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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 14:48:42 -0700 (PDT)
To: java-linux@java.blackdown.org
From: Chris Kelly <samizdat@tolstoy.com>
Subject: [ANN] JConfig 1.2: Linux, Unix, WinNT versions available

Samizdat Productions Releases JConfig 1.2

JConfig is a class library which supplements the core Java API. It lets you
work with files, web browsers, processes, file types, and other system-level
items in a much more advanced manner than that provided by the standard Java
class libraries. A list of JConfig's features is given below.

JConfig 1.2 supports several new platforms, including:

  - Linux
  - Win95, Win98, and WinNT 
  - MacOS
  - most Unix systems

** Download

To download JConfig, go to:


** Special Offer for Linux Developers

Next week, we'll be announcing a special offer just for Linux developers.
We'll announce it to this list, so stay tuned.

** Source Code

The complete Java and C++ source code to JConfig is now available for
licensing. See the page above for details.

** Pricing

You can redistribute the JConfig runtime components with most applications
*free of charge*. See the page above for details.

** Feature List

Here's a partial list of JConfig's features, by category:

  Enumerate the user's disk drives, and obtain extended information on
  files, directories, volumes, and filesystems: their icons, creation
  dates, version information, mount points, and more... 

Web Browsers:
  Launch a file or URL in the user's Web browser... 

Video Monitors:
  Enumerate and get information on the user's video monitors: bit depth,
  bounds, and more... 

External Processes:
  Create external processes, send basic commands to external processes,
  obtain the PSN or HWND of a process you created, and enumerate the
  currently running processes... 

File Types:
  Find applications associated with a given file type, find applications
  by name, and convert between Windows file extensions and Mac
  creator/file type codes...