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Date:         Fri, 17 Sep 1999 00:36:28 +0100
From: Alan Cox <alan@LXORGUK.UKUU.ORG.UK>
Subject:      Re: ASUS mother board security question...

> a function (if you are using an ATX power supply) to remotely turn on the
> computer if anything is received on either the LAN or modem ports.  It seems


> 1)	am I correct in assuming that anyone who sends a packet to you over the
> Internet will appear on the LAN port if you have a cable modem and if so
> will they have access to your computer?

If it is set to wake on any packet then yes. Wake-on-lan is sometimes done
with special packets. Its a feature really. Your box goes to sleep someone
delivers it mail and it wakes up again.

> I am aware that a BIOS switch will disable these features but they could be
> useful if the machine is properly configured.

The one to watch are the machines that allow remote shutdown via lan messages.
They have a password scheme, but its unencrypted