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From: "Dave Taylor" <davetaylor@futurenet.co.uk>
Subject: COMMERCIAL: PC Plus March 1999 issue
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 23:19:03 GMT


As we promised a few months ago, we’re releasing details of the Linux
coverage in the next issue of PC Plus magazine a few days before it goes on
sale in the UK. The March issue sees the continuation of a strong line up
which is set to continue over the months ahead.

This month one of the cover CDs which comes with the magazine includes over
400Mb of Linux software. We have the UK exclusive inclusion of Corel’s
WordPerfect 8 for Linux Personal Edition, which readers have been crying out
for. For those who don’t know about this package, it is the port by Corel of
their powerful word processor which is available for unrestricted personal
use for free. The CD includes the executable and all the dictionaries in
different languages. On the second CD, you’ll also find an MPEG video
interview with Michael Cowpland, the CEO of Corel, where he talks
exclusively to PC Plus about Corel’s involvement with Linux as well as other

The other software on the CD addresses the next area on which we have
received the most mail, namely window managers. This month we’ve rounded up
a collection for people to install and try. They include AfterStep and KDE,
which are release versions. The developers section, which is included each
month and contains software which hasn’t yet reached v1.0 for those who are
happy to run alpha and beta software, contains more managers too. These
include Enlightenment and Gnome.

After the previous inclusion of the glibc2 version of Netscape Communicator
4.5, this month we have both it and the non-glibc2 version, as well as the
glibc2.0.7 library itself for those that have requested it.

The magazine itself continues its coverage with a 2 page tutorial on getting
started with WordPerfect 8 in the disc pages and a 3 page tutorial in Linux
Workshop on setting up a file server so that you can network Linux with
other PCs. To complement this Samba 2 is on the CD. OS World has a special
feature this month with a  6 page head-to-head review of StarOffice 5 vs
S.u.S.E. Office 99 (Applixware 4.4.1). This is the first time that a
magazine has taken a serious consideration of the Linux office suites and
the results are bound to be controversial! (You may also be interested in
reading the group test of Office Suites for Windows in the same issue, as it
includes the Windows version of StarOffice 5 and the results are

Lastly, we’ve added a new page to OS World this month – news! It was an
obvious omission that we’ve rectified and will become a monthly regular. It
covers news in non-Windows operating systems and this month features Linux
almost exclusively.

For more details on the magazine in general, check out the PC Plus website:


You can also buy the issue on-line or subscribe to ensure that you get every
issue. The magazine is on sale in all good newsagents in the UK on 28th
January 1999.

Dave Taylor,
Deputy Editor
PC Plus

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