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From: Amos Latteier <Amos@digicool.com>
To: "'zope@zope.org'" <zope@zope.org>
Subject: [Zope] ANNOUNCE: Zope 1.10.2 release
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 16:54:43 -0500

Hello Zopesters:

I'm pleased to inform you that Zope 1.10.2 has landed:


This release fixes a number of bugs since 1.10pr1. The only user-visible
change is that there is now a management interface for importing and
exporting objects. You can find out more by visiting the change log.


Why the jump from 1.10pr1 to 1.10.2? Because we kept finding and fixing
small bugs just as we were ready to make a release. Check the change log
for the gory details.

We believe that this release is pretty solid and hope to not make
another stable release for a while. 

Have at it and have fun!


Amos Latteier          amos@digicool.com
Digital Creations      http://www.digicool.com 

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