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Package Version Description
4DOM 0.6.1 A CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C's Document Object Model in Python
Acidblood 1.2.8 Full-featured IRC Bot
AleVT 1.0.0 Videotext/Teletext decoder and viewer
Alien 6.23 Converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, andslackware tgz file formats
Artistic Style 1.0.0 Indentation and reformatting filters for C, C++, Java
AVLTree 0.1.0 An implementation of AVL trees that is useful for indexing objects.
BeroFTPD 1.2.2 FTP server program based on WU-FTPD
BigBrother Stats 0.12 Counter for websites that produces some statistics based on the info gathered
Blackbox 0.50.0 WindowManager for X11 written in C++
Blender 1.50 Extremely fast and versatile 3D Rendering Package
Bomb 1.22 automatic interactive visual stimulation
bookmarker 0.1 WWW based bookmark manager
boust 0.1 A Tcl/Tk text reader for Linux that formats text in boustrophedon.
Buildkernel 0.87 Automates the task of building a Linux kernel
BurnIT 1.4pre4 Java front-end to cdrecord and mkisofs
C-Forge IDE 1.1d-8 Multi-user C/C++ integrated development environment
CCF 981124 Virtual environment for distributed computation
CDDA Paranoia III Alpha 9.2 CD ripping application
cdlabelgen 0.70 Generates frontcards and traycards for CDs
Celebrat 0.9.2 Very simple non-interactive command-line calendar
COAS 0.13 Linux administration system
Connect 1.1.6 Client-server to easily share (open/close) one ppp link among a small network
CSSC 0.09alpha.pl1 SCCS clone
curl 5 beta 24 Tiny command line client for getting data from a URL
DailyUpdate 4.3 Grabs dynamic information from the internet and integrates itinto your webpage
DECnet for Linux 1.00 beta3 DECnet socket layer and applications
doozer 0.03 Scripts to distribute parallel make jobs
ECLiPt Roaster 1.0 beta 3 GTK Interface to MkIsoFs and CDRecord for writing CDs on the fly
ECLiPt-Mirror 2.0 beta 6 Full-featured mirroring script
Epop 2.3 Erlang POP3 client/server package
epsmerge 1.1.2 A Perl program for handling encapsulated postscript images
Ethereal 0.5.0 GUI network protocol analyzer
Fetchmail 4.6.7 Free, full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mailretrieval utility
Flight Gear 0.56 Flight simulator
FOX 0.9.16 C++-Based Library for Graphical User Interface Development
Free Trek 0.0.9 Star Trek type space battle simulator
FreeTDS 0.40 Open Source implementation of the TDS database protocol
FTP4ALL 2.24 FTP server program for UNIX systems
Gaby 0.2.2 An address book written in GTK
GannonChat 0.1 Web-Based Chat using PERL and MySQL
Gifsicle 1.6 Command-line tool for creating, editing, and optimizing GIFs and animations
GJ 0.6g An extension of the Java programming language that supports generic types
GJP 0.51 Visual Java Classfile Parser
glib 1.1.5 The GLib library of C routines
GLload 0.3.1 OpenGL(r) load meter
GNOME Disk Catalog 0.03 Keeps your ZIP disks, floppy disks and CD-ROMs in order
GNU m4 1.4 Standard Unix macro processor with extensions
GNU Privacy Guard 0.4.4 GPLed PGP replacement tool
GNU PSPP 0.2.1 SPSS compatible statistical analysis software
gnu.regexp 1.0.6 GNU regular expression package for Java
GNUS 5.6.45 Emacs news/mail reader
Gomoku Apprentice 0.2 A gomoku player learning from its own mistakes
gsyn 0.1 TB-303 software synthesizer
gTaskMgr 1.0-0 Task Manager for X11 written in GTK
GTK File Browser 0.12 Small, fast, lightweight, GTK File Browser
Gtk See 0.2.0 An image viewer based on the X-Window system and GTK+
GTK+ 1.1.5 Library for creating graphicaluser interfaces
GtkICQ 0.57 GtkICQ is a clone of Mirabilis' ICQ program based on Gtk/GNOME
GtkSamba 0.1.2 Gtk front end to configuring Samba
Guilty 0.1.0 A lightweight Tinderbox look-alike.
GXedit 1.17 Simple GPL'ed graphical editor using GTK
GyrosCoPe 0.9pre1 GTK colour picker for HTML documents
hdparm 3.5 Shell utility to access/tune ioctl features of the Linux hard disk drivers
Hitchhiker 1.1 Beta 2 An astronomy program which shows the planets and their orbits
HTMaiL 1.10 Perl5 mail to HTML utility, for mailing list archives, etc.
icewm 0.9.18 Window Manager designed for speed, usability and consistency
iLisp 3.3-10 A very small and multiplatform Lisp interpreter
IMP 1998-11-24 IMAP and PHP3 based webmail system
iRun 1.0 An X11 'run' menu
JDHCP 1.0 API for writing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) applications in Java
jiffy 0.1 Fast Java RMI-compiler written in C++
Klipper 0.1 KDE Clipboard history
klm 0.0.1 KDE Frontend for linux lm_sensors kernel module (fan rpm, cpu temp etc)
KOrganizer 0.9.17 Personal Information Manager for the KDE Desktop Environment
KPackViewer 0.28 Package viewer to ease package administration
Krabber KDE audio cd grabber and mp3 encoder front-end
Kticker 0.2.4 News ticker widget that downloads news headlines and displays them periodically
KXicq 0.2.20 The KDE ICQ clone
LabVIEW 5.0.1 Full Development System which offers full-featured graphical programming
libavl 1.2.4 Iterative AVL tree library with threaded variants
Lynx 2.8.2dev5 fully-featured, text-based World Wide Web browser
make_news_site 0.03 A simple web news site creator
Mesa 3.1 beta 1 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL API
Moneydance 2.0b4 Personal finance application written in java
moodss 5.2 Modular Object Oriented Dynamic SpreadSheet
MultiMedia Panel 0.2 MultiMedia Player and Audio Mixer for linux consoles.
naim 1998-11-23-1724 Console-mode AOL Instant Messenger client for Linux and compatible unices
news2mail 1.1 Send digested Usenet groups by e-mail
NFTP 1.41 Powerful, full-featured FTP client
Othello 0.2 Graphical othello game written with GTK
PCI Utilities 1.09 Utilities for diagnostics and cofiguration of PCI devices
pcmcia-cs 3.0.6 Card Services for Linux is a complete PCMCIA or ``PC Card'' support package.
PHPLIB 6.1 Web Application Development Package for the PHP 3 language
playdough 2.00 BitchX/EPIC IRC script
pppsvr/kpppsvr 0.2 Remote PPP Server
psntools 1.3 Administrative tools for large numbers of accounts
Remote Microscope 1.0alpha1 Client/server system for controlling an optical microscope over the Internet
rrlms 0.1 RoadRunner login client
rungetty 1.0.5 Minimal virtual console getty capable of running arbitrary programs
Samba 2.0.0 beta 2 Allows clients toaccess to a server's filespace and printers via SMB
SANE 1.0 Provides standardized access to anyraster image scanner hardware
seahaven 1.3 Classic Unix solitaire game
Secure-Linux Patch 0.6 Linux kernel patch to block most stack overflow exploits
SiteMap 1.3 Creates an HTML SiteMap of your *.*htm* files
slashes.pl 1.1 A Perl/GTK Slashdot news ticker
Smail 3.2 Electronic mail transport system
Socks5 1.0r8 SOCKS is a network firewall, and more
Squid 2.1.PATCH1 High performance Web proxy cache
The fOX Project 19981118 Desktop project centered around Hector Peraza'sXclass95
Theatre Commander 0.2 Networked, multiplayer, military strategy game for GTK.
TiK 0.25 Tcl/Tk version of AOL Instant Messenger
Timesheet.php 0.62 PHP application to keep track of hours worked on a project.
tkArchive 0.22 modular GUI to unix archive utilities
TkMan 2.1b2 Graphical, hypertext manual page and Texinfo browser
tkMOO-light 0.3.16 Powerful cross-platform chat client.
tkRunIt 0.75 A simple, but featureful run dialog box for executing commands without an xterm
Twisted Reality 0.99.3 A fully buzzword-compliant roleplaying system.
Unix Desktop Environment 0.1.2b A new GUI for Unix with a completely new look'n'feel
VFU File Manager 0.40 Extensivelyl featured console (text-mode) file manager.
VSX-PCTS 4.4.2 An Open Source Conformance test suite for POSIX.1
WebMacro Framework 0.7 Java server-side web template engine and servletdevelopment framework
WebTheme 1.0.2 Web Theme Library
Welcome2L 1.02 Linux ANSI boot logo
Wizard 0.9.2 Component to add a Windows 95-like Wizard to an application.
wmakerconf 1.3 GTK based configuration tool for WindowMaker window manager
WmBreakOut 0.1 A breakout clone for the WindowMaker dock
WMint 0.7 Dockable interrupt monitor for x86 Linux boxes
WWWatson 0.01 Sherlock-compatible extensible metasearch engine
X-Chat 0.3.2 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
XAmixer 0.2.0 An ALSA based mixer program written with GTK+
xautolock patchlevel 14 automatic X screen locking/saving
Xcd-Fnord 0.2.3 GUI frontend to various mp3-rippers andmp3-compressors
Xenon-SQL 2.2.9 A Java based interactive SQL editor which uses Swing/JFC pluggable GUI
XFCE 2.2.0 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
Xmcd 2.4 Full-featured CD Player utility package
Xrun 0.2.0 A Gtk+ based program to run commands with a history.
Xscreensaver 3.06 Modular screen saver and locker for the X WindowSystem
XSIDPLAY 1.3.2 C64 music player and SID sound chip emulator
Yard 1.17 A suite of Perl scripts for creating rescue disks for Linux
ytalk 3.1 Multi-user replacement for the Unix talk(1) program.
zigzag 0.61 A unique hyperstructure kit for Linux

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