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Linux and Business

IBM: New AIX and Informix acquisition. IBM was in the spotlight again this week. The release of AIX 5L has created a buzz. AIX 5L is IBM's next-generation version of its proprietary Unix variant. The 5L version is specifically tuned for Linux applications so it can manage both UNIX and Linux applications, as well as both 32- and 64-bit applications. While AIX remains a proprietary OS, it does come with the GNU and Open Source AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications so you can set up your favorite GNOME or KDE desktop and run all your favorite GNU applications and development tools.

This announcement has come with its fair share of satellite announcements. For example, SCO and Caldera announced a technology preview release of AIX 5L version 5.1 for Intel(R) Itanium(TM) processors. And you'll need some new hardware to go with that new OS, so IBM also announced the new midrange IBM eServer systems, the p620 and p660 which are powered by IBM's Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) microprocessor technology. Also, it should not surprise anyone that the p660 and p620 eServers are available with Sendmail, Inc.'s Internet messaging solutions. Lawson Software, a provider of e-business solutions, has also announced support for AIX 5L.

Amidst all the hoopla over AIX 5L, the acquisition of Informix by IBM went relatively unnoticed. IBM and Informix Corporation have entered into a definitive agreement for IBM to acquire the assets of Informix Software -- Informix's database business -- in a cash transaction valued at $1 billion. More details are available in this press release from Informix, which also contains the company's first quarter results.

Layoffs at Caldera. Caldera Systems has filed a form 8-K with the SEC. It contains the following: "In anticipation of the closing of the acquisition of SCO's Server Software and Professional Services Groups (which is subject to shareholder approvals) and in an effort to reduce operating costs, Caldera Systems, Inc. announced today that it will reduce its workforce approximately 17% by eliminating 32 of its 188 positions. The reductions will target all functional areas of Caldera." There's no real information beyond that, but at the last Fall Comdex, Caldera CEO Ransom Love told LWN reporters that a layoff would be a likely result of the SCO merger, as the merger would create a number of redundant positions.

Compaq to Offer Linux Advanced Developer's Kit for AlphaServer. Compaq Computer Corporation has announced that it is offering Linux developers an Advanced Developer's Kit (ADK) for use with its AlphaServer GS Series systems. The developer's kit provides documentation and software, including the recommended tools and patches required for running the Linux 2.4 kernel with either SuSE 7.0 or Red Hat Linux 7.0 on AlphaServer GS Systems.

Jabber Foundation to promote IM standard. Jabber.com, Inc., along with leaders of the Jabber.org open source project, announced the formation of the Jabber Foundation to promote an Open Source Instant Messaging and Presence standard.

Red Hat Expands RHCE Program. Red Hat announced that RHCE training and exams will begin in May in five new U.S. cities: Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA.

Transmeta Announces 50% Increase In Revenues. Transmeta revenues jumped 50% to $18.6 million for the first quarter of 2001 from $12.4 million in the fourth quarter 2000. Net losses increased to $22.7 million, however.

OnLinePhotoLab.com closes. The start up company formed with Spencer Kimball, one of the original authors of the GIMP, has apparently folded. Word from a user of the site is that there is an email address to contact to get your pictures back, though the Web site no longer appears to work so it's not clear what that address might be.

April 2001 Netcraft Web Server Survey. Little change on the Web server front in the April 2001 Netcraft survey, but it's interesting to note in this survey that AltaVista, following Amazon's similar move last September, has dropped Compaq Tru64 (aka Digital Unix) in favor of Linux. But the report ends on a downside for Unix: "The life-signs of the proprietary Unix brands, other than Solaris, are not good in our Web Server Survey. Is the end of most proprietary Unix flavours nigh?"

Linux Stock Index for April 19 to April 25, 2001.

LSI at closing on April 19, 2001 ... 33.77
LSI at closing on April 25, 2001 ... 31.07

The high for the week was 33.77
The low for the week was 31.07

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Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

April 26, 2001


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