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Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 06:28:18 +0100 (MET)
From: Carl Karlsson <ckn@findata.se>
To: caldera-users@rim.caldera.com
Subject: Re: glibc-2.0.? and Sybase

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Erik Ratcliffe wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 06:21:42AM +0100, Carl Karlsson wrote:
> > I noticed that OpenLinux 1.3 still has the 2.0.35 kernel. Is the patch for
> It's the newest stable kernel, so...
> > the tcp-bug (from the -36 series) applied to this kernel? The Sybase
> Don't know for sure.  I looked in the source RPM and there's nothing
> specifically named like it's a TCP/IP patch.

Well.. several things has led me to believe that 2.0.35 is not good

1. select @@version against the server tells you
SQL Server/ Intel/Linux 2.0.36 i586/1/OPT/Thu Sep 10 13:42:44 CEST 1998

Note the 2.0.36.

2. The linux_resources page at sybase
(http://www.sybase.com/adaptiveserver/linux/aselinux_resources.html) gives
credits to Alan Cox for fixing a TCP/IP flaw.

3. Using 2.0.35 I couldn't connect to the server using Sybase SQL Central
(part of the NT Sybase package, a gui for managing the database) until I
executed a command using isql. That is, I connect from SQL Central, it
hangs, I do sp_who or something from isql, and SQL Central connects
immediately. The problem disappears when stracing the server which leads
me to believe there is a timing problem (signal delivery on a socket,
something that is fixed in 2.0.36).

4. Upgrading to 2.0.36pre12 makes the above problem go away completely.

> > server doesn't work very well on 2.0.35 kernels, at least not on fast
> > machines.
> I have not heard anything about this.

Now you have. :) I really love the ASE release, it is fast and very easy
to install. But I wouldn't mind _some_ unofficial support from Sybase - a
mailing list, a newsgroup (like Informix did for their database) -
anything. Sybase might get burned otherwise (not telling about the 2.0.36
dependency for example), and that would be very sad since they have an
excellent product.

Since you're including the Sybase server now (and that's pretty cool!) I
just thougt I'd mention it.. do / can you offer support for the Sybase