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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:45:07 -0600
From: Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>
To: mc@nuclecu.unam.mx, gnome-announce-list@gnome.org, gnome-list@gnome.org
Subject: Midnight Commander 4.5.18 is out

Hello guys,

   A new fresh version of the Midnight Commander has been released,
this is mostly a GNOME bug fix release of the code:

* Availability:


What is new:

* Devices

   Now you can have desktop icons that point to devices that the user
has permission to mount.  For example, floppies and CD-ROMS that have
the "user" option in /etc/fstab.  You can eject/mount/umount the
devices with a single click!

	- Double clicking on mountable devices, now mounts the device
	  and launches a panel on the mount point.

* Cool hacks
	- When you DnD icons from the panel to the desktop, you now
	  get the icon and the text from the panel displayed.  Right
	  there on your desktop.  It is amazing how little code this
	  required.  Like 5 lines.

* Bug fixes, assorted enhancements:

	- Auto-restart on crash when running under GNOME session.

	- An option to quit the file manager.  2 query dialog boxes
	  are there, so you wont quit it by mistake.

	- Symlinks to executables now behave propery from the
	  property-dialog box point of view.

	- Drag and drop bugs fixed.  I dragged pretty much everywere
	  on my system.  It is a miracle I figured how to move things
	  back to their original location.  Morale: dont leave me
	  close to a gmc console in your root account.

	- URLs pasted to the entries actually work.

	- Support for non-GNOME compliant window managers work (ie,
	  the desktop menu is available for everyone).

	- Memory leak fixes found by a kind sould running Insure.
	- Alpha fixes (George Lebl).

	- Desktop menu includes an option to create a new window.

	- Dirsize command


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