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Linux and business

Loki Entertainment Software arrived on the scene recently, proclaiming their intention to port commercial games to Linux. This week they finally answered the obvious question: which ones? The first game they port will be "Civilization: Call to Power" by Activision. Your editor must confess to a certain amount of ignorance of the current gaming scene, having gotten most of that out of his system back when "Adventure" and "Empire" were the height of technology. But the word is that this is a fairly impressive game for them to start with; it could be the one that signals the rise of Linux as a serious gaming platform. The Linux release is supposed to happen at the same time as the Windows version.

See also this interview with the principals of Loki Entertainment Software that was done by the folks at LinuxPower.

Indelible Blue has announced its entry into the Linux market. Indelible Blue, currently the biggest fish in the OS/2 world, seems to have decided that Linux is a good place for them to be. They will likely prove to be some pretty strong competition for the existing Linux software vendors. "Indelible Blue's rapidly expanding product collection features commercially available Linux hardware and software products, giving the thriving Linux community a one-stop central resource that meets all their hardware, application software, and development tools needs."

Pacific HiTech made some moves this week. Perhaps most significant was the release of TurboLinux 3.0.1 in the U.S. Pacific HiTech intends to move out of its Asian stronghold and challenge the established distributions on the other side of the pond. It will be an interesting battle. The U.S., however, is not the only place they are looking. Also announced this week was the opening of an office for Australia and New Zealand, headed by John Terpstra of Samba fame.

Hardware Computer Canada believes in Linux according to a message sent out to the "NetWinder/Linux community" by Mac Brown, their CEO. HCC, of course, is the company which is buying the Netwinder division from Corel. The message describes HCC and what they do, and talks about their plans for the Netwinder. "HCC believes in Linux. Our expertise in Unix will assist us in the transition into this marketplace. HCC plans on moving forward with an IPO to further support the development of the NetWinder product line. HCC's goal is to be 'one of the first pure Linux plays on the stock market'."

Sybase will ship a Linux version of their "SQL Anywhere Studio," according to this PC Week article. The move is due to "incredible customer demand," according to a Sybase manager. Once again, the database companies are finding that there is a real market for their products on Linux.

A new Linux distributor in the U.K. The Linux Source has popped up on the web with Linux distributions, books, etc.

More developers than NT. Here's another press release from Microsoft, with, as usual, the "Linux defense." "Linux is rapidly emerging as a major competitor to Windows. Indeed, the number of developers working on improving Linux vastly exceeds the number of Microsoft developers working on Windows NT"

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January 28, 1999


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