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Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 11:53:06 +0200
From: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?Ga=EBl?= Duval" <duval@criuc.unicaen.fr>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Announce :`Linux-Mandrake'' new Linux distribution !


this an announcement for our ``Linux-Mandrake'' new distribution !

Thanx to publish it ! :-)




                  L I N U X - M A N D R A K E

                      5.1 (Venice) RELEASE
                              July, 23 1998


 ``A ready-to-work and easy-to-use Linux-Distribution''

          Base : Linux RH 5.1 GPL and KDE 1.0

 I am very happy to announce that ``Linux-Mandrake'', version 5.1
 (Venice) is now out and downloadable for free. Please have a look
 at the official web-site on :


 for download instructions.

 o  What is Linux-Mandrake exactly ?

    Linux-Mandrake is an updated Linux-RH 5.1 GPL, with KDE 1.0 fully
    integrated and preconfigured in it. Those two parts have been
    (not so much) modified and improved to work properly together.

 o  The main goals of this new distribution are:

    - to provide a working and easy-to-install linux-distribution to
      people who don't want to spend too much time in installing and
      configuring their Linux system : just install it and USE IT.

    - to provide a very attractive, easy-to-use, Linux System for
      newbies coming from the very common OS that you know ;-)

    - providing a new distribution in a well-known linux environment
      (RH 5.1)

    For example, after having your new Linux-Mandrake installed, just
    type `startx' and your beautiful KDE window-manager comes without
    crying :-) Now, just click on the cd-rom icon (on your desktop)
    to mount and use it (it's the same for floppy disks). This is
    very simple and you do not need to be a privileged user for that !

 o  Contents:

    In Linux-Mandrake, you'll find all the RH 5.1 good softs provided
    with the RH 5.1 : Emacs 20.2 the famous text editor, Apache 1.2.6
    the famous web-server, Netscape 4.05 the famous web browser etc.

    We also have been kind enough to put _Gimp 1.0_, the Photoshop-
    clone in Linux-Mandrake 5.1 :-)

    I sincerely believe that Linux-Mandrake is one of the most
    powerful Linux-distribution, and certainly the easyest to use.

 o  Last things:

    This is a first version for TESTS, although I *really* think
    it's at least as usable as a common linux-distribution :-)

    I'm still looking for FTP mirrors !!! Please contact me.

    More informations on http://www.linux-center.org/mandrake/

    A lot of feedback about Linux-Mandrake will be *very*
    appreciated :-)

                        Gael Duval - duval@criuc.unicaen.fr

 o  Many thanx to:

    Stefane Fermigier (linux-center), Nat Makarevitch (linux-france),
    Arnaud Crespin, Philippe Blanfuney (NOL), Sebastien Blondeel,
    and my little brother Antoine, for helping me and believing in
    the project.

    The erm6.u-strabg.fr, ftp.sunet.se and ftp.asci.fr people for
    hosting this new linux distribution with enthusiasm (I'm looking
    for other ftp sites !)

    RedHat Software for their nice distributions.
    KDE developpers for their great work.

    My 6x86 overclocked CPU for having been kind enough not to burn
    when compiling all the Mandrake packages.

    And of course, Linus and the GNU people for having made all this
    amazing open-source hype possible.

 o  Linux-Mandrake more detailled contents:

    Linux Kernel version: 2.0.34
    ld.so version: 1.9
    glibc version: 2.0.7
    egcs version: 1.0.2
    gcc version: 2.7.2

    RH Linux version: 5.1
    KDE version: 1.0
    XFree86: 3.3.2
    Gimp version: 1.0
    Apache version: 1.2.6
    Netscape Communicator version: 4.05
    emacs version: 20.2

    And of course, all the RH 5.1 RPM packages
    (UPDATED July, 17 1998) !




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