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The September Linux Gazette is out. It contains, among many other interesting articles, Mike Orr's first Linux Humor column. Although the two jokes there have been floating around for a while, it is nice to have them properly recorded for posterity. If you have more material in that vein, consider sending it his way.


The 1999 Pluto Meeting will be September 24-25, in Padova, Italy. Kernel Hacker Andrea Arcangeli will be speaking. Pluto is one of the older Linux user groups, dating back to 1992. Please see the announcement (in both Italian and English) for details.

OSDI 2000, the fourth Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation, will be held in October of 2000 in San Diego.

Miranda Page Tiemann, daughter of Cygnus founder Michael Tiemann, was born on August 29. Congratulations!

User Group News

Hey Luggers! Linux.com is looking for you! The LUG project at Linux.com is looking for able bodies to perform various tasks for the LUG community. Linux.com is looking for LUG representatives reponsible for representing all LUGs in a state, area, or country. They also have positions available to volunteer time to support LUG resources, projects, and more. For more information, visit their website or email Kara Pritchard.

USCLUG Fall Semester InstallFest Details:
When: 1999-09-09, 11am-5pm
Where: TSC-206, University Park Campus Los Angeles
URL: sclug.usc.edu/installfest.html

September 9, 1999



Software Announcements

Package Version Description
4DOM 0.8.0 A CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C's Document Object Model in Python
AbiWord 0.7.5 Fully featured word processor
afbackup 3.2.3 Client-server backup system
Aglaophone 090299 System for real-time audio processing and analysis
aimirc 0.16 AOL Instant Messenger to Internet Relay Chat gateway
AlsaPlayer 0.99.27 PCM (audio) player for Linux/ALSA
Anachronism 0.5 RTS strategy
analog 3.32 WWW logfile analysis program
anpa 1.0 ANPA newswire digester
apsfilter 5.1.3 Intelligent line printer input filter
Artistic Style 1.11.1 Indentation and reformatting filters for C, C++, Java
asDrinks 1.9.2 News headlines from nerd/UNIX type sites in your AfterStep startmenu
asfatm 0.39a Hardware monitoring wharf/dock app
aspbm 1.1 AfterStep Phone bill monitor
auth_ldap 1.4.0 LDAP authentication for Apache
autoinst 1.0.1 RedHat RPM Autoinstaller plugin for Netscape
autorun 2.3 CDROM mounter for beginners and lazy users
bbjd 1.0.2 Interactive strategy tables
bdist 0.8.7 Build distribution file containing all relevant files in a programming project
Blackbox 0.51.2 WindowManager for X11 written in C++
Broadcast2000 beta 2 Non linear audio and video editor
Bzflag 1.7c 3D multiplayer tank battle game
casting 1.0 Shoutcast launcher plugin for netscape
cdctl 0.14-devel Controls your CD-ROM drive under linux.
CDR-Toaster 1.02 Tk frontend for cd-burning. Uses mkisofs and cdrecord
cdrecord 1.8a26 Allows the creation of both audio and data CDs
CGI Tool Box 0.2.4 CGI Library
CGIWrap 3.6.4 Wrapper for securely allowing all users to use CGI scripts
CIS 0.1 A Web-application System used to
Cistron Radius Server 1.6.0 Free Radius Server with many features
cman 1.6i Rolodex, contact manager, non-gui (ncurses version)
code2html 0.8.4 Converts a program's source code to syntax highlighted HTML
ColdStore 990904 gigabyte-scale persistent object store
Common UNIX Printing System 1.0b9 Internet Printing System for UNIX
Cook 2.10 A tool for constructing files, and maintainingreferential integrity between fil
dbMetrix 0.1.9 GUI Database Tool
DB_Browser 1.3b1 Web-based utility to browse and modify a postgres database
DejaSearch 1.65 DejaSearch is a frontend to DejaNews, the leading Usenet archive
dfm 0.99.4 Filemanager like OS/2 WPS
divine 0.5.1 automatic IP configuration detection for laptops
DLDialog 1.2.2 Displays dialog boxes in terminal and X11 mode to interact with scripts
Download Area 1.1 Pack of CGI scripts that makes specific
Downloader for X Downloads files from the Internet via both FTP and HTTP
DPS-FTP 0.5.0 Bulletproof-like ftp client
Dr Geo 0.8.3 Interactive Geometry
EasyStat 2.1 EasyStat is a statistical application for web pages.
ELKS 0.0.79 A subset of the Linux kernel that runs in 8086 real mode and 286 protected mode
Empire 4.2.6 Complex internet multi-player real-time wargame.
Entity 0.3.2 Allows you to use XML and Perl to build graphical user interfaces.
Epeios 19990907 Collection of general purposes C++ libraries working under UNIX and Windows.
EPIpage3 0.2 page3.com women download perl script
Etherboot 4.2.7 Source code for making TCP/IP boot ROMs to boot Linux and other OSes
eThreads 1.1 Highly customizable database driven forum software
Euphoria Programming Language 2.2 Simple, flexible, powerful programming language for Linux, DOS and Windows
Eview 1.2 Viewer for embroiding file formats
Evolutionware Beta 1 Web-based ISP/ASP Management Tool
eXtace 1.2.0 ESD FFT visual plugin, eye-candy
EzRPM 1.2 RPM dependency checker and installer
fetchnews 0.3 'fetchmail' for NNTP protocols
Flash 4 Plugin for Netscape 4.0r12 Flash 4 plugin for Netscape
freeLoop 0.2 Create/modifies (drum-) loops
FreeSpeech 0.0.1 Speech Recognition
freshmeat.php3 2.0 Retrieves the latest freshmeat news for a webpage
fryit 0.3.7 Graphical frontend for cdrecord.
Funbot 1.0.0 Modular Perl bot for IRC
G-BOOK DeLUXE 1.4 PERL Based guestbook CGI
Gaby 1.9.10 A small personal databases manager using GTK+
GAG 2.1 A graphical boot manager, with a lot of interesting features.
Galway 0.23 Guile-gtk HTML Editor
GCO 0.1 Comic book database
gcombust 0.1.21 gtk+ frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord
gd 1.6.3 A library used to create PNG images
gdcd 0.0.2 GTK CD player with Cover Art Index and CDDB support
Genes 0.0 Personal genealogy database
GeneWeb 2.06 A combo web interface and genealogy program combined on steroids
Genius 0.4.6 An arbitrary precision integer and multiple precision floatingpoint calculator
gentoo 0.11.9 Two-pane filemanager using GTK+, 100% GUI configurable
Getleft 0.6.3 Tcl/Tk site grabber powered by Curl
gFTP 2.0.4 A multithreaded ftp client for X Windows
GIP 0.3 Make installation/uninstallation easier
Giram 0.1.2 Giram is a modeller, written in GTK+
GMMF 0.04 Godot's Modular Firewall
Gmurf 0.5.1-pre2 A wave audio processor for Linux to mix and edit waves.
Gnome Display Manager 2.0 Beta 2 Gnome version of the X Display Manager (xdm)
Gnome Toaster 1999-09-04 create CDRs the easy way with Gnome/Gtk
GNU C library 2.1.2 The GNU C library is used as the C library in the GNU system
GNU Maverik 5.2 Free Virtual Reality system for GNU/Linux PCs and Silicon Graphics workstations
GNU Pth 1.1.5 GNU Portable Threads
GNU shtool 1.4.6 Shell Script Collection
GOB 0.90.2 Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object
GOFAI-WMT Organize your free format information into a semantic network structure.
Gone 19990905 Newsreader for the Gnome Desktop Environment
GPeriodic 1.2.6 Periodic Table Reference and Browser
GProc 0.3.0 Managing process from the Gnome panel
gPS 0.3.4 GTK-based process status reporting like ps, top and task manager
Groovy Java Filesystem 1.0 A Java minifilesystem for records storage
Gsh 0.1.3 Shell with an integrated terminal window.
Gtk See 0.4.0 An image viewer based on the X-Window system and GTK+
GTK+XFce 3.1.0 Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11
gtk-engines-extra 0.5 Extra themes and engines for GTK toolkit
GTK-J 0.1 Gtk Bindings for Java
gtml 3.5.1 An HTML pre-processor specially designed for maintaining web sites.
gx10 0.4.1 X10 controller
GXAnim 0.40 GTK+ front end for Xanim movie player
gxsnmp 0.0.13 snmp managment frontend
HarnMaker 0.1.3 A character generator for the HarnMaster role playing game.
HSX 3.00b Hotline Server clone for Unix
Hypermail 2 alpha 24 Mail(box) to HTML converter with threads and MIME support.
IBM International Classes for Unicode for C/C++ 1.2.4 IBM Classes for Unicode (ICU) enable you to write fully cross-platform programs
IntraSite 1.0.2 Intranet Website with news, search, etc.
Intrasite DialUp Firewall 1.0.0 An easy to configure DialUp Firewall script with transparent proxy support etc.
Ishmail 1.3.4 Very powerful GUI e-mail tool
jCIFS 0.0 Implementation of SMB/CIFS in Java
jmake 1.04 jmake is a tool for software developers that like to write code, not makefiles.
jonama 1.1.4 SSL proxy
jPOS 1.0pre1 100% java ISO-8583/ANSI X9.2 implementation
jukebox 0.9 Jukebox for mp3-files with html-interface and playerdaemon
karma 0.5.0 Oracle Database Monitor
kdesu 0.98 A KDE front end to the UNIX su(1) command.
kernel-alert 0.2 Perl script to send e-mail as new kernels become available.
Kife 0.2.1 Frontend for Kinstall data base
King of the Hill 0.7.6 Full client/server multiplayer artillery game in the scorched earth tradition
Kinstall 0.4.1 Program installator from source
KLILO 0.2.1 GUI to configure the lilo bootmanager
kmc_utils 0.3.2 Control and grab images from a Kodak Motion Corder high speed camera.
kmp_mysql 1.1.5 MySql plugin for KMySql
KMySQL 1.1.9 A MySql client for KDE.
KShell 0.2 Wrapper to shell that restricts hosts, ttys, multiple logins and more.
KWebSearch 1.0 KDE Web Search Engine Frontend
kwintv 0.7.4 Watch TV in a window on your PC screen
LANdb 0.6 Provides network managers with a means of cataloging network connections.
LCL 19990904 The LinuxClassLibrary
libglade 0.5 XML-based runtime user interface loader for GNOME
libmcal 0.4 Modular Calendar Library
liboop 0.4 Low-level event loop dispatcher.
libptb 0.0.3 Library to develop apps with user customizable toolbars and menus
Libra 0.1.1 Ada '95 Data Structures and Networking Library
LinPyro 0.22 A pyromaniacs game for Linux.
LinuxTaRT 2.51 Feature-rich email signature generator
Login Page System 2.2 CGI scripts that allow to place WWW behind user identification system
mail2sms 0.32 Convert a mail to a short message
masqidentd 1.1.1 Ident daemon for Linux systems that use IP Masquerade
MasqMail 0.0.1 Offline Mail Transfer Agent
Matt's MP3 Selector 0.8 Ncurses based mpg123 frontend
matterial 19990905 Non-linear production system
Mcal 0.2 libmcal powered unix cal replacement
mcal-drivers 0.2 Calendar drivers for libmcal
Memchan 2.0 In-Memory channels for Tcl
memtest86 2.0a Find bad RAM chips
Metaverse 0.2 Free Multiplatform Visual Chat software written in Tcl/TK
mfm 0.5 A graphical frontend for mtools
mGSTEP 0.202 An attempt at creating a small lite derivative of GNUstep
MHDns 1.2a Dynamic DNS Client/Server
Midgard 1.2.1 A PHP Application Server Suite - Web building with Web-based tools
MM 1.0.11 Shared Memory Library
mod_backhand 1.0.1 Local-area, heterogeneous web cluster load balancing module for Apache.
mod_dav 0.9.10-1.3.6 DAV protocol extensions for Apache
mod_ssl 2.4.2-1.3.9 Apache Interface to OpenSSL
mrtg 2.8.8 Multi Router Traffic Grapher
MultiMail 0.29 Offline Mail Reader (QWK)
Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux patch 1.3a Patch for the battle-strategy game from Loki
N64 Controller Driver Module N64 controller driver module for the Linux joystick driver
NAMG 0.1.5 Downloads mail from a NetAddress account and forwards it locally
ncp 0.4 Copy files quickly inside your LAN
ncps 0.41 ncurses based process killer
Neslie 2.2.0 FTN Type2+ packet/message viewer
netcomics 0.10 A perl script that downloads today's comics from the Web
netfilter 0.1.7 New NAT/packet-filtering infrastructure for Linux 2.3.5
NetSaint 0.0.4 A relatively simple active network monitor
NetWoorms 1.3 Multiplayer, networked game, similar to 'nibbles' that runs on the console
noflushd 1.7.4 Daemon that sends idle disks to sleep (for kernels 2.2.11+)
NTFS for Linux 990831 Read-only NTFS module for Linux
nView 0.25 Simple text file browser to suit redhat.
OBM 0.2.2 Intranet application to help manage a company or a contact database.
OpenBasic 0.1.3 Commercial Quality BASIC compiler and run time environment
Orac 1.1.16 Database Administration Tool
Oracle Session Monitor 2.0 X11 program that can be used to manage user sessions on your Oracle Database
Pagecast 2.0 alpha 1 Automates submitting lists of URL's to various Internet search engines.
Pan 0.4.9 Gnome/GTK Newsreader
Paralogger 0.80 Script to ease the process of setting up a root tail window
pavuk 0.9pl19 Webgrabber with an optional Xt or GTK GUI
Penguin Saviour 1.2 2D rpg engine (Playable)
Perlfect Search 3.03 Web site indexer and search engine.
phpIRC 0.9b PHP IRC layer (IRC client for PHP)
Planet-Intra 3.60-2 Instant intranet portal
play688 1.4 Play tunes for Ericsson GH688 cellular phones on Linux boxen
plsc 0.1 Oracle PL/SQL compliation front-end
povfront 1.2 GTK+ graphical interface for povray
PowerPak 990905 An attempt at a high-level game SDK
ProFTPD 1.2.0pre5 Advanced, incrediblyconfigurable and secure FTP daemon
PROL 0.04 Fast Web Journal/Web Log Hybrid
PTlink ircd 3.1b New featured ircd with a great services integration
PTlink Services 1.0.0 IRC Registration Services
PVFS 1.4.0 A parallel file system for clusters of PCs
Pybliographer 0.9.1 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
pyChing 0.9.1 Cast and interpret I Ching hexagrams
pydf 0.5 colourised df(1)-clone
PyKDE 0.9 Python bindings for QT 1.42 and KDE1.1 Code your KDE applications in python.
PyQt 0.9 Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit
Python/Tk Empire Interface 1.10 Cross Platform Empire GUI Client
QDraw 0.5 Games oriented 3D graphics api
QuickList 0.8.0 MS Works like database application
Qvwm 1.1.1 Windows 95 like window manager for the X Window System
R 0.65.0 A language and environment for statistical computing.
RC EJB 0.7 Free implementation of the Enterprise Java Beans specification
rCalc 0.1 Fast and light symbolic calculator for GNOME.
RearSite 0.85 Tool for updating personal www pages
RedHat CD Kit 1.0 Tools for creating bootable RedHat installation CDs.
RePop 0.2 A pop3 daemon that seamlessly glues together a list of pop3 mailboxes.
RFCutil 1.6 fast util to search the rfc-index for a topic and display it with lynx
ripperX 0.99 GTK program to rip and encode mp3 files
rlpr 2.02 Print from remote sites to your local printer w/o configuring remote site
ROCK Linux 1.3.1 Linux Distribution for high skilled Linux User and Admins
rrlogind 2.34 Login client for Time Warner Cable and Media One cable modem services
Rush ircd 2.7.5 An amazing ircd. with a ton of new features
SARA 2.0.8 SATAN/SAINT like security auditing tool - takes advantage of nmap if present
sawmill 0.5 Extensible window manager
ScryMUD 2.0.3 Original MUD Server and Java Client
segfault.php3 2.0 segfault.php3 retrieves the latest segfault news for a webpage.
sfront 0.40 Translates MPEG 4 Structured Audio to C
Sing Along Disc Player 2.1.1 CD player with spectrum analyser, oscillator, mixer and remote DB support
Sketch 0.7.2 Vector drawing program, implemented in python
slashdot.php3 2.0 Retrieves the latest slashdot news for a webpage
SmartWorker 0.82 Web Application Development / Deployment Framework
solariscentral.php3 2.0 Retrieves the latest news from SolarisCentral
Sope 0.03 Playstation emulator for Unix
soundLib 0.2dr Small interface to initialize OSS and load/play .WAV samples
SoundTracker 0.3.2 A music tracker for X / GTK+
Space Racer 0.1.7 An OpenGL Car Game
SPAST 1.0 Simple Procmail Anti-Spam Template
Sporum 1.1.2 A better web-based dicussion board software
Spread 3.11 Group Communications Toolkit for Reliable Multicast
Spruce 0.5.0 Simple email client coded for X with the Gtk widget set
Squaroid 0.30 Make points by creating squares on a 8x8 fields board
sredird 1.1.6 RFC 2217 compliant serial port redirector
STk 4.0.0 Scheme with TK bindings
Sula Primerix II 0.09.5a Extensible multi-server IRC Client for X
System Info 0.7 System Information Perl Script
Tcp Listen 1.0 TCP/UDP/ICMP/IP packet reporter
Test Environment Toolkit 3.3a A toolkit for test development and management
The GNU Privacy Guard 1.0 GPLed PGP replacement tool
The SCOOBS Context Based Search Engine 1.02 A Java Based XML Search Engine that allows searching with context.
themeleme.sh 0.4 A script for WindowMaker theme makers
TmCde broker 0.2.0 Time-code calculator (broker part)
TmCde JAVA frontend 0.2.1 Time-code calculator (JAVA frontend part)
Trailer 2.2 Squid Ipchains monitoring program that is uniqe in its sort
TuxNES 0.70 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator
TWiki 01 Sep 1999 Web based collaboration tool
UCD-SNMP 4.0.1 Various tools relating to the Simple Network Managemnet Protocol
UESQLC 0.4.2 Universal Embedded SQL Compiler for C++
Unix Desktop Environment 0.2.6-BETA A new GUI for Unix with a completely new look'n'feel
Vim 5.5a Popular vi clone that features syntax highlighting and an X11 interface
VM 6.75 Emacs-based mail reader
Voyager Application Server 3.1.1 Build scalable, secure, distributed, transaction-oriented applications with VAS.
vpnstarter 0.pre2.0 (build 22) Tool for simplifying management and configuration of free VPN solutions.
vpopmail 3.4.8 qmail addon package for virtual domain email
VSX-PCTS 4.4.2A A verification suite for assessing your systems conformance to ISO/IEC 9945-1
Wacom Driver for XFree86 alpha 9 Wacom driver for XFree86
WaveForge 0.0.4 A Sound Forge Wave Editor Clone for Linux.
WebAlbum 0.34 A perl script which produces html photo albums.
whowatch 1.3 Console program which displays in real time list of logged users.
wmbp6 1.6 DockApp monitoring sensors for temperatures and fans speed.
wu-ftpd 2.6.0pre1 FTP Daemon for UNIX systems
wvDecryptTest 0 microsoft word 97 password validator and *almost* decrypter
Würstelstand 1.2 German Hot-dog booth simulation
X-Chat 1.2.0 GTK+ Based IRC Client. Alot like AmIRC (Amiga).
X-Tract Build 320 XML Script processor
XDBM 19990905 Database Manager designed specifically to hold XML data
XFB 0.2.0 Hardware-accelerated fullscreen 2D graphics library
XFCom_Rage128 1.3 XFCom server for ATI Rage128 based cards
XFree86 3.9.16 Freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System
xlnotice 0.1.1 Login time public notice board for X
xmms-mr 0.1.0 XMMS plugin for X10 mouseRemote control
XSane 0.34 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE, also a GIMP plugin
XShipWars 1.15 Space oriented highly graphical network game system.
xspeakfree 0.7 TCL/TK frontend for Speak Freely
Yodl 1.31.16 Yet oneOther Document Language
Zope 2.0.0 Web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites.

Our software announcements are provided courtesy of FreshMeat


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