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From: Incoming FSF orders for 59 Temple Place <fsforder@gnu.org>
Subject: Needed:  machines to build on
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 16:50:02 -0400
To: info-gnu@gnu.org

From time to time, the Free Software Foundation has a need for
remote logins and disk space on various proprietary Unix machines for
the purpose of building "Deluxe Distributions" of GNU software for
a particular platform.

If your organization would be willing to provide us with access to
one or more machines, please mail us at fsforder@gnu.org with the
name, email address, and phone number of someone to contact about setting
up an account and remote access.

We are particularly interested at the moment in access to the following
systems:  HPUX 11, AIX 4.1.5, AIX 4.3.


- Brian Youmans, FSF office staff