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Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 09:30:59 -0400
From: webmaster@applix.com
Subject: Applix Releases Applixware 4.4.1 For Linux & Establishes E-Commerce Site


New office automation release features Office 97 filters, Y2K compliance

Paul Frazier 
Applix, Inc
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Leah Goldman/Kevin Anderson
The Weber Group
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WESTBORO, MA -- Applix, Inc. (NASDAQ:APLX), a leader in 
front office business solutions, announced today the release of Applixware 
4.4.1 for the Linux platform as well as all major Unix operating systems, 
Windows NT, and Windows 95. In 1996, Applixware was the first office 
automation suite available for the Linux platform. This latest release 
delivers a new filtering framework that has been optimized for document 
interchange between Microsoft's Office 97 product, as well as Y2K compliance. 

Applixware includes Applix Words, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Presents, and HTML 
Author. This Linux version also includes Applix Data and Applix Builder as 
standard modules. Applixware for Linux is available directly from Applix, as 
well as from its partners, including Red Hat and S.U.S.E.

"We recognized that the Linux community needed a productivity suite that 
solved the problem of co-existence and document exchange between Applixware 
and Office 97. We undertook a substantial development project to re-write and 
augment our filters, and we’ve produced a first-class result," said Jit 
Saxena, CEO of Applix.

Linux version beta test users also attest to the results. "Export of Applix 
Words documents to Word 97 works great, even with Swedish letters," said Klaus 
Neumann, a university cognitive scientist. He continued, "I think Applixware 
is the most promising office solution for Linux. I've tried StarOffice, 
WordPerfect, Lyx. Nothing comes even close to Applixware--there are none of 
the memory, uptime, printing, or spell-checking problems I experience with the 
other suites."

"With this 4.4.1 release--improved compatibility to 'industry-standard' 
document formats, the inclusion of a native Linux version of Applix Data, and 
an extremely low price tag--Applixware is the best deal anyone can get on 
Linux," said Uwe Schuerkamp, a beta test customer from Telemedia AG.

Said Greg Herlein, of Herlein Engineering, "Applixware has become an integral 
part of my Linux desktop . . . I no longer have to shift to a Windows computer 
just to edit a simple file--I stay in Linux all day. Applixware has made that 

Applixware 4.4.1 for Linux includes for the first time Applix Data, a new 
module offering point and click access to information stored in relational 
databases. No SQL knowledge is required to access the information. Once 
accessed, the data can be linked directly into Applix Words, Spreadsheets, 
Graphics, Presents, and HTML Author.

In addition, Applix Builder, Applix's object-oriented, visual, rapid 
application development tool, is included as a standard module for the Linux 
version. Builder's communication and integration capabilities are expanded 
with a CORBA gateway.


Applixware office automation software, customer support, & documentation all 
available on line

WESTBORO, MA, -- Applix, Inc. (NASDAQ:APLX), a leader in 
front office business solutions, announced today that the latest release of 
Applixware for Linux is available from their new e-commerce site, 
linux.applixware.com. Applixware 4.4.1 office automation software, customer 
support, and documentation are all available for purchase on this site.

This e-commerce web site was created to cater to the explosive growth of 
Applixware Linux users, who need the highest quality integrated office 
productivity tools. The Linux version of Applixware 4.4.1 includes Applix 
Words, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Presents, Data, Builder, and HTML Author. 
Current estimates indicate that there are more than 7 million Linux users, and 
that number is growing.

"It’s great news that Applix is getting closer to the Linux community by 
offering Applixware and technical support through e-commerce. The new 
release's document interchange with Microsoft Office 97 is a key feature that 
Linux desktop users have eagerly anticipated," commented Jon "Maddog" Hall, 
Executive Director of Linux International.

The e-commerce web site, linux.applixware.com, has been specifically designed 
to provide a place for Linux users to discover Applixware's capabilities -- 
including a broad selection of macros, full-function developer’s environment, 
and news group access -- and to purchase Applixware 4.4.1, printed and 
electronic documentation, and customer support on line. Credit card 
transactions are made using a secure socket connection for full transaction 

A download section on the site provides a facility for Linux users to share 
applications and utilities built by Linux programmers using Applixware’s 
highly successful ELF and Builder development tools. A mailing list is in 
process, designed to provide an Applix- monitored public forum for exchange of 
ideas and suggestions.

"We are pleased to be able to offer Linux users the ability to purchase 
Applixware 4.4.1 through this e-commerce site," commented Jit Saxena, CEO of 
Applix. "Applix provided the first office automation suite for Linux users 
more than 18 months ago, and we look forward to continuing to serve this 
growing community."

About Applix, Inc.

Applix, Inc., (NASDAQ: APLX) headquartered in Westboro, MA, is a leading 
provider of Internet front-office business applications that allow 
organizations to better access, analyze, and act on customer and market 
information. Applix Enterprise is an Internet-centric customer relationship 
management solution which received the Editor’s Choice Award from 
Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions Magazine in 1998; Applix TM1 is a 
real-time online analytical processing solution for decision support and 
real-time business analysis; and Applix office solutions  include Applix 
Office for UNIX®, Linux® and Windows NT, and Anyware Office for Java-based 

With thousands of customers around the world -- including such fast-growth 
companies as Blockbuster Video, MTV, National Football League Properties, 
Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Sony, Sharp Document 
Services, Ericsson, Harrah’s, New Holland N.A., Kaiser Permanente, SmithKline 
Beecham, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Rhône-Poulenc Rorer, 
British Airways, Reuters, Visibility, VISA International, Cox Communications, 
Brite Voice, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Bank of Nova Scotia, Chase Manhattan 
Bank, Credit Suisse, Daimler Benz, Singapore Telecom, U.S. Army, U.S. 
Department of Energy -- Applix leads the way in delivering Internet-centric 
enterprise applications for today’s globally distributed companies. More 
information can be found at www.applix.com.


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