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From: guybz@world.std.com (Guy W Bzibziak)
Subject: LOCAL: Boston,MA - 09/19/98 Boston Linux & Unix [BLU.ORG] InstallFest4
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 14:20:08 GMT


==============>>>>>     BACK By POPULAR DEMAND!!      <<<<<==============

==============>>>>>   BLU Installfest -- Release IV   <<<<<==============

Boston Linux & Unix [BLU.ORG] InstallFest4 Information:

When:	19 September 1998
Time:	9:00am -- 5:00pm
Where:	Howard Johnson's Hotel
	777 Memorial Drive
	Cambridge, MA

To Register please email

Guy Bzibziak ----->	guybz@world.std.com

John Abreau  ----->	jabr@tarnhelm.blu.org

and put SUBJECT: BLU Installfest4
on (where else but?) the Subject: line.

The installfest is on Saturday, September 19th. at the Howard Johnson's in

Seating is limited to 35 people. The cost is $25 per person. Attendees
bring their Intel PC that they want Linux installed on. We set up
Linux on your computer.

The 'fest is oriented towards those who have been unsuccessful in
getting Linux installed on their machines. We'll be installing RedHat
Linux.  We will also try to get X-Window running on your system. In
order to get the new Linux user "up & running" with Linux, we must limit
what we do the first time out; no exotic hardware, for example. We
will be more flexible (adventurous(?)) on hardware/platforms at later
installfests, after we've gained the experience from the first few.

>>>>> A ``Quick & Dirty'' Rule of Thumb: If your system works under
DOS/Windows, it "should" run under Linux (usually better!). <<<<<

Minimal Hardware Requirements:
* CPU: Intel 386SX up to a Pentium II
* CD-ROM drive
* 3 1/2" Floppy Drive
* AT LEAST 100 Megabytes free on your Hard-disk drive
* at least 8 Megabytes RAM
* VGA video system
* VGA monitor
* ---> Bring your User's manual for the video system & monitor <---

The Boston Linux & Unix Group [BLU.ORG], is the successor to the Boston
Computer Society's Linux & Unix User Group. We want to promote the
awareness and use of Open Systems, and to educate the public and our
members about Open Systems.


Linux is a UNIX-like operating system built around POSIX standards.
- From its inception less than nine years ago, it was developed over the
Internet by a group of people who (for the most part) have never seen
each other, and now runs on an (estimated) 2,500,000 computer systems.
The operating system (and the source code for it) is free to anyone
who wants it. It has been ported to at least the following platforms:
Intel, SPARC, Alpha, MIPS, PPC, and M68K. This is probably the largest
development project ever accomplished using the Internet.

For more information, please visit our web page:

        >>>>            http://www.blu.org/             <<<<
        Please Note: This Page is Under Reconstruction!

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