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To:     linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: Linux 2.2.13pre9
From:   Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>
Date:   Fri, 17 Sep 1999 01:45:37 +0100


o	Make shmall configurable		(Henrik Nordstrom)
	| + fixed a couple of bugs
o	Amateur radio update			(Tomi Manninen)
o	Tlan unloads if it finds no cards	(Christian Holtje)
o	ISOfs fix				(Todd Sabin)
o	Fix Amiga RDSK parsing			(Benny)
o	Fix signal delivery hole		(me)
o	Davicom D9102 driver			(Sten Wang, Davicom)
o	Strlen_user fix				(Ivan Kokshaysky)
	| I still strongly recommend you don't use gcc 2.95 to
	| build 2.2.13 kernels. There are 3 or 4 reports now of 'random
 	| crash' that went away with older compilers.
o	Hopefully fixed the 3c527 properly 	(me)

o	Fix PCI/PCI_QUIRKS compile error	(me)
o	I/O APIC update				(Ingo Molnar)
o	ISDN update				(Karsten Keil)
o	SyncLink update				(Paul Fulghum)
o	PPC Update				(Paul Mackerras)
o	QlogicISP fix				(Dave Miller)
o	Update ctime on rename			(Chris Siebenmann)
o	NFS generation ids			(G. Allen Morris III)
o	Fix /proc kstk values			(Solar Designer)
o	Updated multisound drivers		(Andrew Veliath)

o	EEPro100 for Ultrasparc			(Dave Miller)
o	MediaGX audio bug workarounds		(me)
o	Wavelan bug fixes			(Jean Tourrilhes)
o	SBNI driver				(Yaroslav Polyakov)
o	AHA1542 option fix			(Chris Faulhaber)
o	Fix possible sync_quota race		(Jan Kara)

o	Alpha SMP thread fixes			(Elliot Lee)
o	Sparc updates				(Dave Miller)
o	Recognize new 3c59x/3c90x cards		(Dave Miller)
o	Make some PCI  drivers 64bit safe	(Dave Miller)
	[8390, ne2k-pci, rtl8139]
o	Sparc related updates			(Dave Miller)
	[ati frame buffer, isp2100]
o	PPC updates				(Paul Mackerras)
o	EATA scsi update (Alpha supported now)	(H J Lu, Dario Ballabio)
o	QlogicFC udpate				(Chris Loveland)

o	Fix 3c527 multicast crash		(me)
o	VIA Apollo Pro needs DMA workaround	(Takehiro TOMINAGA)
o	bttv ADS data update			(Karl Heinz)
o	Clean potential kernel->user data leak	(Rpbert de Vries)
o	Advansys driver update			(Bob Frey, Advansys)
o	Optimise the memory zoning changes	(Ben LaHaise)
o	Fix memory tracking bug in sk_buffs	(Henner Eisen)
o	strnlen_user/exec fixes			(Solar Designer)
	| sparc,ppc fixes to follow
o	Always defragment is now a sysctl	
o	Documentation update for SG		(Doug Gilbert)
o	Module parameters for tlan		(spotted by Keith Owens)
o	Fix qnx memory corruption		(Andries Brouwer)
o	Masquerade list fixes			(Julian Anastasov)
o	CD-ROM update				(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix task counting race			(Curtis Regentin)

o	Fix ATP delay loop			(me)
o	Fix tioccons tests			(Miquel van Smoorenburg)
o	VIA 82Cxxx audio			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Trust radio driver			(Eric Lammerts)
o	IBM ServeRAID driver			(Keith Mitchell, IBM)
o	C-Media CMI 8338 PCI audio driver	(Chen-Li Tien)

o	Fix the buffer leak			(Dave Miller)

o	Fix mm warning				(Pascal Dupuis)
o	Improved execve fix			(Solar Designer)
o	Fix SiS900 compile bug			(Bill Nottingham)
o	Fix bttv tuner breakages		(Pauline Middelink)
o	Don't print confusing reports on
	3c529 probes with io/irq forced		(Me)
o	Support multiple eepro cards		(Pascal Dupuis)
o	New home for watchdog tools		(Michael Meskes)
o	IP masquerade mfw fix			(Julian Anastasov)
o	Name check fix in /proc/pid		(Solar Designer)
o	Make chown match tighter 2.0 behaviour	(Solar Designer)
	| Both behaviours are spec compliant btw
o	Disallow non root use of clone_pid	(Solar/me)
o	PPC sync up				(Paul Gortmaker)
o	Sparc sync up				(Dave Miller)

o	execve() fix - based on one by		(Tymm Twillman)
p	ext2fs flag fixes			(Matthias Riese)
o	i2c tuner update			(from Pauline Middelink)
o	bttv schedule on irq fix
o	Console race fixes/klogd		(Andrea Arcangeli)
o	Ensure version is up to date		(David Woodhouse)
o	QlogicFC fixes				(Chris Loveland)
o	Fix memory leaks in the serial layer	(Armin Groesslinger)
o	ARM sound fixes				(Phil Blundell)
o	Assorted warning cleanups		(Riley Williams)
o	Fix arcnet bug in 2.2.12		(Riley Williams)
o	Small NFS fixes				(Trond Myklebust)
o	Updated sb1000 docs			(Clemmitt Sigler)
o	Fix IPX packet handling			(Kelly French)
o	PCI multifunction fixes			(Martin Mares)
o	Back out mmap resource change		(Dick Streefland)
o	Minor cleanups				(Mikael Pettersson)
o	Fix vt console print			(Andrea Arcangeli)
o	Rate limit a.out binfmt errors		(Me)
o	Generate different ksyms for 1G/2G	(Me)
o	Small cleanups				(David Weinehall)
o	Munmap, vm cache fix			(Stephen Tweedie)

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