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Linux and Business

Linuxcare launches system administration services. Linuxcare's new Managed Services program provides subscribers with an array of services and support aimed at the ISP market. No doubt Linuxcare will target other markets with similarly comprehensive offerings in the future, if all goes well. Briefly, here's a look at what an ISP can expect for its monthly subscription fee.

  • A tailored Linux distribution along with installation, configuration, optimization and tuning services.

  • Systems monitoring.

  • Remote systems administration.

  • Remote software updates.

  • Repair/Reprovisioning services to automate repairs and minimize downtime.

Essentially, an ISP can offer Linux hosting services to its customers while outsourcing the administration to Linuxcare. Our experience in the support business suggests that there are quite a few ISPs out there that could benefit from such a service.

This offering is similar to the Red Hat Network, but of course it is different too. With Red Hat's offering each subscriber can chose a level of administration support from simple notification when a update or security patch is available to having the update or patch installed remotely. Linuxcare's offering always includes the latter. Red Hat Network also differs by taking a broader approach to the set of potential subscribers. (See LWN for Sept. 28, 2000 for a description of Red Hat Network.) Linuxcare's offering of a tailored Linux distribution is what really sets it apart from similar offerings, though. Linuxcare has the expertise to start with wide array of Linux distribution's for those who want to start with something other than Red Hat Linux. (See also: Linuxcare's announcement.)

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. LinuxWorld takes place January 30 - February 2, 2001, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. This is one event which tends to be accompanied by a deluge of press releases. Here are some of the press releases we've seen so far.

More announcements, concerning various events and talks can be found on this week's Announcements page.

Linuxcare Labs Addresses Need for Independent Linux Certifications. Linuxcare, Inc. unveiled a suite of tiered testing services for enterprise Linux deployments.

More Linux certification news. Linux Centers USA has opened 12 centers to prepare candidates for Linux+ and Red Hat certification tests.

RedFlag Software joins GNOME Foundation. RedFlag, a Linux distribution in China, has joined the Advisory Board of the GNOME Foundation. As part of the membership, RedFlag will work to localize GNOME into Simplified Chinese.

Bear River Associates Releases Open Source Framework. Bear River's C++ framework provides UI components, streams, TCP/IP and scanning features.

Bear River also released Janx, a server-side Java application framework for developing web sites and web-hosted software. Janx combines Java and XML.

Apple Linux Technology Manager Joins Terra Soft. Kevyn Shortell, the former Linux Technology Manager for Apple Computer, has joined the Terra Soft Solutions, maker of Yellow Dog Linux for the PowerPC.

Corel's new strategy. Here's the press release from Corel on its new strategy. It's clear as mud... "Corel will leverage its solid foundation as a global technology leader with over 15 years of experience to enhance its relationships with existing customers while targeting new customers in emerging markets fueled by the rapid expansion of the Web and the increasing demand for graphics-rich visual communication." It does say that the Linux division will be sold off, eventually, and that Corel will continue to sell Linux versions of its products.

Announcing....Linux Weekly?. A company called "SYS-CON Media" has put out an announcement for a new publication called "Linux Weekly." It is to be a print publication, and the first issue is due out in March. There will be a version ("Linux Woche") for German-speaking Europe as well.

We do hope there will not be confusion with LWN.net (also known as "Linux Weekly News") which has been using that name for three years.

Linux Stock Index for January 18 to January 24, 2001

LSI at closing on January 18, 2001 41.38
LSI at closing on January 24, 2001 42.08

The high for the week was 42.08
The low for the week was 41.38

Press Releases:

Open Source Products

Unless specified, license is unverified.
  • Endeavors Technology Inc. (IRVINE, Calif. & READING, England) announced open source peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructure software for Compaq's iPAQ Pocket PC.

  • Objectivity Inc. (MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.) announced the availability of the Objectivity XML Interface Tool.

  • VelociGen Inc. (SAN DIEGO) announced plans to make its software package, VeloMeter Pro!, available on a free open-source basis. VeloMeter Pro! is used to test the capabilities of Web applications such as e-commerce transaction performance.

Distributions and Servers

  • SuSE Linux and Lotus (Nuremberg, Germany) announced the SuSE Linux Groupware Server. The new server combines the the Domino Messaging and Web Application Server with SuSE Linux.

  • QLogic Corp. (ALISO VIEJO, Calif.) announced that its QLA2200 Series Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) will be used in Compaq Computer Corporation's ProLiant Linux servers with connections to Compaq StorageWorks systems.

  • VA Linux Systems (FREMONT, Calif.) introduced a new series of 1U servers for deployment in large-scale web farms for applications such as web serving, firewalls, DNS or load-balancing. The VA Linux 1120 server and the VA Linux 1220 server.

Proprietary Products for Linux

  • IBackup (WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.) released standards-based Content Management Server IBCM 1.0, based on the IBackup storage architecture.

  • Merlin Software Technologies International Inc. (BURNABY, British Columbia) announced the release of PerfectBACKUP+ 7.0.

  • New Planet Software (Los Angeles, Calif.) announced the beta release of its Code Crusader and Code Medic developer's software. Code Crusader is a Linux development environment with a graphical user interface and Code Medic is a graphical debugger for Linux. These beta versions are free for testing.

  • Plesk Inc. (CHANTILLY, Va.) announced its release of Plesk Server Administrator 1.3.1 (PSA) software. Developed for RedHat 7.x and FreeBSD 4.x operating systems.

  • PlugSys International (SAN LEANDRO, CA) announced its new Max Server Pages (MSP) product, which gives Xbase developers a reliable, economical way to migrate to Linux. This product is in the final phase of beta testing.

  • Silicom Ltd. (KFAR SAVA, Israel) announced that it has developed proprietary drivers for its USB Ethernet products, which target the Broadband Internet Access, Multi-Tenant Unit, and Home Networking markets. The new drivers support the 2.4 kernel.

Products and Services Using Linux

  • eOn Communications Corporation (ATLANTA) announced the availability of browser-based Web chat for its eQueue and eNterprise communications systems. The Linux-based Web chat software, Agent WebSpace, is part of the WebCenter suite of customer interaction management (CIM) solutions.

  • LAND-5 Corporation (SAN DIEGO, CA) announced that its Linux-based iceNAS software is now available for OEM licensing. iceNAS software provides a browser-based GUI for managing network attached RAID storage.

  • Linuxcare (SAN FRANCISCO) unveiled a set of professional services that help accelerate development and deployment of Linux-based network storage and printing appliances in Windows NT/mixed environments.

  • Lineo, Inc. (Lindon, Utah) Embedix announcements:
    • Lineo and Metrowerks announced plans to preview a total solution of Embedix SDK integrated with CodeWarrior for Embedix, preflashed on Motorola's MPC8260 processor board in a convenient and ready-to-run development system.
    • Embedix RM, industrial shared memory software for Linux, is now available.
    • Embedix SDK 1.2-J, the next release of the Japanese software development kit for embedded developers and device manufacturers, is now available.

  • REDSonic, Inc. (Orange County, California) announcements:
    • RED-Builder, a target system image creator for embedded systems.
    • RED-Kit, a software and hardware platform for embedded system developers.

  • Total Impact (CAMARILLO, California) announced the briQ; a PowerPC based network appliance computer running Linux.

Cross-platform Products

  • Robert Roebling (Freiburg, Germany ) announced the release of wxDesigner 2.0, a RAD tool for cross-platform, cross-language GUI development.

  • Virtual Access Networks, Inc. announced a strategic relationship with SuSE to deliver a Windows to Linux migration tool known as The Van.

  • VMware, Inc. (PALO ALTO, Calif.) announced that it has concluded its GSX Server beta program and the product is now available for sale.

Products with Linux Versions

  • Adax (BERKELEY, Calif.) announces the addition of the Red Hat Linux 6.2 operating system to its portfolio of supported platforms. The product will be the MTP-2 Protocol Software which operates with the APC7-cPCI/PCI, SS7 controller.

  • Ariel Corp. (CRANBURY, N.J.) announced a 48-port version of the RS4200, a high-density 56K/ISDN PCI two-card solution for Windows NT- and Linux-based network access systems.

  • ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.) (CAMBRIDGE, Mass.) announced the availability of ATG Dynamo version 5.1. The new version of ATG Dynamo offers expanded platform (including Linux), database and Chinese language support.

  • BindView Corporation (HOUSTON) announced the bv-Control Security Management Suite, an enterprise-class security and policy enforcement solution. Unix versions include Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux.

  • Hewlett-Packard Company (PALO ALTO, Calif.) announced storage capacity-on-demand for service providers available through HP e-utilica.

  • IBM (ARMONK, NY) announced IBM Director, a highly-integrated systems management software solution, which includes an advanced self-healing computing feature called Software Rejuvenation, which will automatically reduce server downtime by predicting and repairing software failures before they happen.

  • The MathWorks, Inc. (NATICK, Mass.) announced the availability of MATLAB Student Version Release 12 for U.S. and international distribution.

  • SupportWizard (REDWOOD CITY, CA) announced the release of SupportWizard Enterprise Edition version 4.0, which fully integrates all web-based, e-mail, fax, and telephone communications with customers into a single system.

  • Sybase, Inc. (EMERYVILLE, Calif.) made available the beta version of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), the e-Business Database.

Java Products

  • NewMonics, Inc. (LISLE, Ill.) is now shipping PERC 3.1. The PERC software platform is a suite of development tools and run-time modules built on a clean-room implementation of a Java Virtual Machine.

Books and Training

  • K Computing and the RTC Group (Mountain View, CA) have teamed up to provide hands-on Embedded Linux training. The training will be held at the Silicon Valley Conference Center, in San Jose, California from January 29 through February 1st (4 days).

  • No Starch Press (San Francisco, CA) announced THE BLENDER BOOK. Blender is a free 3D graphics and animation tool. THE BLENDER BOOK offers clear, step-by-step tutorials that teach users all aspects of this often tricky and non-intuitive program.


  • Linuxcare, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced strategic services deals with Maxtor Corp., Network Appliance Inc. and Silicon Graphics, Inc. to help each vendor bring innovative storage products to market.

  • NetSilicon, Inc. (WALTHAM, Mass.) announced a partnership with Microtask, an Italian embedded solutions distributor. With the agreement, Microtask becomes an authorized distributor of NetSilicon's NET+Works product family throughout Italy. The NET+Works product line includes NET+OS an integrated solution with real-time operating system, and an open source offering, NET+Lx, running uClinux.

  • MontaVista Software, Inc. (SUNNYVALE, Calif. & TOKYO) announced an alliance with ACCESS, Co., Ltd., provider of embedded browsers, to pursue joint development and marketing activities.

  • SteelEye Technology, Inc.(MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and SALT LAKE CITY) announced a strategic OEM agreement with Linux NetworX, Inc.. Linux NetworX will offer SteelEye's LifeKeeper for Linux Next Generation Enterprise Reliability platform with its clustering products.

  • Technauts (CARY, N.C.) announced an agreement with Coventive Technologies to develop application-hosting software solutions integrating Technauts' eServer products and Coventive's embedded Linux technology.

  • Zengine, Inc. (FREMONT, Calif.) announced it will join Intel's e-Business Service Provider (eBSP) Program, a Web integrator-focused channel initiative that provides corporations with a source for standardized e-Business solutions.

Financial Results

  • Sun Microsystems, Inc. (PALO ALTO, Calif.) reported revenues for the second quarter were $5.115 billion, up 44 percent compared with the second quarter of fiscal 2000.

  • Transmeta reported 4th quarter revenues of $12.4 million for the quarter and $16.2 million for the year, with a net loss of $97.7 million. While revenues tripled for the year, the net loss more than doubled.


  • Aduva Inc. (PALO ALTO, Calif.), provider of network-based technology to automate administrative management of the Linux operating system, announced the appointment of Azi Cohen as the company's chief executive officer.

  • Lineo, Inc. (LINDON, Utah) announced the appointment of Ryan Tibbitts as General Counsel for Lineo. He will be responsible Lineo's legal department, part of the company's executive staff and will report directly to company COO Matt Harris.

  • Merlin Software Technologies (BURNABY, British Columbia) named Kevin O'Reilly to the position Vice President Marketing.

  • Penguin Computing Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) announced that Agilent Technologies veteran John P. Page has joined the company as chief financial officer.

  • RidgeRun, Inc. (Boise, Idaho), provider of embedded Linux software for products employing digital signal processing (DSP) components, announced expansion into the European market with the opening of offices in Dublin, Ireland and the appointment of Mr. Tullio Venturini as Client Support Manager.


Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

January 25, 2001


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