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From: gandalf@pobox.com
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 16:12:19 -0500 (EST)
To: gnome-announce-list@gnome.org
Subject: ANNOUNCE: gxTar 0.0.6 released

I am happy to announce the second public version of gxTar (0.0.6), a
Gnome/GTK+ front-end to the common unix archiving utilities.  gxTar is
naturally distributed under the GNU GPL.

gxTar is (yet another) Gnome/Gtk front-end to common archive utilities
under unix.  The goal is to make it the winzip of the unix world. 
Currently zip, gzip, tar, bzip2, and arj are supported. Current 
functionality includes the ability to open and create archives, and to
add, delete, extract, and view files.  Drag & drop support is coming soon

The current release has been tested on Linux with the latest CVS release
of Gnome (though the latest RPMs should work). It is no longer possible to
compile a GTK+ version.. I finally got tired of re-implementing all of the
functions that gnome provided. Perhaps I will bring the gtk version
uptodate again someday, but not now.

I have massively re-written everything related to the actual process of
opening and creating files.  I have also added command line options
and cleaned everything up.   The Changelog and TODO files have all of the
details. The three big things remaining to fix are:
-replace static buffers with dynamic ones
-Drag 'n Drop
-real automake/autoconf/configure setup

Suggestions, bug reports, etc are always wanted at gandalf@pobox.com

The URLs:

The main web page is:

A screen shot is available:

The latest source:

A mirror can be found at:

-chris (gandalf@pobox.com)

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