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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 20:42:07 -0600
From: Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>
To: gnome-list@gnome.org, gnome-announce-list@gnome.org
Subject: GNOME 0.99.5 is out

Hello guys,

    A new universe of joy and entertainment has been released for all
free software enthusiasts.

   This release has been extremely painful to me in terms of time
waste.  I ran out of disk space every 20 minutes in the middle of make
distcheck and the whole process needs to be restarted again.  

   If you have big hard drives you want to donate me or extra memory,
please contact me.

* Availability:


    Diffs against previous versions of this are also available on the

* Released modules:

    - gnome-libs-0.99.5
    - gnome-network-0.99.5
    - gnome-pim-0.99.5
    - gnome-utils-0.99.5
    - mc-4.5.10
    - gnome-games

* gnome-network

    * First release of GnomePPP, a ppp front end by Jay Painter.
      (the author of EzPPP, which is the foundation for kppp as well).

    * GnomeTalk got some small updates

* Midnight Commander

  * VFS changes:
      * Support for Amiga FTP servers (Norbert)
      * Support for Novell4 FTP servers (Pavel)
      * Bug fixes.
  * Misc changes:
      * Full movement to glib for allocation/deallocation of memory.
  	(Timur Bakeyev)
      * Lots of bug fixes from various hackers (Norbert, Alexander).
      * Slang setup should work again with sysmte-installed slangs
      * Various calls to _() were missing.  They are now in.
  * GNOME front:
      * Much improved properties dialog box which now supports
  	setting the metadata properties of the files and the icon as
  	well (Jonathan/Dave Camp).
      * Code for accepting DnD from netscape is there.  Do not know
  	why it is failing to accept the drops (me).
      * Many Drag and Drop consistency and little detail fixing (Federico). 
      * Default gmc is now the corba-gmc.  This also means that by
  	default if a gmc is running, re-running gmc will only request
  	the running instance to open a new window. 
      * Tree fixes.  
      * Dialogs now popup close to the mouse instead of randomly on the screen. 
      * Selection code now mimics the rest of Gtk in the list-view.
      * Use more icons from Tigert.
      * Delete dialog box has its own dialog (finally!) (Jonathan).
* gnome-core

    * gsm now implements run-levels (Felix)

    * gmenu: updated, made better, add DnD (Nat Friedman)

    * Panel takes DnD from Netscape (George).

    * Panel memory usage reduction, smarter menu code.  (George).

    * Initial work on adding help hooks to the applications and the
      applets all over the place (Nat Friedman)

    * Russian translation is quickly catching up. 

    * Added documentation to gnome-terminal

    * Various small fixes and updates.

* gnome-pim

    * Mostly a bug fix release.

	* Alarms should work properly.

	* Text events are fitted into the week-view instead of 

    * Drag and Drop added to GnomeCard.

    * Many bug fixes to GnomeCard and GnomeCal

    * Documentation for gnomecard by Arturo Espinosa

* gnome-games

    * New games: gnobots2, gnometris/metatris

      Yes.  That is 2 different versions of tetris (Chris and

    * Gnothello was renamed to something else. (Ian)

    * Gnothello has spify property pages now! (Ian)

    * Fixed the menu standarization.  We are back to the old standard.

    * Added documentation

* gnome-utils

    * GHex Code revamp (Jaka Mocnik)

    * GHex includes documentation now.

    * Assorted bug fixes in the various components

    * Help hooks added (Nat)

* gnome-libraries

    * Added support for run-levels in the session management code,
      this allows application to register in which order they have to
      be executed. 

    * Support for SM spec 7.2 (workarounds for xsm bugs and speed up
      the startup).

    * Various canvas bug fixes that caused the Calendar to crash.

    * Documentation on how to handle session-management.

    * Updated consistency guidelines for GNOME applications.

    * Removed use of some deprecated GTK+ functions.

    * Session management fixes/updates/enhancements.

    * gnome_fileconvert code is in a usable shape now.

    * More inline-api documentation and libgnome passes all the
      warnings from gtk-doc so you can generate your own Docbook
      api reference manuals for it now.

    * More utility functions to help you integrate the help system
      into your applications

    * Multi-depth display fixes.

    * Addresses the The Big Cache discussion.  You need a new
      gtk-themes (from CVS at the time of this writing for this
      change to work).

    * Reduced memory usage in the icon-list

    * Many small bug fixes and little problems reported have been
      fixed. GUI improvements in some default widgets.

    * Portability fixes.

    * Translations updated.

  Contributors on this release: Andrew Veliath, Carsten Schaar,
  Federico Mena, Felix Bellaby, George Lebl, Havoc Pennington, Jaka
  Mocnik, Jeff Garzik, John Ellis, Jonathan Bladford, Miguel de Icaza,
  Nat Friedman, Radek Doulik, Raja Harinath, Sebastian Wilhemi, Tomas
  Ogren, Ulrich Drepper.

  Sorry, I could not keep track of the hackers on the other modules as
  I did on gnome-libs.


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