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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:19:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Clemmitt Sigler <siglercm@alphamb2.phys.vt.edu>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Announcing InstallFest, Blacksburg, Va.


I know you're not publishing tomorrow, but I thought I'd pass this on

The Linux/Unix Users' Group of Virginia Tech is holding an InstallFest
on Saturday, December 5, 1998, on the campus of Virginia Tech.  We'll
be installing various Linux distributions and also *BSD.  Pre-registration
is *mandatory*.  If you might be interested, please visit our
<a href="http://corvette.me.vt.edu/~vtlug/">web pages</a> and click
on the InstallFest link for more information and to download an
application form.

I should have sent this in last week so you could include it
in "Announcements" but I didn't think about it in time.  If it doesn't
make it up until next week, no sweat.  It's already been posted
on c.o.l.a.  Thanks!

					Clemmitt Sigler
					Linux/Unix Users' Group
						of Virginia Tech