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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 18:48:11 -0700
From: Dean Bittner <dean@bittco.com>
To: editors@linuxworld.com, jim@jimpick.com, lwn@lwn.net,
Subject: new linux software: NetReality(TM) reads, understands, organizes, and 

Bittco Releases NetReality (TM), a powerful new combination of neural-net
technology and virtual reality for the Internet

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--February 23, 1999-- Bittco Solutions today released the
first downloadable exemplar of its powerful neural-net foundation
technology. NetReality (TM) reads, understands, organizes, and presents Web
content in VR. NetReality(TM) harnesses the vast amounts of information
available on the World Wide Web. Unlike current technologies, which seem to
increase the problem of information overload, NetReality (TM) automatically
acquires, reads and organizes information, presenting web sites, documents,
searches and bookmark files in an intuitive, personalized VR
landscape. This unique and powerful form of presentation enables users to
quickly locate, correlate, and apply information on the Web to tasks at

BITTCO APPLICATION FRAMEWORK, the heart of NetReality (TM) employs
artificial intelligence that can manage documents much like a person. "This
is a compelling break-through that we call neuralVR(TM)," says Dean
Bittner, Managing Director of Bittco Solutions. (TM)Our desktop technology
actually understands the meaning of content, which creates some really
exciting possibilities. NetReality (TM) is one such possibility where users
task NetReality (TM) to read, understand, and present the Web in VR, saving
themselves untold hours of searching and sifting. Bittco(TM)s development
program includes many others - the use of our AI and VR as intelligent
portals to corporate information stores and knowledge management systems
enabling automated, consumer-centric information feeds.

UNIQUE BUSINESS PROPOSITION - Bittco licenses its neuralVR(TM) technology
to third parties for inclusion in products like web servers, browsers,
search engines, document management solutions, news readers, and
email. (TM)We have blown away all the traditional barriers to acquiring our
technology,(TM) emphasizes Managing Partner, Terry Harrison, (TM)Our
business approach supports low-cost/low risk acquisition
vs. development. Interested software producers can embed this technology on
a sizzling time-to-market schedule by licensing the Bittco advanced
engineering, core and customization.(TM)

PRE-RELEASE VERSIONS of NetReality (TM) for all common operating systems
will be available for download from Bittco's Web site at
http://www.bittco.com in the next few weeks beginning today with a version
for all Linux users.

BITTCO SOLUTIONS is a privately held company, based near Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada, with a history of fielding innovative commercial and corporate
software solutions.

CONTACT: Bittco Solutions Ltd.

     Dean Bittner
     Fax: 780-417-5199