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Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 16:55:11 -0400
From: Bill Jackson <aurizon@idirect.com>
To: caldera-users@rim.caldera.com
Subject: Linux Canada response

I received this response from Linux Canada, they seem OK to deal with.

        Re: To give you some idea:
        Wed, 16 Sep 1998 13:49:07 -0700
        "Brian" <bdt@english-bay.com>
        "Bill Jackson" <aurizon@idirect.com>

Hi Bill:
Sorry about the delay but we have been experiencing loss of mail and
intermittent web site loss. Our
original ISP has been in decline for a number of months and finally sold
out to a larger ISP. Our virtual
service has gone from bad to worse and we are now hosting our own web
site. We are still waiting for
InterNIC to finalize our "domain modification" and we believe that the
new ISP is either not
acknowledging the update or the InterNIC mail is sitting somewhere on
their server unread.
We do not have a phone number in our advertisement because too much time
was spent answering
questions of a technical nature rather than sales. Since we do not
accept credit card orders the purpose
of publishing our phone number was of limited utility.
We do not take credit cards because of the extremely high cost
(percentile and per-transaction debits)
charged against us. There was also considerable holdback and startup
fees which we found
We are a small home office based business and as such our business
license specifically prohibits us
from selling from our site. In the beginning we attempted to accommodate
in-person sales but the time
loss was considerable.
We sell only to Canadians and market our product through our website and
a space advertisement that
appears in The Computer Paper across Canada every month. Our sales
continue to grow at an
acceptable rate but I suppose we could have fewer problems. Our own
personal interests support a
divers OS marketplace and we are very pleased with the growth of the
Linux market as a whole. 
Thank you for your interest in Linux Canada.
Best regards,

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       From: Bill Jackson <aurizon@idirect.com>
       To: mail@linux-canada.com <mail@linux-canada.com>
       Cc: caldera-users@rim.caldera.com <caldera-users@rim.caldera.com>
       Date: Tuesday, September 15, 1998 7:52 PM
       Subject: To give you some idea:

       Here are two e-mails from the caldera users group that are
looking at you as questionable . Since
       the linux group is highly interconnected it can boost your sales
greatly if you satisfy them
       Bill Jackson


       Re: Linux-Canada


       Tue, 15 Sep 1998 20:47:01 -0600


       ted <ted@planet.eon.net>










       gerry doris wrote:

       > Has anyone bought product from Linux-Canada? I was looking at

       > website and was interested but...


       > They don't have a phone number listed, I couldn't find a phone

       > on Bell's website for them, and they don't take credit

       > cheques. I've sent them some emails but haven't received a


       > None of this sounds like a solid operation to mail $$$ at least

       > $$$!!!


       > ----------------------------------

       > E-Mail: gerry doris <gdoris@shaw.wave.ca>

       > Date: 15-Sep-98

       > Time: 20:33:04


       > "The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." Chaucer

       > ----------------------------------

       Before I bought COL Base 1.2 I tried to get in touch with them

       no luck. When I noticed that there was no listing of a phone
number, I

       wrote them off as a non entity. If a company will not post a
means of

       getting hold of them other then the net makes them in my opion

       suspect. I don't know who they are or what they are. An old army

       of mine in Vancouver tried to follow this up for me and he is as

       as to who they are as am I. You can take that for what its worth.
To me

       it means keep my $$$$ in my pocket and at least that way I know
for sure

       where it is.....










riche wrote:
> Hi All
>  Once again, I am trying to usefastrack on my 4th domain, it is doing as
> before, memory slowly disapears, about 4k a minute, 1st the physical, then
> the swap until all is gone, then you cannot log-in because init does not
> have enough to run, Looking through PS and sorting by mem use, it appears
> that fastrack is slowly taking memory then refusing to let it back, one
> thread is at 8 megg as I speak, they as I stated before, the most hit
> servers are taking about 4k a min, Any Idea's? Not using DNS caching, all
> bound to seperate IP address's, they work fine, but just about every 4
> days I'll have to restart the web servers or they will crash the whole
> machine.
> Richard