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Date:	Tue, 23 Feb 1999 01:17:38 -0300 (GMT-0300)
From:	Roberto Alsina <ralsina@unl.edu.ar>
To:	kde-announce@kde.org
Subject: KFTE-V6

Hello, people.

This is to announce the uploading of a new version of some people's 
favourite text editor's KDE port, KFTE.

This version's highlights include:

Some (many) bug fixes.
It now compiles out of the box.
It should work as installed!

I would love if someone could package this as rpm, deb and whatever, 
since this version actually works quite well and stable.

A mountain of thanks to all those who helped and contributed to this, 
including of course Marko Macek, the original FTE author.

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