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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 13:27:52 -0700
To: lwn@lwn.net
From: Mark Roseman <roseman@teamwave.com>
Subject: software news

TeamWave Software is pleased to announce the public beta release of
Workplace 4.2.  This version has two very significant changes:

     1) a move to server-side licensing
     2) support for our new software development kit (SDK).

Server-Side Licensing

Under the new licensing model, clients are now freely downloadable from
our web site, with no license required.  Licenses are centrally managed
through the server This should be considerably easier to manage and more
flexible for most organizations.  As well, we are offering an anonymous
guest license. This will make it easy to use Workplace with a broader
community without the need to create accounts for everyone.

Software Development Kit

Our software development kit (SDK) allows third party software
developers to further extend the capabilities of Workplace to suit their
particular needs. Now you can create or modifying the existing tools, or
the overall environment.  We are providing the complete source code for
Workplace's built-in tools, and soliciting both enhancements to those,
and user contributions of entirely new tools.

For OEM's, the software development kit (SDK) will enable you to
incorporate Workplace's capabilities directly into your own products.
Talk to us if you think your software could benefit by adding highly
interactive, visual collaboration support (e.g. shared whiteboards,
images, diagramming).


In conjunction with this release, we're providing a discount of 10% on
regular license and 20% on guest license orders placed before March

For further information on these changes, or to download the beta
version, please visit our website:


Mark Roseman <roseman@teamwave.com>
TeamWave Software Ltd.