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Software Announcements By Section


· Console ·
abcde1.9.4 A better CD encoder.
adduser-qmail1.7a Adds mailusers for use with the qmail daemon and virtualdomains.
apacompile1.02 A full-featured Apache compilation HOWTO.
Arping0.93 ARP level ping utility.
autolame1.13 Automatic encoding of .wav files.
Automated Password Generator1.1.5 Set of tools for password generation.
bibelot.pl0.4 A script to format and convert text documents to PalmDoc files.
BlindCrypt0.2 An Encryption Algorithm.
BUGS3.4.3 Private key algorithm and applications
CBQ.init0.6.1 Ethernet shaper init script based on CBQ
ccp1.1 copy files recoding each byte into 1 or several (incl. 0) bytes
CCScan0.06 A Java CueCat barcode decoder.
cd-2-mp30.4 An MP3 ripper and encoder.
cddump0.6 A CD-R and CD-RW backup utility similar to dump/ufsdump.
cgames2.1 Games for the Linux console
Checkservice1.0.5 A service checker for multiple (remote) hosts.
Claymore0.3 Intrusion detection/integrity monitor, uses md5sum to verify a list of files.
Clusutils0.3 Programs to assist the study of data clustering problems and algorithms.
ColdSync1.4.6 PalmPilot synchronization tool
Computer History Graphing Project0.9 A computer family tree.
Coyote Linux1.21 A single-floppy distribution for sharing an Internet connection.
curl7.3 Command line tool for getting data from a URL
dig mail log0.9 A Perl script to dig and search inside a mail log files.
dmx4linux2.0 Linux drivers for DMX512 interfaces.
dnetcup0.01 distributed.net client and configuration update utility.
e30.8 A very compact editor.
Essential Distributed Diagnostic and Information Engine0.24 A monitoring and system information gathering tool.
findimagedupes0.1.2 Finds visually similar or duplicate images.
Free GPS2.0 Triangulates the location of the user off of three known points.
ftpcopy0.3.3 FTP mirror software
ftpq1.00 ftp upload queue manager for non-permanent net connection.
GASP0.92 Generic protocol encoder and decoder
GPSUTIL0.01 An NMEA and Magellan GPS utility.
HTTrack Website Copier3.00beta1 An offline browsing utility.
Inferno Operating System3.0 A small operating system with virtual machine for embedded systems.
ip-masq-log1.0.0 A patch that makes Linux 2.2 log all outgoing TCP masqueraded connections.
ipchains1.3.10 Linux packet filter control utility (replaces ipfwadm for kernels 2.1.102+).
ITS41.1 C/C++ software security scanner
LAME3.87beta open source MP3 encoder and graphical frame analyzer
Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver0.2 A Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver.
lftp2.3.1 Sophisticated command line based FTP client
LineControl Server2.0.4 A remotecontrol for internet connections.
LinPlanet0.1pre alpha LinPlanet Tools for enabling Netscape roaming profiles and other data objects.
Linux Intrusion Detection System0.9.9 for 2.2.17 Linux Kernel-Based Intrusion Detect System
Linux MBR1.0.1 A Linux-native Master Boot Record for i386 arch.
Linux Sound Configuration Utility1.0.3 A sound configuration utility
Linuxconf1.21r4 Sophisticated administrative tool
Logcheck Consolidator1.0 Takes the logcheck email's from multiple hosts and consolidates them into one.
maildrop1.2 A mail filter/mail delivery agent.
makesig.pl0.0.1 A flexible random signature generator.
Morphon XMLEditorversion 1 beta 8 Editor for XML files
motion2.2 A motion detector for video4linux devices.
nail9.22 A MIME-capable version of the Berkeley Mail user agent.
NAMD2.2 Parallel molecular dynamics simulation program
nano0.9.19 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
Narval1.0beta1 A personal network assistant based on AI and agent technology.
ndiff0.03 A tool to display differences between two nmap scans.
NextGen0.1 Chart-Generator
Ninja IRC1.5 Yet another ircII based client.
NO SHell1.1.0 Disabled accounts logger.
nodupmail0.2.1 Prevents or limits duplicate mail messages
NTLogon0.7b A Samba logon script generator.
p3c0.1.6b A pop3 checker with a text interface.
Parallel Bladeenc0.92.1b5 A parallel MP3 encoder.
Partition Image0.3.4 A harddisk cloning utility.
passwdGen2.1 A console-based random password generator.
pcmcia-cs3.1.21 A complete PCMCIA support package for Linux.
pcwd1.29 Berkshire Products PC Watchdog Card Linux Kernel Driver
PinePGP0.14.0 PGP and GnuPG filters for pine for both PGP 2.6.x and 5.0
PiranhaWAP1.1 An application that monitors and displays server stats via a WAP-compliant phone
playlist2.3.1 Generates lists in plaintext and HTML for a directory tree of music files.
Pmp31.2 A Perl MP3 player.
popsneaker0.4.4 Spam filter for POP3 email accounts.
Powertweak-Linux0.1.17 System performance enhancer.
PT0.0.1 PT effectively cleans your partition table.
Python Documentation2.0b2 Official documentation for the Python programming language.
qccat092700 Yet another CueCat parser.
QuakeForge0.2.99 beta 2 A project created around Id software's Quake source releases.
Query2 and change A Perl based address book.
Quick&Easy Configuration Howto1.5 An Italian guide to quick and easy configuration of a Linux box.
Quotes and QuotesApps1.7-1 Financial Quotations and Linux headlines
rbmake0.94 Make books for your Rocket eBook out of Web pages.
Refugee0.8 A usable file encryption utility.
Reiser-Debian20000923 A set of Debian 2.2 (potato) install disks with Reiserfs support.
rfcount1.0 Analyses frequencies of tokens in an input, and outputs graphs.
rip in peace1.13 An audio CD archiving tool.
ScanErrLog1.5 Apache Error_Log parser and presenter.
ScanSSH1.3 A fast SSH version network scanner.
scsiadd1.2 Lets you insert and remove SCSI devices on the fly.
security-script0.02 A script for checking security.
SILC29092000 Secure Internet Live Conferencing.
sitescooper3.0.1 Downloads stories from various news sites and converts to text or Pilot format.
Slirp1.0.13 SLIP/PPP emulator over shell/telnet/ssh/etc.
SMSLink0.48b-4 Client/server gateway to the SMS protocol
SmsSend1.9 Sends SMS to any GSM using scripts.
Snap0.03 A Perl-based console Napster client.
StartUpLinux Server2.2.16a An easy Internet-sharing server.
SyncMail1.0.1 PalmPilot Email conduit for PilotManger.
SysCron0.6.0 A secure system-wide cron.
Tailmerging for Ext20.03 Saves space on Ext2 filesystem by merging the tail blocks of files.
tailmp31.9 A script to gather 'now playing info from iceS and output for web page inclusion
The Global File System4.0-beta1 A Shared Disk File System for Linux
TRPlayer1.1.5 A text-based RealMedia player.
tt1.0 A commandline time tracking tool.
typist2.3.1 A console typing tutor.
unac1.1.0 A C library and command that removes accents from a string.
User MONitor Daemon0.3.2 A simple UTMP-based User MONitor Daemon.
vile9.1 Extensible vi-like editor w/ optional X window and win32 support
Virtual FTPD6.5 A super-secure FTP daemon that allows virtual users.
Webalizer2.01-2 Web server log analysis program
whatsnewfm0.2.2 A filter for the Freshmeat newsletter.
Woody0.1.6 Tree editor, outliner, TODO list, and project management tool.
World.sh1.0b3 Helps newbies with upgrades and make worlds of FreeBSD.
Zdisk1.82 Create a boot/rescue floppy with any kernel.

· Daemons ·
Alamin GSM SMS Gateway0.3.4pre1 An SMS to SMTP/GSGNP gateway and client program to send SMS from an IP client.
apt-proxy1.0.0 A simple apt-get proxy cache.
BetaFTPD0.0.8pre17 Single-threaded, small FTP daemon
Courier0.28 ESMTP/IMAP/POP3/Webmail server.
Courier-IMAP1.1 IMAP server for maildirs
Cut The Crap1.0.2 Ad-blocking proxy-like python-based software.
D2 Chat0.3.0 A lightweight chat server and client(Applet) written in Java.
elvind4.0a4 Content-based notification service/message router.
FC-Server0.1b1 x10 Control Server
Freenet0.3.2 A distributed decentralised information storage and retrieval system.
g2s0.4.0 An alternative to inetd/tcpwrapper/chrootuid/relay/tcp-env/antispam/etc.
ircd-hybrid6rc4 An Internet Relay Chat daemon.
JunkEx1.2.2 A content-filtering HTTP proxy.
mod_layout2.7.3 Layout module for Apache.
MySQL3.23.25 An SQL (Structured Query Language) database server.
PoPToP1.0.1 PPTP Server for Linux
poweroff0.2 A tool for powering a system on or off via a serial port.
PTlink ircd5.6.0 New featured ircd with a great services integration
Qpopper3.1b12 A POP3 server.
Sendmail8.11.1 Powerful and flexible Mail Transport Agent
sms-queue0.4 An SMS queue handler.
syslog-ng1.4.7 A portable syslogd replacement with enhanced, flexible configuration scheme.
TinyMARE1.0.7518 TinyMARE (Multi-user Adventure Roleplaying Epic) MUD Server
Zebra0.89 Route Server and Route Reflector daemon

· Development ·
Alzabo0.10b Perl data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper.
AutoGen5.0.9 Templatized program/text generation system.
bugtrack1.3 Web-based bug tracking system.
ccl8.24 A general purpose Java library.
CGI_UTILS1.3.0 A template library and a CGI class.
Cohesion1.0.2 A Java-based pluggable application framework, including a modelling plugin and o
Coman0.1.2 A fast and simple configuration library.
Continuous Mode for XEmacs/Emacs0.4 An (X)Emacs minor mode for the Continnuous Change Management system.
Continuus Perl Module0.1 A perl module for the Continuus change management suite.
Crystal Space0.17r002 A free and portable 3D engine based on portals
cvs admin0.1 A CVS user's administration tool.
Data-Admin and Data-Lib0.0.05 A simplification of PHPs database calls.
dot.conf1.0.0pre1 A simple, powerful configuration-file parser.
Easysoft Interbase ODBC Driver1.1.0 ODBC Driver for Interbase 6.
eFractal0.3.4 A fractal manipulation and experimentation program.
Elvin4 C library4.0a12 C client library for Elvin notification/messaging service
Elvin4 Python Library4.0a6 Python language mapping for the Elvin client protocol.
eSwirl0.2 A swirl screen-saver generator and manipulator.
expat1.95.0 XML Parser Toolkit
fcmp1.2 safer floating-point comparison
Frost0.6.3 C++ multi-method support.
FXPy0.99.131 Python interface to the FOX GUI library
Glade0.5.10 GTK+ interface builder
GLfunge980.9.04 OpenGL-based interpreter for Befunge93/Funge98 with dynamic extensions.
GLOBAL4.0.1 A common source code tag system for C and Yacc.
jahtml1.8 Module to handle HTML and CGI output
JavaNCSS9.24 JavaNCSS is a source measurement suite for Java.
jaxml1.1 Python module for generating XML documents.
JE44.0a9 Java API for developing Elvin clients
libHaegar0.1 A collection of java classes.
libmcrypt2.4.5 A library to access various encryption algorithms
lispreader0.4 A library for reading and matching expressions in Lisp syntax.
Metabase2000.10.02 A DBMS-independent package to access and manage databases with PHP.
Mimer JSql0.7.5.3 A JDBC-based frontend SQL editor.
NanoXML1.6.5 A very small XML parser for Java.
NeatSeeker0.29 Simple collection of Java classes for constructing search engines.
omniORB3.0.2 A robust, high-performance CORBA 2 ORB
omniORBpy1.2 CORBA ORB for Python
OpenH3231.1 H.323 protocol stack
Ora++1.0.0 C++ class library wrapped around the Oracle Call Interface.
ParaGUI0.5.3 A highlevel crossplatform GUI framework.
parsecfg3.3.0 a library for parsing a configuration file
PHP DB Form Creator0.1.9 PHP scripts to help create an HTML form to administer data in MySQL.
py-bsddb32.2.0 A Python interface to BerkeleyDB 3.0.55.
Python X Library0.4 An X library for Python, written entirely in Python.
python-utmp0.3 Python modules for working with utmp.
Remote Tea0.90.1 ONC/RPC for Java.
RollingBuild1.0 An advanced script for coordinating continuous rolling builds.
SDL1.1.5 SDL is a library that allows you portable low level access for graphics/sound
SDL_image1.0.10 SDL image loading library
Small Programming Language0.03 A compact and easy to learn programming language for the unix environments
SNiFF+ for Eiffel3.2 An IDE for Eiffel.
State Threads1.1-dev A small library for designing scalable Internet applications.
SWI-Prolog3.4.0 Cross-Platform Prolog Compiler and Library
TACO2.6 Object-oriented control system toolkit.
Tinderbox20.07 Development Monitoring System/Automated Build Master.
UConio1.0.6 Video handling C library.
UDS Collection0.9.1 C++ debugging and development collection.
UESQLC0.8.2 Universal Embedded SQL Compiler for C++
uPKI0.12 A PKI toolkit optimized for embedded systems.
User-mode Linux0.32-2.4.0-test9 User-mode port of the Linux kernel
WideStudio (Integrated Development Environment on Linux)v0.3 A C++ Integrated Develop Environment.
Wing IDE1.0b2 An IDE for Python.
wxDesigner1.2 RAD tool for wxWindows.
ZThread1.1.0-1 Advanced object-oriented, platform-independant threading library.

Balsa1.0.pre1 A GNOME mail client with support for local mailboxes, POP3, and IMAP.
DiaCatalog0.1 A complete archiving solution for large collections of photos/slides.
Gaby1.9.24 A small personal databases manager using GTK+
Galeon0.7.6 A GNOME Web browser.
GBeep0.1 Gnome daemon to replace the console beep with a sampled sound.
Glitter Newsreader0.9.4 An interactive GUI program for extracting binaries from newsgroups.
gmail0.6.0 Gmail is an experiment in an sql vfolder-based email system.
GMatH0.3 Computer Algebra Environment
GNOME SmsSend0.2 A GNOME interface to SmsSend.
GNOME-DB0.1.0 GNOME Database Access
GnomeICU0.94 Formerly GtkICQ, now Gnome Internet Communication Utility
GnomePM0.9.2 GNOME equivilent of the Yahoo! (C) Java Portfolio Manager
Golix0.1 A tool to read the memory of an OLITEC modem.
Pybber0.0.1 A Jabber client written in Python.
Pybliographer1.0.5 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
rCalc0.2.4 Fast and light symbolic calculator for GNOME.
The GNU FaXile Viewer0.9.6 A viewer for multi-page FAX images produced by hylafax.

· KDE ·
Kaim.48 An AOL Instant Messenger using the Qt library.
KMAGO0.1 A KDE2 download manager, built as a frontend of wget.
knetfilter1.2.0 A KDE frontend to iptables.
KRouletteSim0.4.0 Numerical Roulette simulation.
kShowmail0.5.3 Watch and delete mail on POP3 servers.
kwave0.5.4 A simple digital sound signal editor for KDE
Kxmms0.1 A KDE dock application for XMMS.
Quanta Plus2.0 beta 2 A web editor for KDE supporting HTML and more.

· Web ·
Ariadne2.0b7 Web Application Framework in PHP
AxKit1.0 The Apache XML delivery toolkit.
checkout2.2 Allows checking in/out from your desk with a reason.
CMPTR.Com Headline Grabber1.1 Perl scripts to grab CMPTR.Com news and display it on your site.
DataGate Connector1.32 DG Connector is a Web-based Instant Intranet solution.
Deadman's Redirect1.2.6 A feature-added PHP redirect script.
dotBanner1.01 A complete banner management system for small to large Web sites.
eDB0.10 A very simple Web-based flat-rate DB system with HTML templates.
eForum1.04b A Java-based discussion forum component.
Eteria IRC Client20000928 An RFC-1459-compliant IRC chat client written in Java.
Event Calendar1.3.1 PHP/PostgreSQL-based online event calendar
Fastresolve2.7 Fast log file IP address resolver and utilities
Freshmeat Headline Grabber2.1 Perl-based headline grabber
Geeknews.Org Headline Grabber1.1 A Perl script to grab headlines from Geeknews.Org.
GlobeCom Jukebox4.0pre3 Music jukebox with integrated CDDB aware ripping and groupware functionality
GotLunch1.1 Online food ordering engine.
harvest1.7.3 A Web-based document search system.
HTML Template Parser0.90 Enables CGI programs to use HTML templates.
HtmlHeadLine.sh17.9 Script that automatically fetches news headlines.
httptype1.3.6 Identifies which HTTP server is running on a given host.
IPv6 Tunnel Broker0.2 Admin and configure IPv6 Tunnel for your IPv6 network.
jUDDI0.3.0 A Java implementation of UDDI.
Kagora0.2 A Perl based web forum system.
kittyCode1.3 An in-line :cuecat barcode decoder in JavaScript.
LANdb0.93 Your entire network in a Web-based database application.
Linux-2000.Org Headline Grabber1.1 PERL scripts that grab the Linux-2000.org backend file and display as HTML.
Matt's Weather0.41 A PHP script for retrieving current weather conditions.
MiG0.90 A photo album/image gallery manager.
MkGallery1.0pre2 Create your own gallery for the Internet with HTML 4.0 and CSS support.
MP3 Database Browser0.1.3 PHP-based MP3 database browser.
MyPHPAdmin0.8 PHP-Based MySQL Administration
MySQL Import1.4.1 Imports data into MySQL with a Web browser.
MySQL SiteMaker1.2 Create a Web frontend to a MySQL database in no time flat.
NUNE News Script2.0pre2 Yet another news script featuring Web-based posting and admin.
ODTrack1.1 A PHP download and click counter.
Offline HTMLHelp.com Validator1.0 An offline syntax checker for HTML and XHTML documents.
Open Infrastructure for Outcomes0.9.3 A Web-based medical Forms metadata (XML) editor, server, and library.
OpenJODA Java Application Server1.0 An Open Source Java Web application server and portal framework.
PartyTime Photo Community0.6 An interactive digital picture sharing system.
PgMarket0.99.3 An e-commerce solution based on PHP4 and PostgreSQL.
PHP PhotoAlbum/Web0.6.0 PHP/MySQL photo album, designed for digital camera users.
php(Reactor)1.0.3b8 Integrated Web applications.
phpGroupWare0.9.1 A Web-based software suite.
phpLang0.3.0 Easy multi-language support for your Web site.
phpSysInfo1.1 phpSysInfo will display things like Uptime, CPU, Memory, etc.
phpSystem0.2 A script that displays system information (kernel, uptime, partitions, etc.).
Prattle message board system0.4 A room-based, linear message board system.
PresTiMeL20000930 A tool to create HTML presentations.
Project-based Calendaring System0.1 A calendaring system useful for project managers and groupware use.
proManager2000-09-30_13h43m A Web-based project manager/todo-list/intranet.
Redland0.9.4 An RDF (Resource Description Framework) library.
SPINE0.37dr Perl-based online content management application.
sqlquery.php20001001 A simple PHP script that generates SQL queries.
System Info0.9 System Information Perl Script
The Java SSH/Telnet Application/Applet2.0-20000928-1135 Fully featured telnet program for WWW-Browsers
ThumbGen0.2 Thumbnail generator.
TMail0.1 A turnkey Webmail POP3 client.
ToDoList.php0.9.5 PHP-based todo management system.
Toolbase0.8.4 A system to maintain download archives.
TUTOS20001002 Support teams with calendar, project management, addressbook , and bugtracking.
UdmSearch3.1.5 Fast WWW search engine for your site
UdmSearch-php3.1.1.2 PHP frontend for UdmSearch Web search engine
VeniVidiVoti20001001 A collaborative writing Web site.
VoiceXML::Server1.6 Quickly develop apps that you access using a toll-free telephone call.
web2ldap20001001 A Python LDAP-client running as a CGI-BIN.
WebKNotes0.8.0 Web-based knowledge notes database written in Perl.
WebNap1.1.0 A Web-based Napster client written entirely in PHP.
WebQcat WebQcat Web-based CueCat barcode scanner.
website news manager0.30 Manage the news on your site.
Webware for Python0.4 Suite of Python software components for developing Web apps.
xeron's DOS Y DOS0.99z PHP & MySQL web counter

· X11 ·
Babylon Java Chat1.1 A Java client-server whiteboard/chat program.
baudline0.78 Baudline is a real-time signal analysis tool.
bbkeys0.3.5 A key-grabbing tool for Blackbox 0.6x.0.
BrowseX1.0 A TCL Web browser.
Citrix WinFrame/MetaFrame ICA Client6.0.908 A Linux client for Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame servers.
ControlFreak1.2 A scriptable toolbar application.
Corewars0.9.12 A simulation game.
DeFX plug-in for XMMS0.97 Multi-effects processor for XMMS.
DVDview1.1.0 MPEG-1/2 video player for UNIX
Emma0.7-7 An easy money management program for GNOME/GTK+.
Enlightenment0.16.5 Fast, flexible and very extensible Window Manager
EXG0.95 An Eiffel-Gtk+ wrapping; extension of eiffel-gtk
FreeAmp2.1.rc1 Open Source MP3 player
FreeLords0.0 A turn-based strategy game.
gcombust0.1.35 A GTK+ frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord.
GFlame0.4 A cool little graphics hack with GTK that draws colored flames.
gmag0.2 A magnifier for GNOME
GnuCash1.4.7 A program to keep track of your finances
gps3d1.13 A GPS 3D visualization utility.
GTK+XFce3.5.2 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
GTKmp3make0.6.1 GTK front end for cdripper and mp3 encoder
gtkpbsmon0.01 A pbs cluster monitoring utility.
GtkPortfolio0.3 Allows tracking of stock portfolios.
GTKtalog0.3.3 Fast Disk Catalog using a friendly interface.
GWorkspace0.1.3.1 GNUstep Workspace Manager
GZigZag0.1.0 An implementation of Ted Nelson's ZigZag, a new cosmology for computing.
Hu-Go!1.29 A PC engine emulator.
IceBreaker0.98 An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins.
ISQL-Viewer1.24.0 An RDBMS independant console and morpher.
JIM3.11 JIM is a Personal Information Manager written in Java.
KEGS0.60 An Apple //gs emulator for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and OS/2
konspire1.0 Searchable, distributed file-sharing system.
larswm7.0.7 A tiling window manager built on 9wm.
Layer3pimp1.0 A LAN-oriented MP3 playlist/jukebox system.
LBreakout000928 Breakout-style aracade game using SDL.
LoserJabber2.0.0 livejournal.com online journal client.
LTris000930 A nice Tetris clone using SDL.
Mail Harvester0.14 A GTK-Perl MUA.
METAGRAF-3D1.0.5 A graphical editor for MetaPost.
mrtg2.9.0pre31 Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Pan0.8.1 beta 6 Gnome/GTK Newsreader
pjbmanager0.2.1 GUI manager for the Hango (Compaq) Personal Jukebox MP3 player.
Raw Image Loader Plug-in2.1 An arbitrary bit-mapped data loader plugin for the Gimp.
RealTimeBattle1.0.5 RealTimeBattle, a robot programming game for Unix
SingIt Lyric Displayer0.1.1 An XMMS plugin to display formated lyrics.
Skipstone0.5 Gtk+ Web browser based on Mozilla.
Small Window Manager1.1c A small and fast windowmanager for X11.
smpeg-xmms0.3.2 MPEG video plug-in for XMMS.
SoundTracker0.6.0 A music tracker for X / GTK+
sunclock3.10 A fancy clock that shows both time and geographical data.
Sylpheed0.4.1 GTK+ based user-friendly e-mail client
taglog0.1.14 Computerised logbook, reports time spent by project, todo manager.
tcsysmon1.43 System monitor dock app for WindowMaker/AfterStep
tinypopupdb0.0.1 An X-Chat popup plugin.
TkAPG0.0.1a Tk front-end for Automated Password Generator (APG).
TradeClient0.7.2 A graphical email/calendar application for Linux.
Trebuchet Tk1.0a85 A powerful cross-platform GUI MUD client written in TCL/Tk.
TT-News1.0.2 A headline-news ticker for various news-sources.
Tux Racer0.60.1 An OpenGL racing game featuring Tux.
WeirdX1.0.18 A pure Java X Window System server
Wine20001002 Emulator of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs.
wmakerconf2.7 GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
wmAppKill0.1 A Window Maker dock applet that lists processes and lets you kill them.
wmdropzone0.1 A download manager for your WindowMaker Dock
X Printing Panel0.7 A graphical printing frontend for CUPS.
XawTV3.21 A TV viewing application and a few TV utilities.
xdiary/calendar1.31 A small but efficient calendar and diary program.
xine0.2.0 A Unix video player.
XMerlin0.9b A simple character recognition engine for X11.
xmms-shn2.0 XMMS input plugin to play shorten (.shn) files.
XMovie1.5.2 Quicktime player for stereo, MPEG1, MPEG2, and mp2, mp3, and ac3 audio.
XPaint2.6.1 A fairly powerful editor for bitmapped images.
xtamago1.00 Tamagotchi simulator.
XTerminator0.9.2 Robots implementation for X in Ada95

October 5, 2000

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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