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From: Bradley Schatz <brads@dstc.edu.au>
Subject: ASPy 0.7.1
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 98 03:57:11 GMT


ASPy 0.7.1 is now available at http://www.dstc.edu.au/aspy/src/  This
release fixes global object instanciation problems, adds the beginnings
of more relevant error handling and logging. New examples have been

For more information, consult the home page, or read the small intro




ASPy is an server side HTML embedded scripting language,written in Java and
JPython. It is useful for generating dynamic web pages,and rapid prototyping
of web applications.

Like SSI, XSSI, Microsoft Active Server Pages, or PHP/F1, ASPy provides
integrated scripting embedded in HTML. The embedded scripting language
JPython, is a mature, interpreted, object-oriented programming language with
powerful high-level datatypes that make it ideally suited as a scripting
language for accessing Existing Python modules and libraries Java Beans Java
libraries and frameworks

ASPy is implemented using the Java Servlets API, enabling it to run on any
JAVA Servlets supported webserver.

ASPy is released under an OpenSource compatible license.


This is a derivitave work. It is based on John Lehmann's asp filter for
cpython which resides on the python starship, here.

The servlet adapter is based on Michael Robinson's python servlet wrapper
implementation posted here.

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