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Press Contact:
Stephanie L. Franks
Metrowerks, Inc.
(512) 873-4717


Austin, Texas-October 1, 1998-Metrowerks, Inc., (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME: 
MWK) today announces their intention to ship the award-winning CodeWarrior 
software development tools to be hosted on the Linux operating system 
targeting the x86 and PowerPC-based personal computers processors.

CodeWarrior development tools will include a project manager, editors, 
browsers, compilers and debuggers and will support development for C/C++ 
and Java. Linux support will be included at no additional cost in 
Metrowerks' award-winning Code Warrior Professional tools, which currently 
support development for Windows and Mac OS. The manufacturers' list price 
for CodeWarrior Professional is US$449. Academic pricing for CodeWarrior 
Professional is US$119. Support for Linux in CodeWarrior Professional is 
scheduled for Release 5 in the Spring, 1999. Embedded tools are scheduled 
for release later that year and will be priced at parity with other 
Windows-hosted embedded development tools.

CodeWarrior project files in the Linux development tools will be portable 
across platforms, which enable developers to easily migrate between 
Windows, Macintosh, and Linux host systems with no downtime in learning new 
tool sets. Metrowerks' CodeWarrior development environment is the only 
state-of-the-art development system that will run on all three operating 

"I've always found Metrowerks development tools to be extraordinary," said 
Jeff Carr, president, Linux PPC. "It makes us very happy to know that 
Metrowerks will provide this outstanding software to Linux developers. 
Finally, there is a development environment available that can match the 
power of Linux."

"Metrowerks is deploying CodeWarrior for Linux in order to provide 
developers with the ultimate mobility between the major development hosts 
that consists of Windows, MacOS and Linux," said Greg Galanos, president 
and chief technology officer, Metrowerks. "Linux is an important transition 
vector and development system for Unix developers that work on 
non-proprietary Unix systems. Metrowerks is committed to offering the same 
powerful CodeWarrior development environment and tools as that found on 
Window and MacOS for desktop development."

About Linux
Linux is the freely distributable, cooperatively-developed POSIX-based, 
multi-user, multi-tasking operating system used worldwide. Linux is used as 
a high value, fully-functional UNIX workstation for applications ranging 
from Internet Servers to reliable workgroup computing.

About Metrowerks
Founded in 1985, Metrowerks develops, markets and supports CodeWarrior, a 
total solution of software development tools including a project manager, 
compiler, debugger and editor. CodeWarrior runs on a number of operating 
systems targeting the most popular microprocessors. Intended for use for 
embedded systems or desktop computers, the cross-platform compilers support 
C, C++, Java, and Pascal, and allow programmers to build applications from 
one unique Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CodeWarrior's 
cross-platform functionality was designed to provide companies with a 
high-performance development tool set to improve productivity and decrease 
customer's time-to-market.

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