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Date:	Thu, 10 Sep 1998 23:42:58 +1000
From:	Richard Gooch <rgooch@atnf.csiro.au>
To:	linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: devfs patch v59 available

  Hi, all. Version 59 of my devfs patch is now available from:
The devfs FAQ is also available here.

NOTE: the addition of "/dev/" when loading modules means that you will
need to include the sample Documentation/filesystems/devfs/modules.conf
file in your /etc/modules.conf file if you use kmod.
The sample is probably incomplete, so please send me any additions you
make. In time the sample file will be distributed with modutils.

This is against 2.1.122-pre1. Highlights of this release:

- Added open flag for files



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