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Date:         Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:42:18 -0400
From: "R.S.(Bob) Heuman" <rsh@IDIRECT.COM>
Subject:      ASUS mother board security question...

Question from a co-worker that I do not have an answer to... Does anyone
reading BugTraq know the answer, and whether or not this is a major security


Statement of fact and question(s) below:
Recently I built a new computer and I noticed that the ASUS mother board has
a function (if you are using an ATX power supply) to remotely turn on the
computer if anything is received on either the LAN or modem ports.  It seems
that anything that triggers an external interrupt line will turn on the

Security questions:

1)	am I correct in assuming that anyone who sends a packet to you over the
Internet will appear on the LAN port if you have a cable modem and if so
will they have access to your computer?

2)	what options do I have to secure the computer?  (multiboot OS/2 and

I am aware that a BIOS switch will disable these features but they could be
useful if the machine is properly configured.
End of statement and questions...

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