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Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 20:40:39 -0600
From: Evelyn Mitchell <efm@tummy.com>
To: nclug@nclug.org
Subject: [lug] NCLUG Installfest Report

What a day!

We installed Linux on 18 systems, answered questions for about as many
people. Lots of thanks to: 

Dale Hawkins - holding the record at 6 installs. How does he do it?
Kevin Fenzi - 5 installs, 2 of the hardest.
Mike Loseke - organizer extraordinare, and dj
Sean Reifschneider - the ultimate 
Ed Strauch - the Debian expert
Kai - MkLinux - Linux on Macs!
Dan Burcaw - Macs and PCs
Jeff Moe
Jaime Guilden
Brian Simpson

Most of the installs went very smoothly, with only 4 taking more than
half an hour. Installing from the network worked really well. Thanks to 
S.u.s.E and Red Hat for sending disks. Thanks to Kevin for letting us
use KRUD (Kevin's Red Hat Uber Distribution).

Thanks everyone who helped out, who let us install, and who will
help out next time.

Photos at http://www.verinet.com/~newuser

Evelyn Mitchell
http://www.tummy.com/ Consulting and Software for Linux and Unix
XVScan - Scanning software for Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD and BSD/OS
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