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From: "Claus Sørensen" <cs@plomus.dk>
To: <lwn@lwn.net>
Subject: SSLUG is one of the largest LUGs - now 2500 members
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 01:45:43 +0100

Just before midnight (CET) member number 2500 entered the main maillist at
<A HREF="http://www.sslug.dk/english.html">Skåne Sjælland Linux User

We're gonna celebrate the event at March 9th with an open install party
which our chairman Peter Toft announched at Windows Refund Day in the
national Danish Radio. You can <A
___02___interview_med_pto.mp3">download the announcement</A> in MP3 format
(in Danish).

If you wanna know what we did to become so large then look at <A
HREF="http://www.sslug.dk/~pto/LUG.html">The recipe to make your LUG the
largest in the world</A>.

Keep up the good work - we're gonna win ;v)

The most enjoyable greetings

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