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Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:31:57 -0500
From: Chris Tracy <chris_tracy@hotmail.com>
Subject: XFree86 3.3.3 + Trident 3dImage975 -> Freeze

    I've got one of the lovely 3dImage975 AGP cards running under 3.3.2
reasonably well (1280.1024.16k) without acceleration.  So I decided to
upgrade to 3.3.3 for the newly added acceleration.  However, after
download the tarballs and following the upgrade instructions in RELNOTES
to the letter, I can't get 3.3.3 to work at all.  (Thankfully I backed
up my 3.3.2 directory beforehand  :)

    After updating I ran startx at which point I the following output
(after about 30 seconds):

    _X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: can't connect to host: errno 111 ....

    (Or something to that effect)

    The screen never even attempted to switch to an "X" resolution.  At
that point, /usr/X11R6/bin/X was symlinked to Xwrapper and I was running
an unmodified XF86Config from 3.3.2.  Running Xwrapper alone produced
the same output.

    Next I changed the symlink to /usr/X11R6/bin/X -> XF86_SVGA (diectly
to the server).  This produced the normal screenful of X startup info
followed by a mode switch into what I think was 640x480.  At this point,
the screen went black (however, the monitor never lost the signal) and
the system locked up HARD.  Nothing short of pushing the reset button
would do anything.  (Well, I guess I could have pulled out the plug but
you get the idea...)

    Any ideas?  Has anyone gotten 3.3.3 to work on a 3dImage975 or 985

    Oh, by the way my system is:
    Red Hat 5.1  (with glibc updates)
    Linux 2.1.125 (running the kernel fbcon at 1240x1024)
    3dImage975 AGP with 4MB
    AMD K6-2 333
    128MB RAM

    Thank you in advance,

    Chris Tracy

    (Please respond by email too as I don't check USENET often)