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From: jem@sunsite.unc.edu (Jonathan Magid)
Subject: LOCAL: Triangle, NC Area Linux Users Group (TriLUG)
Date: Wed,  7 Oct 1998 11:06:11 GMT


To all Triangle-ites:

I'm in the process of starting a Linux Users Group for the Triangle area of
North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, RTP, Chatham, etc).
As far as I can tell, there is no organized group for Linux users here, except 
for NC State users. It's difficult to believe that with all the Linux users 
here, including the fine folks at Redhat Software, that no organized group 
exists, so it's definitely time to start one.

If you're interested in being a member, please join the TriLUG mailing
list. There are instructions at the bottom of this message. 

My hopes for this group would be to provide an avenue for linux-minded
geeks of all types and stripes (everyone from installation newbies to
accomplished kernel hackers) to have a chance to come together and
share their experiences and knowledge. This group would also provide
an opportunity for triangle-area computer fans to come together on 
regular basis and get to know each other on a face-to-face basis. 

We haven't chosen a meeting place yet, so I'm open to suggestions (and
if you have a suitable meeting place please send me mail). 

If you're interested in helping me start a users group in the Triangle,
join the TriLUG mailing list. To join the list, you can:

1. Send email to lyris@franklin.oit.unc.edu containing 

subscribe trilug <Firstname> <Lastname>

where the last two fields are your optional first and last names.

2. Otherwise, you can use the web interface (which allows you to customize
your list settings more completely) at 

Click the "Join trilug" button.

Hope to see you soon!

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jem@sunsite.unc.edu|SunSITE/METAlab Minister of Technology (Full Time Geek)

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jem@sunsite.unc.edu|SunSITE/METAlab Minister of Technology (Full Time Geek)

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