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Development projects

OpenSSH 1.2.2 released. The release of OpenSSH 1.2.2 has been announced. This is the first stable release of the Linux port of this package. "OpenSSH offers several enhancements over commercial SSH1, including IPv6 support, removal of insecure ciphers and a full security and code review by the OpenBSD team."

CMU Sphinx. Those of you involved in or interested in building applications with interactive speech recognition may want to take a look at the announcement that CMU Sphinx has transitioned to open source and should become available in CVS form over at Sourceforge this week.

"CMU Sphinx has been supported in large part by grants from DARPA and the NSF for many years. Sphinx2, the first component to be released, is a speech recognizer and library, suitable for real-time applications. The system is completely open source, under a BSD-style license. "


Mozilla M13 "spot" review. Leon Brooks was kind enough to send us a "spot review" of the Mozilla M13 release. "Summary: if M14 is as much an improvement as M13 was, it will become my default browser. I have started using M13 for non-mission critical work, and for yet another software opinion of websites that I build. ".


Linux in Education Report. This week's Linux in Education Report takes a look at Learning Logic, "a highly interactive, computerized mathematics program currently used to teach Algebra I", Pangee, a universal language-learning engine and Nico Coetzee's Linux User Course (warning, pop-up ad), a free, web-based training program for people wanting to learn end-user Linux.

They also put in an update and a plug for the Red Escolar project, the Mexican (School Net) Project. "The project has advanced significantly since then and is moving into Phase 2 of their deployment plan. They estimate a savings of approximately $120,000,000 by using Linux rather than Microsoft products."

K12linux. Another Linux in education site has come on-line. K12Linux opened on January 30th, 2000, and is focusing exclusively on Linux for the primary and secondary age group. The site is still under construction, so it may be worthwhile to check back in a week or two. They do have at least one interesting case study up: Silvervalley High School, California and its choice of Linux-based X-Terminals for use instead of Windows systems or MacIntoshes.

Linux Knowledge Base Report. This week's Linux Knowledge Base Report mentions that work is nearing completion for the February 8th launch. They will be showing off a demo of the Linux Knowledge Base at the Linux World Expo this week in New York in the Mandrake booth.

LinuxForKids CD. In celebration of its four month anniversary, LinuxForKids has announced the LinuxForKids CD Collection, Volume 1. "To celebrate this anniversary, we are glad to announce the release of the LinuxForKids Collection, Volume 1, CD-Rom. This CD features all the titles listed so far on LinuxForKids.com, plus all the necessary libraries to compile and run them. In all over 50 different software packages and 20 libraries."

On the Desktop

A peek at what's coming in KDE. KDE, the Next Generation is the title of a Linux Journal article by KDE developer Kalle Dalheimer. "The KDE team is working full steam on the next release of the K Desktop Environment which is planned for spring 2000, so it is time to look at what the new version will have in store. " (Thanks to John McNulty.)

KDE news update. PerlQt support for Qt-2.0 has been announced, KDevelop 1.1 beta 2 has been released and Kurt Granroth, Daniel M. Duley (aka Mosfet), David Faure and Andreas Pour are all out at the Linuxworld Expo this week. For more details, check the KDE News.

Interview with Windowmaker creator Alfredo Kojima. O Linux, a Brazilian Linux site, has published an interview with Alfredo Kojima, creator of the Windowmaker window manager (here is the Portugese version). "This interview took place during an event called Exposalt about operating systems at Federal University Fluminense, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro last weekend. Kojima was a key speaker in the event where he delivered a lecture about the details of his creation. OLinux's staff caught him in a rare moment when he gave us details about his work with WindowMaker."

Search Engines

ht://Dig report. Geoff Hutchison wrote in with an update for the ht://Dig search engine. "Hopefully 3.2.0b1 will be released on Friday and we can start to show everyone what we've been working on for the last year. Though it's by no means optimized or feature-complete, there's quite a bit to be excited about. After we release, I'll be working on some documentation on the guts of the new architecture. The new architecture is nearly complete and should make it much more flexible!"

Website Development

IPC8 Zope presentations online. Two presentations on Zope from the International Python Conference have been put up on the Zope.org site. The talks available are "Zope for content managers" and "Zope for developers."

Zope Weekly News Rides Again. After a brief hiatus, the Zope Weekly Newshas returned. It is chock-full of good items this time, including industrial-strength commercial Python support from ActiveState, Zope coverage over at the new O'Reilly Network, ZopeStudio (aka the Zope-Mozilla Initiative) news and ZDnet UK's analysis of both Zope and Midgard. The latter article is excellent and well-worth a read all.

Midgard Weekly Summary. This week's Midgard Weekly Summary indicates that Midgard 1.2.6 beta 2 is scheduled to come out this Friday. It also contains some information on improved user self-registration for Midgard 2.X.


Wine 20000130 released. Development release Wine 20000130has been announced.

WHAT'S NEW with Wine-20000130: (see ChangeLog for details)
  • Registry and NTDLL improvements.
  • First steps towards address space separation.
  • Read drive labels directly from device.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Wine Weekly News. This week's Wine Weekly News is out. Check for this tidbit: "Marcus Meissner mentioned that the original Windows version of DeCSS was used on Wine before Linux support for the DVD filesystem appeared."

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

February 3, 2000

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Development tools


Blackdown JDK 1.2.2 RC4 and Java Plug-In 1.2.2. The Blackdown team has announced the release of the JDK 1.2.2 RC4 and the Java Plug-In 1.2.2. The JDK 1.2.2 RC4 is still not a final release; not all JCK tests pass currently.

Some of the highlights of RC4:

  • The "incompatible raster" problems have been fixed, allowing Swing/AWT apps to run on many more X servers. Also fixed is the problem preventing use with X servers with non-native byte order.
  • The Java Platform Debugging Architecture is now present (back-ported from JDK1.3), as is a new graphical debugger. If everything works, it might even put the Inprise JDK port out of business :-).
  • More problems with native thread and green thread robustness have been addressed.
(Thanks to Nathan Meyers.)

Their Known Bugs and Workarounds page has also been updated.

Java-Linux I18N Tutorial. Renzo Pecoraro has started a little Java-Linux I18N Tutorial. "It includes a custom font.properties file and instructions for Linux that allows you to use the gnu-unifont in your browser/JDK/JRE. This is a work in progress and comments/questions are greatly appreciated."


Perl.com takes a look at RSS in this article by Chris Nandor. "While it was pretty cool that RSS channels were being created for most of the sites I frequented, I was getting frustrated that the content providers out there did not provide all of the channels I wanted, or they weren't in the layout I wanted, or they just did something I didn't like. I wanted to control the content myself. That's the whole point, right? So I finally got around to doing something about it, and wrote a program for a new site I call my_portal. "

Perl Monks Takes Your Confessions. Perl Monks " is a community for anyone trying to learn Perl or improve their current skills."

The German Perl Workshop. The German Perl Workshop will be held March 8-10, 2000.


A brief PHP tutorial (in French). Linux-france has posted a brief PHP tutorial (in French) and notes that they would welcome translations of this material.


Notes from the International Python Conference. Those of us not lucky enough to attend the Eighth International Python Conference this week can at least get an idea of what went on by looking at the notes that have shown up on Frank Willison's "Frankly Speaking" page ("As I mentioned yesterday, venture capital is a major topic in this year's conference. The morning keynote speaker was Hadar Pedhazur, the initial major investor in Digital Creations, the creators of Zope. A year ago, Pedhazur advised Digital Creations to make their software Open Source, much against the initial impulses of the Digital Creations principals.") and the ZopeNewbies site ("So far the Python Conference seems to be surviving the snowstorm. The federal government was officially closed yesterday, as were both of the city's airports, but the Pythoneers trudged on.").

More notes .... A.M. Kuchling has made his notes from the 8th Python conference available as well. "Next came GvR's keynote speech about Computer Programming For Everybody, but it was preceded by 3 brief but interesting announcements. First, Greg Wilson talked about the Software Carpentery competition. Provocatively, he said the competition has arisen from what he called "the impending collapse" of current supercomputing, as the apps get moved to Linux clusters and traditional supercomputer vendors go out of business. SC aims to create newer, easier-to-use and more powerful tools, and to introduce the free software community to the supercomputing community, "who have unlimited money and real problems".


Tcl/tk Conference Reminder. The 7th USENIX Tcl/2k Conference begins in less than two weeks, February 14th through the 28th, in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Dobbs' Tcl-URL!. This week's Tcl-URL! mentions a Tcl Poll, timing accuracy in Tcl, and various other pointers to the best of recent posts.

Section Editor: Liz Coolbaugh

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