0.1 A Chemical Markup Language Filter for Java.
Java Napster 0.6 Java GUI clone of the Napster client for downloading MP3s.
java2html 1.4 a simple program that converts Java source to syntax-highlighted HTML
javashout 0.2.2 A shoutcast shouter written in java
jftpgw 0.0.6 small ftp proxy
JFwadmin 0.71 Java high level GUI for ipchains.
JSFindy 0.1 JavaScript site search engine.
jwhois 2.4 A collection of Perl programs for the whois service
KBabel 0.3 Easy-to-use PO-file editor with many features.
KBiff 2.3.12 New mail notification utility for KDE
KDE Simple Programming Tutorial 1.0.2 A tutorial for developing a KDE application.
Kdevmon 0.2.1 A little tool that displays the load of a network device.
KGateway 1.0 A frontend for gateway configuration.
KGL 0.1 OpenGL call-trace library.
Kmap 0.7.1 Nmap port-scanner frontend for QT/KDE
knapster 0.3 KDE napster client.
KNode 0.1.12 Online-newsreader for KDE
Koala Complete MUD Server 0.0.4a A complete MUD server.
KTimeMon 0.3b Yet another system usage monitor for KDE, with nifty features.
KXicq 01112000 snapshot The KDE ICQ clone
Laptop-HOWTO 2.3 How to make the best of Linux features with laptops.
lavaps 1.9 A lava lamp of currently running processes
LCD::MatrixOrbital 0.93 A Perl module for writing to Matrix Orbital LCDs.
LCDd.pm 0.02 A program to handle communication with an LCDproc v0.4 server.
ldif2pine 0.3 A program to convert an ldif address book to a pine address book.
Leafnode 1.9.9 NNTP server for small leaf sites
lftp 2.1.5 Sophisticated command line based FTP client
libbase64 0.6 A C++ library for base64 encoding and decoding.
libbgrab & webcam 1.8 bttv framegrabber library + webcam application
libirc 0.3 A C-library for the IRC protocol.
libraw1394 0.4 Library providing API to access IEEE 1394 bus (FireWire, iLink)
LiCe4 4.1.9 Fully functional script for EPIC4, with excellent userlist functions.
LifeLines 3.0.3-opensource Genealogy/Family history research tool
Linux Logo 3.03 Displays an ANSI or ASCII Linux penguin, along with some sytem information
Linux Vacation 1.2.1 An automatic mail-answering program for Linux.
Linuxconf 1.17r2 Sophisticated administrative tool
logger 1.0 tcl/tk job timer and logger.
lrr 1.01 A wrapper to run logresolve on Apache logs.
lsh 0.2.1 GPL'd implementation of SSH.
lxrun 0.9.5pre2 Lxrun is a user-space program that allows users of SCO(r) OpenServer(tm), UnixWa
maildrop 0.76 maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent
MAPis 0.1a A script that will install MySQL, Apache, and PHP.
MCDL 0.0.1 A program that catalogs audio CDs via CDDB and MySQL.
MCheck 0.0 A memory/malloc bug finder.
Melys 0.1.16 A MIDI sequencer for ALSA.
Metapixel 0.5 A photomosaic generator.
MGAG-SVGATextMode 0.01 A patch for SVGATextMode for Matrox G100/G200/G400 series.
Midi2C25 0.2.0 A MIDI file to Siemens C25 cell phone ring tone converter.
MIT Photonic-Bands 0.9.1 Software for computing photonic band structures.
mkrdns 1.5 Program to automatically generate reverse DNS zone files (PTR records)
Mmucl 1.3.1 Mud client written in Tcl
mod_pcgi2 0.4.0 An Apache module for Zope/PCGI.
mod_ssl 2.4.10-1.3.9 Apache Interface to OpenSSL
Moe Music 0.3.1 Web Juke Box for mpg123 and mySQL
mol 0.9.32 Mac-on-Linux: Run the MacOS from inside Linux!
Moonlight 3D Atelier 0.9.1 A 3D modeling and rendering application
Moonshine 0.9.8 An application development environment for Linux.
Morphon XMLEditor 1.0 beta 4.1 Editor for XML files
MOSIX 0.97.0 Single-system-image Clustering Software for Linux
Mozilla M12 Webbrowser for X11 derived from Netscape Communicator
Mp3Make 0.4 Automates ripping and encoding of mp3's, using cddb to name them.
mreport 0.8 Maillog Report Generation Utility
mtv A realtime MPEG Video+Audio player
Multimeter 0.0.3 read measurements from digital multimeters
MultUnil 0.4 A script for Multilingual documentation support.
MusE 0.0.1 A Linux MIDI editor & sequencer.
mwForum 0.9.2 Web-based discussion forum
NAMG 0.2.2 Downloads mail from a NetAddress account and forwards it locally
nano 0.7.4 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
netfilter 0.1.16 New NAT/packet-filtering infrastructure for Linux 2.3.5
NetSaint 0.0.5b2 A relatively simple active network monitor
Netscape Flash Plugin 0.4.9 A Netscape plugin to view Macromedia-Shockwave-Flash files.
NetTraf 1.1 Network traffic monitor
Network UPS Tools 0.42.1 Multiple vendor (APC, Powercom) UPS monitoring software.
Newsrunner 1.4 Fetches pictures from newsgroups, with a neat X-interface.
NFTP 1.61 Powerful, full-featured FTP client
nist 2.1.11 Update system time from NIST time server
note 0.3 commandline note tool
notify 1.0.3 Notify (website) visitors of changes to your site.
nRip 1.45 Frontend to CDDA rippers and MP3 encoders.
nss_pgsql 0.00 A PostgreSQL backend for the Linux Name Service Switch.
NStoPine 1.0 Converts Netscape address books into Pine address books.
NTP 4.0.98m A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.
NumExp 0.2 Numeric methods implementation for Linux
OBM 0.2.4 Intranet application to help manage a company or a contact database.
Octave 2.0.15
Oedipus 0.05 Code for maintaining dmoz.org or Yahoo-like collections of Web links.
oidentd-for-netfilter 1.6.3 A patch to make oidentd compatible with netfilter.
Omnipede 0.2.1 A simple worm(6)-like game.
oops 1.2e An HTTP/FTP proxy.
Open Source Audio Library Project 0.2 C++ Audio class library
OpenCCVS 0.3.0 Open Credit Card Verification System
OpenH323 1.0alpha2 H.323 protocol stack
OpenSSH Unix Port 1.2.1pre24 Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release to Linux
OpenVerse Visual Chat 0.7-7 Free Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK
Opera for Linux 4.0a A lightweight X11-based Web browser.
Oregano 0.0.4 Schematic capture and circuit simulation application
OSS 3.9.3c Provides sound card drivers for most popular sound cards under Linux
ourl 1.2 URL completion utility.
PaintLib 0.2.2 A graphic library for Qt.
pam_cucipop 1.31-7 Patch to use PAM with cucuipop
pam_pgsql 0.00 A Postgres backend for Linux PAM.
Pan 0.7.0 Gnome/GTK Newsreader
pardiff 0.9.2 A program to display diff output in a parallel (side-by-side) format.
perl-cfd 1.0.1 High-stability cfengine server daemon.
PHP 3.0.14 HTML-embedded scripting language
phpIRC 1.1 PHP IRC layer (IRC client for PHP)
phpTopsites 1.1 A Topsites script written in PHP for MySQL.
pixelize 0.9.1 Uses many scaled-down images to try to duplicate another image.
PLWM 1.0 A modularised window manager written in Python.
POP3-Checker 0.1 A POP3-email WWW-interface.
PoPToP 1.1.1 PPTP Server for Linux
PrensaLibre 1.0.0 A Web magazine automatic publication tool.
ptkfonted 0.2 Perl/Tk BDF Font Editor
PTlink ircd 3.5.3 New featured ircd with a great services integration
PTlink Services 1.7.1 IRC Registration Services
PVM Gmake 0.5 Distributed gmake
pxml 0.1 A parser for XML files that displays them according to a template file.
pydf 0.9 colourised df(1)-clone
pyFLTK / plFLTK 20000111_133528 Python and Perl wrappers for the cross-platform Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK).
Q3ServerKit 1.0 A Quake3 server administration tool.
QHacc 0.2 A personal finance application.
qpopper-mysql-basic-auth 1.0 A patch to add a decent set of MySQL capabilities to qpopper 2.53
QuickDraw 0.5 A simple drawing tool.
quotenotifier 0.13 Track single/multiple stocks and see if they go over/below a certain value.
RealTimeBattle 1.0.0 RealTimeBattle, a robot programming game for Unix
Roadrunner 0.8.6 A single-user, POSIX threads, protected-memory operating system.
rp-pppoe 1.0 A user-mode PPPoE client.
RPGD 1.0-7b A multi-user, medieval-fantasy role-playing game
RPM Explorer 0.0.4 Explore your computer through the RPM database.
rpmlint 0.8 rpm error checker.
runleveleditor 0.2 A program to help manage SysV-like init scripts.
saCASH 0.4.0 A Web-based financial package.
Saferun 0.5 Runs a program with limits applied to it.
sawmill 0.21 Extensible window manager
Schedulist 1.0 Makes HTML-table-format schedules from XML source files.
scrawlpaper R3 Perl script to randomly change your desktop image.
SDPGTK 0.1 C++ wrappers for GTK+ and XML-based user interfaces.
Seahorse 0.3.0 A Gnome GUI for GnuPG.
Secure FTP 0.6 FTP replacement over ssh/rsh
senv 0.2pre1 Runs a program with specified environment
silly Poker 0.11 A simple yet comprehensive console poker game.
Simpla 0.01 A concept language for child education.
SimpleFont 1.0.2 A small program similar to banner but better in some ways.
simscomputing.Enterprise Tool Kit 0.12 Tools for writing Java 2 Enterprise Edition applications.
Site Studio - Installation Fix Online template-based Web site creation tool.
Sketch 0.6.4 Vector drawing program, implemented in python
Skill Literature 0.0.2 Learn to work with shapes.
SmartLayout 1.01 Java layout manager that allows powerful, flexible user interfaces.
SMB User 0.1 A simple Samba administration script.
smtm 0.8.3 A Perl/Tk ticker for global stock markets.
Socksd 0.1 SOCKS(4|5) daemon
SpaceWatcher 1.1 Keeps an eye on free disk space and alerts you if there is a problem.
spliff 0.3 A GUI mail watcher inspired by TkRat's Watcher utility.
SplitFire 1.30 Complete IRC script for IRCII-EPIC.
Spong 2.6a Simple System/Network Monitoring
Sporum 1.5.1 A better web-based dicussion board software
Spruce 0.5.11 Simple email client coded for X with the Gtk widget set
Squid 2.3.STABLE1 High performance Web proxy cache
Squidtaild 2.1a5 Squid Ipchains monitoring program that is unique in its sort.
SquirrelMail 0.2.1 A PHP4 Web-based email reader.
Str 0.9.1 A generic string library.
swim 0.3.2 Package administration and research tool for Debian
Ted 2.7 Ted, an easy rich text processor for Linux.
Terraform 0.5.1 Interactive digital terrain (height field) editor/viewer
ThumbsUp! 0.90 A Web-based picture thumbnailing utility.
TimeIsMoney 0.10 An ncurses-based timesheet.
TinyLogin 0.76 A suite of tiny Unix utilities for handling passwords and logins.
TinyMAZE 2.2b An online game server.
TIP 0.7.3 Pico editor clone with enhancements
TkHeadlines 0.82 Headline grabber for about 20 sites
tkIRC-hack 0.4.2 Change the max-topic length in tkIRC.
TkSETI 1.50 A GUI for automated control of the SETI@Home client for UNIX.
tocmake.pl 0.1 A Perl script that creates a CDRDAO .toc file for burning audio CDs.
Toolbase 0.8.0 A system to maintain download archives.
touch_newsgroups 0.3 Prevents leafnode unsubscribing low-traffic newsgroups
ToutDoux 1.1.6 A project manager.
tpctl 0.8.1 ThinkPad configuration tools for Linux.
TrueReality 19991214 N64 Emulator
uClinux/ARM 2.0.38-alpha-1 Linux kernel for MMU-less ARM based microntrollers.
Uptime Client 4.08 Keep track of your uptime and compare it with other hosts.
vcfsync 1.0 Merges GNOME Calendar (vCalendar, .vcf) files.
VeteScan 01-12-2000 Bulk Vulnerability Scanner
VetesTCL vetes.bx 01-12-2000 Vulnerability scanners for eggdrop
ViewCVS 0.2 Tool for viewing CVS repositories using a Web browser
Virtfs 0.20 A utility to help create and configure virtual services and domains.
VMD 1.4 Visual Molecular Dynamics
Watchfile 0.9 A program that displays a list of files and their stats on a terminal.
webfs 0.9 Lightweight HTTP server for static content
Webmin 0.76 Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
weedlog 1.0.1pl1 A packet logger to help debug network connections.
WeirdX 1.0.3 A pure Java X Window System server
Wine 20000109 Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
wmessage 0.9 WINGs based message viewer
wmisdn 0.1 Window Maker-dockable ISDN monitor.
WMRotoZoom 0.10 A dock app that grabs the area around your cursor and draws a warped copy of it.
wmSMPmon 1.5 CPU monitoring applet SMP systems running Window Maker
wmsvencd 1.0.0pre1 A dockable CD player with local CDDB support, for Window Maker or Afterstep
wxWindows/GTK 2.1.12 GTK port of the cross-platform wxWindows C++application framework class library
X-CD-Roast 0.96ex2 A program-package dedicated to easy CD creation underLinux
XawTV 3.06 TV application and a few utilities
XDBM 1.0.2 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
XFree86 3.3.6 Freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System
Xmame/xmess 0.36b13.1 The Unix version of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
XML for C++ 3.0.1 An XML parser for C++ with Linux compatibility.
xnetload 1.7.2 Displays packet traffic and uptime in an X window
xplanets 0.3.3 A simple solar system simulator.
xppp-go 0.6 xppp-go is an X11-based frontend for ppp-go.
XShipWars 1.31 Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
Xsteak 1.7 A dictionary for Unix Systems.
ya-wipe 1.2.0 Secure file wiper
Yacas 1.0.26 Yet Another Computer Algebra System
YConsole 2.05 A graphical console for controlling Y Sound Servers.
Yet another Mp3 Tool YAMT - 0.2 A GTK program to manage your MP3s.
YIFF Sound Server 2.05 Sound server with multi-client and network-transparent io library.
zimg 2.3.0 zimg - Display 2-D data of arbitrary format

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