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To: mozilla-general@mozilla.org
From: elig@netscape.com (Eli Goldberg)
Subject: [Source Release Humor] Do It Yourself patch level 3
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 08:19:58 -0800

[Thought y'all might find this funny. Forwarding with permission.]

> The following was written yesterday morning, mostly as I was driving to
> work thinking about the recent Netscape open-source release (see
> <http://www.mozilla.org/>;.)  A few of the edges are still a little rough.
> And of course now I have to ``filk'' the GPL...
> ============================== filk here ===========================
> /begin{song}{DIYpl3}
> /subtitle{Do It Yourself patch level 3}
> /notice{Lyrics /copyright/ 1998 Stephen Savitzky.  All rights reserved.
>          /ttto{Do It Yourself,} /copyright/ Bill Sutton.}
> /category{computers, humor}
> /key{C}
> /created{19980401}
> /license{Released under the FGPL}
>    C
> I went to buy some software, and they said six hundred bucks
>            F                C               G7
> For some bloated cruft from Microsoft, now that price really sucks
>       C
> So I looked out on the network, and, my friends, I'm here to say
>       F                  C                 G7             C
> That people write great software and then give the code away.
> /begin{refrain}
>     C
> Oh, Oracle, Sun and Microsoft, Novell and SAP
>       F              C                  G7
> Make bloated buggy cruftware that they license for a fee.
>       C                                                     F*
> They make big bucks from software so they don't want me to say
>       F                 C               G7             C
> That software's always better when you give the code away.
> /end{refrain}
> First I had to have a kernel just to make my software run
> This Finnish guy named Linus wrote a great one just for fun,
> Multi-user, multitasking, virtual memory as well,
> And best of all it's free because it's under GPL.
> Next, compilers and utilities were what I had to get --
> The Free Software Foundation has the best ones on the Net.
> They say that GNU's Not Unix, and I know this must be true
> 'Cause the tech support is faster and the software's better too.
> Then I had to have an interface with windows, fonts and mice
> And high-speed graphics over local networks would be nice.
> The old X Window System got its start at MIT;
> If it's good enough for Unix then it's good enough for me.
> Now I had to use the World Wide Web, well that's always been cheap;
> Picking lynx, perl and apache didn't cost me any sleep.
> Netscape's long been losing market share, but just sit back and wait:
> It's been free and on the Internet since April '98.
> Now I have my system running, not a byte was off the shelf;
> It rarely breaks and when it does I fix the code myself.
> It's stable, clean and elegant, and lightning fast as well,
> And it doesn't cost a nickel, so Bill Gates can go to hell.
> /end{song}
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