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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 01:03:49 -0600
From: Alan Robertson <alanr@bell-labs.com>
To: Linux-HA mailing list <linux-ha@muc.de>
Subject: heartbeat 0.4.3 released...

Hi folks,

I just released heartbeat 0.4.3.  It's in the usual place:

Here's the changelog for it...

* Wed Sep 15 1999  Alan Robertson <alanr@henge.com>,
     Volker Wiegand <wiegand@suse.de>, and Rudy Pawul <rpawul@iso-ne.com>
+ Version 0.4.3
  + Changed startup scripts to create /dev/watchdog if needed
  + Turned off loading of /proc/ha module by default.
  + Incorporated bug fix from Thomas Hepper <th@ant.han.de> to IPaddr for
        PPP configurations
  + Put in a fix from Gregor Howey <ghowey@bremer-nachrichten.de>
        where Gregor found that I had stripped off the ::resourceid part
        of the string in ResourceManager resulting in some bad calls later on.
  +  Made it compliant with the FHS (filesystem hierarchy standard)
  +  Fixed IP address takeover so we can take over on non-eth0 interface
  +  Fixed IP takeover code so we can specify netmasks and broadcast addrs,
        or default them at the user's option.
  +  Added code to report on message buffer usage on SIGUSR[12]
  +  Made SIGUSR1 increment debug level, and SIGUSR2 decrement it.
  +  Incorporated Rudy's latest "Getting Started" document
  +  Made it largely Debian-compliant.  Thanks to Guenther Thomsen, Thomas
        Hepper, Iñaki Fernández Villanueva and others.
  +  Made changes to work better with Red Hat 6.1, and SMP code.
  +  Sometimes it seems that the Master Control Process dies :-(

	-- Alan Robertson

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