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To: gnome-announce-list@gnome.org
Subject: ANNOUNCE: gdm-0.7.1 released
From: Martin Kasper Petersen <mkp@socsci.auc.dk>
Date: 28 Jan 1999 03:02:04 +0100


    Announcing a beta release of gdm - the Gnome Display Manager.

The Gnome Display Manager is a re-implementation of the well known xdm
program. gdm, however, consists of two separate parts: A small daemon
and a graphical login program -- gdmgreeter.

gdm 0.7.1 implements all features required for managing displays on your
local machine. Support for XDMCP (remote displays) is currently in
development and scheduled for version 0.8.

The gdm daemon features:

 o X Authentication
 o Default and per-display initialization scripts
 o Pre and post session scripts
 o Pluggable Authentication Modules

gdmgreeter supports:

 o Logo image (in any GdkImlib supported format)
 o A face browser like the one on NeXT/SGI
 o Tab-completion (no, doesn't work on passwords)
 o Halt, reboot and laptop suspend
 o Iconified login window (i.e. for xfishtank)
 o Session selection support (Package manager friendly)
 o Language selection support

Most features can be turned on and off in the configuration file by
the sysadmin.



Please consult README.install for instructions on how to configure and
install gdm.

Send suggestions, patches, bug reports etc. to mkp@SunSITE.auc.dk.
Bear in mind that this is beta software and please enable debug
logging (see README.install) and include your syslog and
<vardir>/gdm/<display>.log when sending bug reports.

Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK
mailto:mkp@SunSITE.auc.dk		http://www.socsci.auc.dk/~mkp/

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