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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 14:33:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Lisa Mann <lisam@oreilly.com>
To: cool@eklektix.com
Subject: de Facto DNS bible released

For immediate release
September 10, 1998
For more information contact:
Lisa Mann  lisam@oreilly.com
(707) 829-0515 ext. 230

Third Edition of the "de facto bible" of DNS & BIND released

If you're using the Internet, you're already using DNS (Domain Name
System)--even if you don't know it.  The just-released third edition of
the O'Reilly's "DNS & BIND" discusses one of the Internet's fundamental
building blocks: the distributed host information database that's
responsible for translating names into addresses, routing mail to its
proper destination, and many other services.

This new, third edition covers BIND 4.9, on which most commercial
products are currently based, and BIND 8, which implements many
important new features and will be the basis for the next generation of
commercial name servers. Whenever a feature is available only in the
4.8.3, 4.9, or 8.1.2 versions, or if there is a difference in behavior
of the versions, the authors carefully notes which version does what.
It also covers topics like DNS security (greatly improved with BIND
8.1), asynchronous notification of changes to a zone, dynamic updates,
and programming with Perl's Net::DNS module.

What the Critic and Readers Said About Previous Editions:

"The bible for DNS and its associated lookup routines is DNS and Bind."
--Peter Collinson, Sun Expert, May 1998

"The best book on DNS that I know of is DNS and BIND by Paul Albitz and
Cricket Lui."--Doug Shaker, Boardwatch , June 1995

"If you're going to set up a DNS Server, save yourself some headaches
and get yourself a copy of the definitive book of the subject, DNS &
BIND."--Windows Sources February 1995

"a clear, straightforward, and sometimes even lighthearted text to make
the learning process as painless as possible."--Robert Slade, Computer
News Vol II, Issue 10

"For any DNS questions--general or specific--make sure and read DNS & BIND,
the seminal work by Paul Albitz and Cricket Lui. This book is what
convinced me, in May 1994, that setting up services on the Internet was
a learnable and doable proposition."-- Glenn Fleishman , NETGUIDE August

"To understand DNS, you'll need to consult the standard reference text,
O'Reilly & Associates, DNS & BIND."--Jason Levitt, InformationWeek, Oct
21, 1996

"I picked up my knowledge of DNS piecemeal, first as a user and then as
a sysadmin running an inherited nameserver. And I learned most of what
I know about nameserver maintenance the hard way -- a process which
would have been much less painful if I had had a copy of DNS and BIND
to guide me. If you are running a nameserver then I would definitely
recommend ownership of your own copy. You may well be familiar with the
basics already and you may not need the more esoteric information, but
name service is sufficiently critical that getting the ordinary
complexities right is essential. Albitz and Liu are excellent guides to
both the main boulevards and the crooked side-alleys of the DNS."
--Danny Yee

"Microsoft's only manual is an online help file that, for the most
part, refers the reader to DNS & BIND from O'Reilly & Associates, the
de facto Bible for these products."--Wayne Spivak, Network World, Dec 9,

"We recommend the O'Reilly book DNS & BIND to help you get over the
hump on this one. We've seen it make DNS pros out of many of the
formerly lost."--Jack Ricard, Boardwatch Feb. 1997

"This is an outstanding book--system administrators need this book;
interested users will find it enlightening." --Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys
Admin, May 1997

"An excellent book that explains DNS and BINDI recommend this book if
you plan to implement more extensive DNS services or elaborate DNS
networks."--James Cimino, Networking Solutions, March 1997

About the Authors

Paul Albitz is a software engineer at Hewlett-Packard. Paul worked on
BIND for the HP- UX 7.0 and 8.0 releases. During this time Paul
developed the tools used to run the  p.com domain. Since then Paul has
worked on networking HP's DesignJet plotter and on the fax subsystem of
HP's OfficeJet multifunction peripheral. As system administrator in the
CS Department of Purdue University, Paul ran versions of BIND before
BIND's initial release with 4.3 BSD. Paul and his wife Katherine live
in San Diego, CA.

Cricket Liu matriculated at the University of California's Berkeley
campus, that great bastion of free speech, unencumbered UNIX and cheap
pizza. He went to work for Hewlett-Packard after graduation and stayed
at HP for nine years. Cricket began managing the hp.com zone after the
Loma Prieta earthquake forcibly moved the zone's management from HP
Labs to HP's Corporate Offices. He was ostmaster@hp.com for over three
years, and then joined HP's Professional Services Organization to found
HP's Internet consulting program. Cricket currently runs his own DNS
consulting and training company, Acme Byte & Wire, with his friend Matt
Larson.  Cricket, his wife, Paige, and their son, Walt, live in

DNS and BIND, 3rd Edition
By Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu
3rd Edition September 1998 (US)
482 pages, 1-56592-512-2, $32.95 (US$)