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Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 11:37:46 -0700
From: Michael Furukawa <michaelf@cyclades.com>
To: Andres Kanter <ak@iw.com>, Becky Waring <bwaring@newmedia.com>,
Subject: Cyclades Solution - Replaceing your Statistic Multiplexers with the Cyclades-PR3000/TS

Cyclades Solution – Replacing your Statistical Multiplexers with the
PR3000/TS Terminal Server
--Cyclades-PR3000/TS Terminal Server and Router Solution--


Marcio Saito, Director of Technology
Cyclades Corporation

 Michael Furukawa, Marketing Executive
 Cyclades Marketing Department
 Email:  michaelf@cyclades.com

Cyclades Corporation Director of Technology released a short paper
describing how to replace existing Statistical Multiplexers with the
Cyclades-PR3000/TS Terminal Server.

In most of the multiplex applications, the utilization of the leased
line is extremely inefficient. This happens because most serial
communication occurs in “bursts” and the line ends up staying idle most
of the time.  Another problem is that there is the need to keep two
parallel connections between the remote sites: one for the multiplexer
traffic and another for the Internet/networking data traffic.

This is a tremendous waste of money and time in maintaining the separate
communication lines and equipment.
The ideal long-term solution for the problem is to change the
applications to use TCP/IP client-server architecture and work over the
network. This is usually hard to do because these applications are
typically too old or too critical to the operation to allow easy

A first step in solving the problem can be the consolidation of the
serial traffic with the IP traffic so that you don’t need the extra
leased line. With the Cyclades-PR3000, this can be done in a way that
the application and the serial devices in each side don’t know that the
data is being encapsulated in packets being transmitted over the IP
network. This way, you can change the communication infrastructure
quickly and easily without having to make any change in the application.
If the application is later modified to run over the network, the PR3000
continues to fully support the configuration.

The PR3000 is a full-featured router for the IP network but can also be
equipped with multiple (up to 64 ports per box) RS-232 serial lines to
connect to serial devices or to a host system. The PR3000 can be
configured to transparently connect serial ports over the network (using
TCP socket connections).

With the Cyclades-PR3000 solution you get:
- Cost savings, there is no more need for expensive statistical
multiplexers and leased lines. The investment in the PR3000 is recovered
in a few of months.
- Management and administration benefits. There is only one box and one
network to manage.
- Flexibility and efficiency. While statistical multiplexers usually
connect serial ports between two fixed sites, the PR3000 can connect any
serial port individually to any other site connected to the network.
Before the serial traffic is consolidated into the IP network, idle
communication lines are eliminated.
- The first step towards a client-server implementation. Using the
PR3000, you can first replace the hardware and communication
infrastructure without changing the application. That gives you more
control and security in the migration process.

For more information visit our website at:

 Pricing and Availability
Cyclades-PR3000 cost to Enduser:  starting at $2055 (PR3000 + 1 SWAN
interface card)
Cyclades-PR3000/TS-16 ports cost to Enduser:  $2919
Cyclades-PR3000/TS-32 ports cost to Enduser:  $3791
Cyclades-PR3000/TS-48 ports cost to Enduser:  $4861
Cyclades-PR3000/TS-64 ports cost to Enduser:  $5733
Z-Bus (Terminal Server) Interface Card for the Cyclades-PR3000:  $241

About Cyclades.
With headquarters in Fremont, California, Cyclades Corporation designs,
manufactures and markets connectivity products since 1992. The product
line includes multiport serial cards, routers, communication adapters,
and remote access servers.

Cyclades was the first company to announce a PCI Multiport Serial Card
in 1995 and a full 32-bit PCI bus master serial card in 1996. We are the
leaders in serial connectivity in the Internet market with the Linux
Operating System.

Cyclades offers the Cyclades-PathRouter and Cyclades-PathRAS,
cost-effective router and remote access server for Internet
applications. Now, with the Cyclades-PR3000, Cyclades extends its range
of products to reach the higher-end corporate market and larger ISP's
with an innovative product that provides higher-performance and lower
cost than the existing competitors.

Contact notes:
For Sales questions:  sales@cyclades.com
For Technical questions:  marcio@cyclades.com
For Marketing questions:  michaelf@cyclades.com

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