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From: tlee@webcmo.com
Subject: Linux survey
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 22:30:13 GMT

Hi, everyone:

Linux community is one of a few respectable online communities. We, a group of
marketing researchers, want to contribute our little marketing research effort
to this wonderful community----our community.

Through this survey, we may understand the following issues:

1. Who are Linux users?
2. Why did Linux users choose Linux?
3. How do Linux users evaluate Linux?
4. How do Linux users use Linux?
5. Which Linux distribution gets the best evaluation?
6. What can we do to improve our own community?

We hope the statistical analysis will give us a whole picture of this

This is NOT a commercial survey. The survey report will be FREE to the
public. To thank you for participating in the survey, you will get the survey
report 45 days earlier than other people. All information you provide will be
kept absolutely confidential and used solely in terms of statistics.  Please
join the survey at http://www.WebCMO.com/mis/survey1.htm and support our
marketing research contribution to the Linux community.

Best regards,

Tim Lee
Director of Research
A site dedicated to web marketing research.

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