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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 22:53:01 -0500
From: EricM <eric@tzo.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Press Release

Tzolkin Corporation and iMatix Corporation join forces to integrate TZO
Dynamic DNS technology with Xitami, a popular Open Source web server.

Pepperell, MA (February 1, 1999) – Tzolkin Corporation and iMatix
Corporation announced today that they have developed a web server with
an integrated Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS).  The TZO Dynamic DNS
allows users with a Dynamic IP address to host a website by creating a
permanent domain name.

iMatix has incorporated Tzolkin’s unique DDNS technology into the
popular Xitami web server, which is currently listed on Internet.Com's
Top 10 Server List for over 45 weeks.  Tzolkin’s DDNS technology,
branded as TZO, solves a serious problem for home Internet users, namely
that their server's IP address changes with each connection to their
ISP.  Tzolkin currently offers a low cost Dynamic DNS Internet Service
that allows Dialup, Cable-modem, or xDSL to get a permanent server name
instead of a Dynamic IP address.  This service will be offered under the
'xitami.net' domain beginning on February 1, 1999.  The users will get
an initial 30-day free trial, and users can purchase the service for
only $24.95 per year.

Gary Cook, President of Tzolkin Corporation says “Our Dynamic DNS
technology allows a cable modem, xDSL or dialup user that is stuck with
a Dynamic IP address to get a permanent Internet domain name.
Typically, this problem is what holds many home or small business users
back from operating their own web server on the Internet.”

Pieter Hintjens, CEO of iMatix feels that this product will be a
breakthrough for home and business users that want to run their own web
server.  “This is a great match, because the home user can now get a
fixed domain name even when their IP address changes frequently.”  See
http://www.xitami.net for more details.

About the Tzolkin Corporation

Based in Pepperell, MA, the Tzolkin Corporation is a leader in Dynamic
DNS technology aimed at the home and small business user.  The company
assists home and business Internet users get a domain name for their
computer, even if they have a Dynamic IP address.  Tzolkin Corporation
offers a range of flexible Dynamic DNS, domain and mail hosting
solutions that allows the small or home office user to get more from
their Internet connection.  The company’s web address is

About iMatix Corporation

iMatix Corporation is an Internet-based software technology firm whose
products include the popular open source Xitami web server, which offers
fast and easy service on Windows, Unix, and other platforms.  iMatix
Corporation has been a pioneer in developing open source products as a
core of their business strategy since 1996.  The Xitami web site is at
http://www.xitami.com.  iMatix Corporation’s website is at

Contact Information:

Eric McIntyre, Eric@tzo.com, (978) 433-6865
Tzolkin Corporation, http://www.tzo.com

Pieter Hintjens, Pieter@imatix.com
Imatix Corporation, http://www.imatix.com

Eric McIntyre
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