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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 14:11:45 +0100
From: Pedro de las Heras <pheras@gsyc.inf.uc3m.es>
To: editor@lwn.net
Subject: Officially launched www.OpenResourceS.com

www.OpenResourceS.com: The professional Free (Software) site

www.OpenResourceS.com has been officially launched on February
23rd. This is a web-site exclusively dedicated to Free Software and/or
Open Source(TM)

Everything you can find here (articles, news, comments on software,
archived mailing lists, WWW-browsable source code, free software
search engines, free software catalogs etc.) can be freely

The site is not only focused on GNU/Linux but also on other OS's
(NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc), on applications (sendmail, apache, The Gimp,
etc), integrated environments (GNOME, KDE, etc), and in general on
everything strictly related with free software, paying special
atention to free documentation.

www.OpenResourceS.com is an ``open'' place: We encourage you to
collaborate in ways we have envisioned, or in other ways you could
suggest to us. Use the WWW forums or contact us through e-mail. We
will pay attention to what you have to say. Potential areas of
collaboration include, but are not limited to: getting your papers
published, comment on other people articles, get your company or
services advertised, get in touch with people on the free software

About the people behind www.OpenResourceS.com

Open Resources is the company behind www.OpenResourceS.com. 

Open Resources is a company aimed to provide services to the free
software community. Among its main goals are the promotion of free
(open source) software, the support of free software projects, and the
provision of a place where people interested in free software can
interchange information.

In Open Resources we feel that we are entering a new age in free
software. Lots of new, interesting events have been happening during
the last years.

Thousands of developers are building more and more free software every
day. Millions of users are learning to take advantage of free (libre)
applications. Companies are starting to turn towards all this
movement. The future is hard to predict, but for sure it is going to
be more and more exciting in this community.

Seeing all this movement, we want to try out a new model of business,
based in the provision of services to the free software community,
both users and developers. We know that the free software community
needs places with good and reliable information. For the moment, that
neccesity has being covered by volunteers, which are doing a very good
job. But sometimes, volunteers are not enough. In this community,
volunteers are usually programmers, not always interested in
non-programming tasks. Therefore, there is a large gap between what
the community needs (and deserves) and what is available. We feel that
this gap can only be filled by a company that can allocate resources
and money to this task. We are sure that the community will answer
with great interest, helping the company to survive in the

Currently, our main source of income are banners and commisions on the
sale of items. However, we are also exploring other mechanisms to get
the financial resources that we need to maintain the company. Our bet
is that the free software community is already strong enough to
support a site which includes useful information, if this information
is delivered in an useful way.

Open Resources intends to become a one-stop site with valuable
information. We hope to provide quality about all kinds of free
software, and only free software.

Additional information

Should you have any comment, suggestion, or just want to contact us,
our address is suggestions@openresources.com

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