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From: LSL Information <info@lsl.com>
Subject: COMMERCIAL: Debian 2.0.2 Updated CD Release
Date: Wed,  7 Oct 1998 10:38:12 GMT


                             LSL Brings you

                               "My Debian!"

                      Debian GNU/Linux 2.0.2 "hamm"

                          (Late) September 1998

                      "Debian The Way You Want It!"

LSL's "My Debian!" just gets better and better with the release of the
newly updated 2.0.2 "hamm" release, now on 3 (yes, thats three) CD's!

        CD 1 Binary:   The Official 2.0.2 Binary release.
        CD 2 Source:   The Official 2.0.2 Source release.
        CD 3 Contribs: Contrib, and Non Free

        Please note that the Non-US Non Free Cd will be shipped to those
        customers outside the USA.

Debian 2.0.2 is also available pre-installed on LSL's range of PC

Building on the renowned Tri-Linux package, "My Debian!" is a valuable
member of LSL's "My Linux!" range of distributions that further
emphasize Linux as a real Alternative Operating System.

You can get full details of the range of "My Linux!" releases on

We would encourage anyone purchasing a CD to also make a Donation to
Debian.Org  This can be done simply and easilly on the ordering system
and can be done at any time. You dont have to purchase a CD to donate to
a Great Cause!

        LSL - The Price Busters!  Compare our prices and decide

                            "Why Pay More?"

                             for yourself!

The LSL Difference!
LSL are *the* longest established Linux publisher and distribution
company. We publish books and Linux CD's for an ever increasing number
of OEM's. With products going all the way back to SLS on floppy disk,
LSL have been supporting and enhancing Linux from almost the beginning.
Contact us with the confidence that we were with Linux at the start, are
supporing Linux now, and will continue to help YOU shape the Linux of

LSL, 250 Huron Ave, Port Huron MI 48060, USA.
Toll Free for Linux! USA & Canada: 1-888-LINUX-88
Intl:(810) 987-8807
Fax: (810) 987-3562

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Port Huron MI 48060, USA                  W H Y   P A Y   M O R E ???
Tel:(810) 987-8807       TOLL FREE 1-888-LINUX-88       Fax: (810) 987-3562    

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