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Linux and Business

Sharp's PDA.  This week's big commerce news came out of the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. Rumors of the new Sharp Zaurus personal digital assistant have been floating around for some time but this week the reality hit the road. The new device is a Linux based StrongARM platform which uses a Java virtual machine for applications. Lineo was chosen to provide their Embedix Embedded Linux distribution for the system.

The device, which is expected to become widely available sometime this Fall, currently holds 32MB of memory with an additional 16MB available in Flash. It sports a 240x320 reflective TFT color display and multiple card slots. Communication with the device will be possible through IrDA, USB, and serial ports, along with an audio out headphone jack.

Amiga has already announced their plans to port and write Java applications for gaming, 2D, 3D, animation, video, and music to the new platform.

EuroLinux alliance on the Hague Convention. The EuroLinux Alliance has issued a press release on the dangers posed by the draft Hague Convention revision. EuroLinux fears that, among other things, the Convention could pave the way for the enforcement of U.S. laws in Europe - including software patents and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Have a look for more information.

IBM, Devgen analyze genomic data. Belgium-based biotech company Devgen NV has deployed IBM technology to conduct genetic research on a microscopic roundworm (C. elegans). This research is being done to help fight human diseases such as diabetes, depression and obesity. Devgen's new system includes a cluster of IBM eServer systems running Linux and AIX which is used to analyze genome information.

VMware Offers 2001 College Graduates Special. VMWare has announced a program for graduating college students to get a discount on VMWare Express. The discount drops the price to $20.01 from the retail price of $79.00.

Caldera Establishes Japanese Subsidiary. Caldera announced the formation of its Japanese subsidiary, Caldera K.K. The venture will be backed by Fujitsu and Hitachi.

Open source WAP/SMS gateway developer files for bankruptcy. Wapit, the Finish company that developed the Open Source WAP and SMS gateway Kannel has announced it is filing for bankruptcy after failing to secure a second round of funding. (Thanks to J.H.M. Dassen)

Linux Stock Index for May 31 to June 06, 2001

LSI at closing on May 31, 2001 31.96
LSI at closing on June 06, 2001 32.75

The high for the week was 32.85
The low for the week was 30.13

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June 7, 2001


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