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From: skaller@maxtal.com.au (John (Max) Skaller)
Subject: Interscript 1.0a8 released
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 98 11:01:28 GMT


Maxtal Interscript is an advanced literate programming system, 
designed to support integrated development of code and documentation. 
It requires Python 1.5.1 [http://www.python.org] to operate, 
and benefits from availability of some Posix features and common tools.
This is an ALPHA version, and is provided for experiment
and evaulation.

Version 1.0a8 has some new features:

  Basic chunking support
  Syntax highlighting of Python code
  Tested under NT
  Demonstration Generator for Eiffel style assertions in Python
    (incl. pre/post conditions, argument and result protocol checks)
  WIP for felix, category modelling toolkit
  Wildcards in command line filenames 
  Simplified (polymorphic) syntax for tangler construction
  Navigation by code sections
  interscript-dev@eGroups.com mailing list for developers 
  requirement for software metrics added
  tutorial now has more examples which also serve as 
    regression tests

and some bug fixes:

  HTML used <DOCTYPE instead of <!DOCTYPE (fixed)
  missing user.css added
  double spaced tangler output on NT (fixed)
  embedded call to interscript had side effects (partly fixed)
  silly error messages from failed shell tool calls,
    especially on NT (fixed)
  convergence testing improved 
    (Interscript itself now converges in 2 passes)  
  line and page break commands didn't work (fixed)

Browse Documentation

You will find the complete HTML documentation for 
Interscript version 1.0a8 at


You can browse the <A HREf="iscr_top.html">advanced web</A> version,
which consists of many small pages, uses frames, and includes 
several special indexes. The table of contents of this version
provides dynamic folding on browsers using the Microsoft
Internet Explorer Document Object Model.

Maxtal Interscript can also produce documentation in a simple,
monolithic, single page. This version is not available for
browsing online because it is too big -- about 2Megs!

Download the package

You can download Maxtal Interscript using anonymous FTP.

is the complete Maxtal Interscript package as a gzipped, tarred, archive.
The tarball is about 1.5 Meg, and includes ready to run Python script, 
the full interscript sources, and the complete documentation in web,
flat html, plain text, and latex format. Unpack this archive
somewhere Python can find it (such as /usr/local/python1.5/site-packages)

This package has also been posted to the 'incoming' directory of


and should become available as


to facilitate faster downloading.



to contact the author, John Skaller.

OSS Licence

Software on the FTP site is available free for any use, 
except where components are, or are derived from, third party components,
in which case the licence for those components applies. 
The following Maxtal components are so encumbered: 
tokenise.pak (LINL), dm.pak (free for non-SPAM use).
The grammar module was derived from PyLR with permission from the author.

Commercial Support

I will consider any requests for commercial support.
Please feel free to contact me if you're considering a serious
investment in literate programming.

John Max Skaller                ph:61-2-96600850              
mailto:skaller@maxtal.com.au       10/1 Toxteth Rd 
http://www.maxtal.com.au/~skaller  Glebe 2037 NSW AUSTRALIA

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